Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Year 5 Team:-

Class 5A– Mrs Horsfield (Year Leader), TA- Mrs Allen

Class 5B– Mrs Keane, TA- Miss Hunt

Class 5C– Mrs Nash and Mrs Sexton, TA- Mrs Cuffley

Topics for the year:

Term 1- Tudors
Term 2- Peasants, Princes and Pestilence
Term 3- Pharaohs
Term 4- Stargazers
Term 5- Beast Creators
Term 6- Allotment


Please click here for the Parent Information PowerPoint


PE – Please ensure your child has an appropriate PE kit including for outdoors (plain navy blue tracksuit).

Please see below for your child’s PE days:

5A- Thursday
5B- Thursday
5C- Wednesday
Weekly homework:-
20 mins each night (Mon- Fri)
Monday – maths revision
Tuesday English comprehension
Wednesday- Maths- linked to current topic
Thursday- Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling practice
Each homework piece should be handed in the following day.


Daily reading of Accelerated reader books will also be expected.

For online Abacus games the children will need to use their log in:
Username: first 4 letters of their first name followed by first 4 letters of surname.
Password: password
School code: t7jg



Year 5 Updates


Our new consideration for writing links to the proposed tunnel (linking Kent to Essex), through our local area.

We will be listing reasons for the tunnel as well as against, as we plan for our final genre- persuasive letters.

In maths we will be consolidating our learning across the year 5 curriculum, looking at our ability to unpick word problems successfully, ensuring that correct operations are chosen as well as using both estimating and inverse to check our answers carefully.

In Science, we will continue our study of mammals: comparing gestation periods linked to size. From this analysis, we will draw conclusions and create hypotheses as to why smaller mammals might have shorter duration’s compared to humans and other larger mammals.

In Religion, we will continue our learning of world faiths- looking at the origin of the Christian faith through history.

IT will look at the school’s new dash robots. We will be programming robots, using code, to draw shapes and write our names!

Thursday will be our day to visit the comprehensive school. Please ensure that your child has a packed lunch and water bottle on this day. They will need to bring their PE kit along too.

As the sun continues to shine- a polite reminder that the children need a water bottle and a sun hat every day. Please ensure that they are also wearing sun cream, daily.

You are warmly invited to attend the school open afternoon on TUESDAY 16 JULY- 2-4pm.

Many thanks, for your continued support.



Week 5 of the final term!

We will be completing assessments this week for gap analysis (in readiness for year 6).

In Science we will study mammals including humans- looking at the life cycle of a human. Topic will move on to recognising the different types of farming within the UK.

In Religion, we will continue to consider other world faiths and their origin.

Please note, there will be a Year 5 mass on Thursday- celebrating the end of the school year. This will be at 9.15am- St. Mary’s Church.

As a reminder, on Thursday 11th July, Year 5 will be spending the day at St John’s Comprehensive School. The children will need a packed lunch on this day.

Please ensure that your child has  a water bottle every day, alongside a sun hat. Sun cream should be applied before coming to school.

Thank you for your continued support.



Week 3 of our final term in year 5 already! Friday will see the children competing in their sports day activities. Please ensure that you have read the letter for further information.

In English, we will be finishing our last narrative piece of writing for the year. We will be looking at extracts from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ in our VIPERsss activities as well as considering the use of standard english in our GPS tasks.

Maths moves on to measuring and calculating volume, whilst Topic continues to study sustainability through the use of allotments to provide all-year-round produce. We will also be planting our ‘Mr and Mrs Cress Heads’ as well continuing to study the behaviour of the worms in the wormeries.

Coming up in the following week, we will have our trip to Aylesford Priory. More information will follow shortly. Don’t forget the family fun-run on Friday 28th June- straight after school.

In the meantime, thank you for your continued support. Have a great week!

Our visit to the allotment!


Welcome to term 6- Allotments.

