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St John's Catholic Primary School

MFL- French

“I have come so that you may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10

Subject Lead - Andrea Nash 


At St John’s Catholic Primary School, we aim to offer a relevant, broad, vibrant and ambitious foreign languages curriculum that will inspire and excite our pupils while immersing them in a wide variety of topics and themes. We want all pupils to achieve their full potential, with the ultimate aim of our French curriculum being that pupils will feel willing and able to continue studying languages beyond key stage 2.

We want to ensure that the four key language learning skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, are embedded in the curriculum and that all necessary grammar can be presented in an age-appropriate way across the primary phase. We hope to enable pupils to use and apply their learning in a variety of contexts, laying down solid foundations for future language learning and develop the children’s confidence and communication skills to improve overall attainment in other subject areas.  


All classes across KS2 will use a very high-quality languages curriculum using the Language Angels scheme of work and resources, with French being our chosen language. This will progressively develop pupil skills in French through the use of well-planned fortnightly lessons which will be taught by class teachers. Children will progressively acquire, use and apply a growing bank of vocabulary, language skills and grammatical knowledge, organised around age-appropriate topics and themes. These building blocks of language will develop into more complex, fluent and authentic use of the language.


The organisation of Language Angels’ lessons and units encourages progressive learning and challenge. Activities contain progressively more text (both in English and French) and lessons will have more content as the children become more confident and more ambitious in their understanding and use of the French language. Pupils will continuously build on their previous knowledge as they progress in their foreign language learning journey through the primary phase.

Pupil learning and progression is assessed at the end of each unit taught in the four areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing. This information will be recorded and will be monitored by the MFL Subject Leader who will use this data to ensure teaching is targeted and appropriate for each pupil, class and year group. Pupils will also be aware of their own learning goals and progression as each unit offers a pupil friendly overview so that all pupils can review their own learning at the start and at the end of each unit. This ownership of their learning will enable our pupils to become confident linguists who can see the many benefits not only of learning a new language, but also of learning about other cultures.

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