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St John's Catholic Primary School

Year 1 

Reading –

Your child will receive new reading books every Monday. Please read with your child daily and make a comment in their reading record. Reading it more than once will help your child to embed new vocabulary. 

Phonics - 

Focus phonemes – ai ee igh oa oo ar or ur oo ow oi ear air er
Tricky words – was they some come were there sure pure

A help sheet for parents - 


 Maths –

Your child needs to complete the next level in their Numberbots story. https://play.numbots.com/#/account/school-login-type


Collin's E-Books:

Use the link:  https://ebooks.collinsopenpage.com/

The username consists of the school code (UKSJCPRI) followed by your child’s first name and surname (omitting any space, accents, hyphens or apostrophes).

Example below…if your child’s name was Jon Smith

Username: UKSJCPRIjonsmith

Password: Abc12345   (the ‘A’ is in capital)


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