The children have completed wonderful home-learning projects, already knowledgeable about key facts associated with sustainability and healthy eating. This week, we have made mini-wormeries as well as begin to look at fruit and vegetables that are grown around the world. Moving forwards, we will continue to calculate the food miles traveled and think about how to grow our own food on an allotment.

On Tuesday, we will travel, in small groups, to Meopham allotments and speak to regular gardeners about how they create a crop rotation of fruit and vegetables throughout the year. We will consider the process, from seed to plate, of how our food grows as well as the climates that are favourable for each. Please read the letter for more information and ensure that you have returned the permission slips by Monday 10th June.

In English, we are beginning to write our Secret Garden narrative- the children will be taking us on exciting adventures as we consider going through the concealed doorway.

In maths, we will be continuing geometry, translating shapes on a grid.​

Art and design will enable the children to draw upon their learning of perimeter and area as they create a plan of the allotments and consider how much space is available for different crops throughout the year.

There will be a Year 5 mass on Thursday (13th June)- celebrating the Holy Spirit- in St. Mary’s  Church,at Denton (9.15am). All are welcome.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.


The children have been ‘buzzing’ with excitement as we created the mini-beast hotel in the school garden. They have used their learning, from researching, to consider different habitats and ideal environments to promote flourishing communities of different species.

In Religion, we had a very special visit from Father Innocent, as we embraced the different types of prayer. Science has continued with learning about reproduction within plants- we have made cuttings of geraniums and are trying to recreate asexual reproduction- hopefully resulting in a new plant. We will keep you posted on our success!

Summer term 2

Come on, let’s grow!

This final half term, we’ll visit an allotment to see what’s growing and spot the greenhouses and frames that help the plants to thrive. We’ll be writing a persuasive letter to the council to save Shorne Country Park as well as a narrative about a secret garden (inspired by the classic children’s book). Our art skills will improve as we make detailed observational drawings and paintings, using botanical images for our inspiration. We’ll explore germination, learning more about the parts of the plant and their role in reproduction. Maps will help us to identify the best place for an allotment and where different foods come from.

There’s a lot happening this term, with a trip to Aylesford Priory and St. John’s Comprehensive school. Please be on the look out for letters.

​Wishing you a well deserved rest with your family.

Looking forward to seeing you in June.



As we near the final term for year 5, we will be practising all that we have learnt, throughout the year, showing off our skills in maths, reading and GPS. We will continue our reflectiveness and resourcefulness as we embed and and extend our learning in readiness for year 6.

Additionally, this week, we will be extending our knowledge and understanding of prayer- unpicking the Rosary and considering how to use it in our lives to strengthen our relationship with God.

In Science, we will be continuing to look at pollination- linking this to our topic as we begin to design our mini-beast hotels.

Swimming will continue: we have had two very successful weeks. The children have been setting an extremely good example for behaviour, within a public place, and continue to do you proud in their efforts to extend their life-skills in the water.

As the weather continues to get warmer, please ensure that your child has a fresh bottle of water as well as a suitable (school-coloured) sun hat. A water-proof coat would also be ideal as the sporadic showers continue.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

​Year 5

Our ‘Engage’ day  –

Our Bee Workshop! 

We have spent the week finalizing our limericks and reciting them to the class.  Have a look at a couple written by the children. Next week sees the beginning of writing instructions of how to build a mini-beast hotel. (We will actually be doing this as part of our topic so if you have any empty plastic bottles, newspapers, straws, pine cones- please send them in.)
In maths, we are moving swiftly on to the area and perimeter of shapes.
In Science, we have completed the topic of Earth and Space and now we resume the study of Living things and their habitat. Next week, we will be exploring the school grounds looking for favourite hiding places for mini-beasts.
In Religion, we will be studying the Lord’s prayer- unpicking the words and considering the messages being taught throughout.
Swimming this week was a great success. Thank you for sending your child in organised for the prompt Wednesday morning trip to the pool. May I remind you that, unless you have paid for the £11 in full, £2.50 should be paid each week (no later than Wednesday morning).As the weather continues to improve please ensure that your child has a full water bottle each day.  Sun hats should be plain blue.Thank you as always, for your continued support.

