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Chess Club

Chess Club has now finished for this school year.

The annual Staff v Children Match ended in a narrow 18-15 victory for the staff (so winning  for only the second time in eight years !). The children performed well and even outplayed the adults on the top boards. For the teachers the Year 2 staff were the most successful with 5 wins out of 6.
Unfortunately our return match v Wouldham Primary School was cancelled due to staff sickness at Wouldham.
Ciaron (3/6) and Owen (3.5/6) played in the Kent Megafinal of the UK Chess Challenge. Owen’s score qualifies him for the Southern Gigafinal – well done to them both !

Since September the Club has been meeting every Thursday, with a regular attendance of over 30 children, including many new faces (from across Years 3 – 6). The standard of play is steadily improving amongst them all, although some still need to be more alert to their opponent’s intentions !

Training so far has included how to open a game, some common one move checkmates, ‘pawn games’ and analysing a famous game from the past.

After Christmas the UK Chess Challenge begins. This has participation from around 1500 schools and 45000 children. Initially it involves 7 games (1 per week) at our Club meetings. All our children will play, and can win badges and other prizes as the weeks progress. Those with the best scores can qualify to play against successful children from other schools in regional events.

IMPORTANT – The last meeting of this term will be on 14th December when I will be giving a simultaneous display (playing against 20 of the children at the same time) followed by some ‘Festive Food + Drink’. There will also be other teachers in attendance to play games. I will supply the drink, but would appreciate contributions of food (to share). Thank you in advance for your help. N.B. 5pm FINISH

December is a busy month on the wider chess front with the London Chess Classic at Olympia and the Hastings International Chess Congress. Please remember – if you have any chess related questions feel free to ask me…

Please note that we will resume next term on the 11th January (nb not the 4th which is the first day back).


                                                                                                Mr Fowler


Gardening Club

garden garden2

Last term was a very busy one for gardening club. We took part in the Gravesham in bloom completion, where we had to create a scarecrow based on the royal family, we decided to make the Queen, and after lots of ideas and designs from the children, we based our idea on the Queen ready to do some gardening, wellies and all! After lots of hard work our entry was submitted and we are very happy to say that we came 2nd place! The scarecrow is exhibited outside the Woodvilles halls and will then be moved to the Clarendon hotel. Well done garden club!
This term we welcome some new gardeners and our looking forward to getting our hands muddy!


St John’s Chess Club News – May 2016

Having started back in September,  another year of Chess Club draws to a conclusion, our last meeting (until September) being next week – Thursday 26th May.

One of the highlights of this year was undoubtedly the annual Staff v Children Match last week which finished as a resounding 16 – 8 victory for the children!  This was a great result and experience, for all involved.

Earlier this term we had a match against a Year 7 team from the Comprehensive School, coming out on top by 4.5 – 1.5, a very satisfying performance score.

Five of our members  will be playing in the next stage of the UK Chess Challenge, the Kent Megafinal, on 4th June and we wish them good luck and trust they will enjoy themselves.

I have been particularly pleased this year with the regular attendance of the 25+ children, many from Years 3 and 4 joining for the first time, and have seen them enjoy the challenge of facing different opponents whilst improving their standard of play.

We have to say farewell to our Year 6 members, wish them well, and hope that they continue to play.

As always, please feel free to ask me about anything chess related.

Mr Fowler


Gymnastic Club

On Tuesday 30th July, our St John’s Gymnastics Team competed in the Key Steps Kent Final, representing Gravesham, at Pegasus Gymnastics Club.  The 4 children , Elliott, Ruby, Keira and Olivia had to compete three routines.  The Body Management routine tests the children’s strength and flexibility, the floor routines shows off their skill and agility, and the Vault tests the children’s power.  As always, the children were beautifully behaved and represented St John’s brilliantly.  The children performed all their routines with confidence and pride and received many positive comments from the judges and other school teachers!  The children finished in 1st place, crowning them Kent Champions!!  The school  and I are incredibly proud of their achievement!

IMG_0037 IMG_0041 IMG_0050 IMG_0054 IMG_0062 IMG_0073 IMG_0088 IMG_0091 IMG_0096 IMG_0106 IMG_0112 IMG_0114 IMG_0115

The gymnasts took part in the Key Steps Gymnastics Competition on Friday 27th March  and all performed so well!  Both teams competed a floor routine, a body management routine and also performed on the vault. The children achieved fantastic results for St John’s finishing in 4th and 1st, bringing home 4 shiny gold medals!  St John’s will now be competing in the Gymnastics Kent Final on Tuesday 30th June.  All the children behaved well and tried their hardest, representing St John’s beautifully!

Well done to Elliott who also came 1st individually and achieved the highest score of the day!