Welcome back! The children are looking exceptionally smart in their summer uniform.

What a busy week we have had! We began, on St. George’s day, with our memorable event to introduce ‘Beast Creators’. The children had created a huge array of home-learning projects that really got them started on their journey for the term. Alongside this, we made paper mache beehives, origami butterflies, pipe-cleaner bees, as well as sketching mini-beasts when considering scaling up and down.

In English, we have begun our genre of Limericks- focusing on the world of mini-beasts to write a humorous poem. Comprehension focused upon non-fictional information about the new topic.

Maths saw the consideration of fraction and decimal equivalences- noticing patterns and making links in our prior learning.

Following Vaisakhi, we continued the study of Sikhism in Religion; learning about the beliefs of the ten Gurus. We also celebrated mass with the theme of ‘New life in Spring’.

In Science, we looked at ‘Day and Night International’, recognising the movement of our planet around the Sun to create time zones and a variation in the times in places around the World.

Next week sees the start of swimming. Please ensure that you child has their costume, towel and swimming hat (all preferably labeled) on Wednesday morning.

Easter Performance –

We have come to the final week of term! It’s been a very exciting few weeks and we are looking forward to presenting the Easter Liturgy to you all on Thursday evening. Home-learning for next term- Beast Creators has been given out for completion this week. Please ensure that your child brings this in to school on Tuesday 23rd April.

We will continue upon our journey of reflecting the Stations of the Cross- comparing Jesus’ experiences to our own. In Science, we will study changes that occur to create night and day. In English, we have begun our next genre of writing a Science Fiction Character description.

Maths, will see the continuation of multiplying fractions with whole numbers as well as scaling by simple fractions.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your never-ending support. We hope that you enjoy our performance on Thursday and that you all have a peaceful, enjoyable Easter.


Week 5, sees the year group practising for the upcoming Easter liturgy. Please ensure that you have emailed a photograph of your child (with a mother figure) to the school office. Some children have also been given slips requesting items of clothing to be brought in for the costumes. Please check with your child accordingly.

We will be having a formal assessment week for maths, reading comprehension and grammar/punctuation/spelling. There will be no homework- however please encourage your child to continue to read every evening, practise their times tables and learn their songs for the Easter Liturgy.

Having completed Sacraments of Reconciliation with Father Innocent, Father Ebuka and Father Joe; the children are continuing their journey through Lent, reflecting upon the Stations of the Cross.

In English, the children will be looking at character descriptions- their final genre for this term.

In Science, we will continue with the study of the universe- comparing heliocentric and geocentric models through time. We will form opinions and understanding through evidence provided and ideas drawn from specific findings across history.


Week 4 rolls in to Book week. The whole school will be focusing on the book ‘Shh! We have a plan’; with the year group recreating our own versions through story boards. We will also continue with our creative writing of Urban myths. Wednesday will be our ‘Bed time stories’ day and we ask that everyone dresses up in their pyjamas!

Maths progresses with multiplying fractions- please continue to practise times tables with your child- this is a significant area that will enhance their ability to complete challenges accurately.

Science and topic continues with the study of the Solar system- beginning to consider the movement of the moon, compared to the Earth, as well as the effects that it has upon our sphere.

As we make our journey through Lent, we are busy preparing for the Easter Liturgy. Please help your child to prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Thursday 21st March). Please also email the school office with a picture of your child (with their mother/ mother figure). This image will be added to a slideshow that will be used, in the church, during the Easter performance. Letters are also on their way home requesting clothing for the performance. Please check with your child what they need for this.

Many thanks for your ongoing support, it is very much appreciated.


Week 3 is already upon us and we are busy writing our ‘Urban myths’. These are linked to the Solar system and known phenomenon in modern day beliefs. In maths, we are continuing our journey through fractions. Using our resilience, noticing patterns and knowledge of times tables; we are now able to add mixed numbers when considering the lowest common multiples.

Science is directly linked to our Cornerstones topic of ‘Stargazers’. We have been using evidence to support the scientific theory that the Earth is spherical. Next we will study the planets: the order and relationships between them.

In Religion, we are closely studying the Stations of the Cross. This links directly in to rehearsals for the Easter Liturgy. With Lent having started on Wednesday, the children have written their Lenten promises. We will be considering the Sacrament of Reconciliation as we prepare ourselves for Easter.

Please continue to encourage your child to read every night. If they have read a book from home and would like to complete a quiz, go to to check if it is linked to Accelerated reader.

PE kits must be in school please.

Dates for your diaries –

Sunday 10th March- Year 5 to lead mass- St. John’s church
w/c Monday 18th March- Book Week​
Thursday 21st March- Year 5 mass- Lent-Please note change of date
Friday 22nd March- PTA tea-light painting
Tuesday 2nd April- children walk to St. John’s church (morning only)
Wednesday 3rd April- PTA discos- Year 5- 6.30-7.30pm
Thursday 4th April- children walk to St. John’s church (morning only)
Thursday 4th April- Easter Liturgy- St. john’s church- 6.30pm for a 7pm performance
Friday 5th April- End of term at 2pm

What a busy week we have had! Monday began with a virtual workshop as our memorable event for ‘Stargazers’.
Tuesday saw 56 children head off for their residential adventure, whilst the remaining group became solar system experts. During the three days, a project was completed, research was carried out, models were created, dances were learnt and songs were sung.
Throughout the residential stay, the children worked fabulously, within their groups, to problem solve and ensure that each member could successfully and safely complete the task. As a whole school group, many new friendships were established, resulting in a deep trust and respect for all.
Friday was a day when year 5 came together again. An express event was held for each group to perform and talk about their experiences. Ultimately, the children were pleased to be back together again and were proud to share their great challenges and projects.Next week will be returning to ‘normality ‘, resuming original timetables.
May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support in getting your child prepared for their time away from home. Wishing you a restful weekend.
Our next topic will be Stargazers… as we journey through space – the final frontier!
Let’s take a trip to the stars, planets and suns and discover the amazing wonders of the night sky. During this half term, we’ll read information texts to find out about the Solar System and the Sun, using mnemonics to help us remember the facts. We’ll make a Solar System and investigate the cycle of day into night. We’ll learn about Galileo, the ‘father’ of modern astronomy and his famous astronomical discoveries. Taking on the roles of the planets, we’ll use movement to demonstrate the motions of the planets and moons. In English, we’ll investigate lunar myths and write astronaut poetry. ​In Maths, we will continue our adventure through fractions-using our prior learning to complete more complex challenges and considerations.
Religion will move in to the topic of ‘Reconciliation’. As a school, we will be preparing ourselves for Lent and Easter, reflecting upon how we can behave better towards others, deepening our relationship with God by saying sorry.
Please take time with your child, across the half term, to consider the fun facts about the Stargazers topic. Just as importantly, please encourage your child to continue reading daily, preparing for a quiz upon their return to school.
Wishing you a week full of quality time and opportunities to build lots of happy memories with your children.



As we come in to the penultimate week of term ,we move forward to writing an Egyptian play script. In reading, GPS and maths, we will be assessing our learning, so far, revising, reflecting and consolidating our knowledge and understanding of the year 5 curriculum.

In Science, we will be investigating the effects of water resistance (with the children’s amazing boats), having races to identify the key factors that affect the speed and durability of these vessels.

In Religion, we are continuing to look at Inspirational people, analysing how they influenced others and consider our own actions when following the ‘St. John’s Way’.

As we come to the end of our topic- Pharaohs- we will be reseraching how to make Ancient Egyptian bread, making some and sampling it within the classroom.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. Please encourage your child to be reading, at every opportunity, at home (signing the reading record book regularly).



As budding authors, we are now in full flow- writing our Ancient Egyptian adventure stories. In Geography/ History we will continue our journey up the Nile, considering both its historical and modern day uses for Egyptian society.

Our Tutankhamen death masks are almost complete- We’ve promised pictures, they will be coming soon!

In maths, we have begun our mastery learning of fractions, considering equivalent, mixed and improper fractions. Next we will begin to order and compare, making links, revising and reflecting on previous knowledge of the number system.

Science has caused real excitement as we continue our learning about forces. Next week we will look at water resistance, making our own ‘junk model’ boats to test for effectiveness, durability and speed.

Religion will continue with Inspirational people, recognising key characteristics for us to consider for ourselves.



We are now completely immersed in facts about ancient and modern Egypt and are just about to explore our creativity as we plan for a narrative writing piece. We will also be collecting facts for visitors to Egypt- organising our own tourist leaflets.

In maths, we are moving on to fractions. Please continue to practice times tables with your children regularly at home- there are so many links that we can draw upon to embed our learning!

In Science, we have been considering Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity and comparing the mass and weight of different objects. Next, we will consider the effects of the force of friction upon objects- continuing to look at balanced and unbalanced forces.

Religion will find us reflecting upon the ‘gifts’ that we give to others, following God’s gift of His Son to us.

In Art/ DT, we are busily planning for the creation of our Egyptian Death masks (pictures to follow next week).


The children have been busy researching, both Geography and History, about Ancient Egypt- using their new-found knowledge to plan and begin their non-chronological reports. Going forward, they will be editing/ improving for their final ‘hot pieces’ this week.

In maths, we will be moving to division- using a written method of short division and interpreting remainders appropriately for the context​.

We will continue to look at Egypt, in both Geography and History, establishing the importance of the River Nile across History and its uses throughout the ages.

In Religion, we will continue the focus of ‘Inspirational people’- having the opportunity to reflect upon what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

In Art/ DT, we will begin to sketch and design Ancient Egyptian masks, leading to our DT project to create life-size masks that could have been worn by the Pharaohs.

Dates for your diaries:
Thursday 17th January- Census school dinner- please see parent mail for more information
Friday 18th January- Second instalment due (payment plan)- residential trip- £75
February- Parent meeting- residential trip (more information to follow)
Friday 8th February- Final payment due- residential trip- more information to follow
Wednesday 13th February- Year 4-6 Film night- 5.30- 7.30pm
Thursday 14th February- Year 5 mass at St. Mary’s 9.15am- All welcome.
Friday 15th February- INSET day
Monday 25th February- Back to school- Virtual reality workshop
Tuesday 26th- Thursday 28th February- Year 5 residential trip


Wishing you all a ‘Happy New Year’ as we enter 2019!
The home-learning projects have prepared the children well for our next topic ‘Pharaohs’; being very knowledgeable about the subject already, plenty of facts have been shared in both our memorable event and Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths  (STEM) day last week.
As we returned to school, we began to look at the  beliefs of the Egyptians as they moved in to the afterlife. The children participated in a drama activity to consider the journey of three mummies as they had their judgments made in the ‘Weighing of the heart’ ceremony. We learnt about the fate of each as they declared their innocence to determine their next journey to oblivion or the Field of Peace!
Friday saw an archaeological investigation (STEM) whereby 4 historical samples had been mixed up. The well-preserved ‘poos’ belonged to both Egyptians and Tudors- the children had to work in their teams to examine the samples and consider their knowledge of foods available to each group (drawing upon known social factors as well as climates and vegetation).
The children worked methodically, making links and drawing conclusions as further research was completed throughout the day. Success was achieved with Ramses II, an Egyptian farmer, Anne Boleyn and a Tudor maid, all being correctly identified.
Next week returns to more normality within the year group! In Maths, we will be extending formal written methods for multiplication. English will be researching and planning for a non-chronological report about Ancient Egypt. In Science, we will begin a new topic of Forces, looking at the natural pulls, pushes and resistances around us. Geography/History will focus upon the physical features of Egypt, considering the importance of the River Nile to civilization throughout time. Religion will be focusing upon Inspirational people who follow God’s way to help others.


So we are fast approaching Christmas- a time for reflection and celebration with our families and friends. Your children have worked extremely hard over the first two terms and are really doing you proud. Thank you for all of your continued support, it has been very much appreciated.

Below is a brief outline of the term ahead. Your children have been given their home learning projects- please help them to chose and complete one of the activities to help them prepare for their learning about  the Ancient Egyptians.

Let’s travel back 5000 years to ancient Egypt, cruising along the Nile and entering a world of mysteries, curses and mummies. This term, we are going to learn first-hand about the gruesome, yet fascinating, process of mummification. We’ll write a report about Howard Carter’s famous discovery and use different sources to research Tutankhamun’s tomb. We’ll also consider whether it was right to open Tutankhamun’s tomb, or whether it should have been left as it was. Our work will inspire us to write some exciting Egyptian mystery stories and non-fiction books and the internet will provide us with information to make fact files. We’ll draw Egyptian artefacts in detail, focusing on symbols and design features. Studying historical sources will help us learn more about the Pharaohs, the Egyptian gods and ancient religious beliefs. We’ll find out about the food that was eaten at the time, make some Egyptian bread and use recycled materials to build model tombs.​



As we come to the penultimate week for 2018, the children are getting in to the Christmas spirit, making cards, baubles and party hats. With the Christmas lunch on Wednesday, please put a little Christmas treat in their lunchbox. Assessments have come to an end and we are now back looking at multiplication and division in maths. In English, our final genre for the topic will be poetry (linked to the plague). We will be planning for our ‘Medieval banquet’ (please do not forget that you are invited to sample our morsels- Monday 17th December- 2.30pm). Home-learning will come home this week, along with additional information about our exciting next topic- Pharaohs. This will be due in to school on Thursday 3rd January 2019.



Week 5 brings us in to the season of Advent. The children will be considering their ‘Advent promises’ as we prepare ourselves for the celebration of Christ’s birthday.

Across the topic of Princes, Peasants and Pestilence, we will be looking at the spread of the plague, through life cycles of rats and fleas, as well as the spread across Europe and in to Britain through trade and travel.

The children will be completing formal assessments in English and Maths as well as writing their Historical Narrative hot pieces.

Please take a close look at the dates below, we have some busy weeks ahead and some key events, that you wouldn’t want to miss. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday evening for the residential talk (4th Dimension).


This week we have been using our knowledge of the medieval times to plan for our Historical narrative. We will continue this, in to next week, really focusing on writing high quality pieces, beginning to use a majority of the year 5 objectives. In maths we will be moving on to Multiplication- drawing upon knowledge and recall of the timetables to develop mastery (making links and developing reasoning skills). We have now completed the Science topic – Materials and their properties (changing state), moving on to life cycles of living things. This will directly link in to the Scientific theory of how the plague was able to spread so quickly through the streets of London. In History, we will be considering the role of knights throughout the ‘100 Years war’ and will be creating a ‘Code of Chivalry’ to highlight their role and expectations.

In Religion, we are fast approaching advent, we will study how God had a plan to send help to his Creation- teaching Christianity through his Son.

We end week two on a spotty note, having been raising money for Children In Need. Thank you for your generosity, we have raised a huge amount for the charity! As we whizz in to year 3, we will begin to write a historical narrative about the plague. In Maths, we will be reading time tables (for trains and buses), extending our comprehension skills to solve problems.
Children will be completing a Bikeability course, on Monday and Tuesday (please read information carefully about what is required).
In History/ DT we will be making plague bags- filling them with sweet-smelling herbs and spices.
Religion will continue with the study of ‘The New Commandments’ and how important they are within our lives.
Thank you, once again, for your continued support.
Year 5 had a very successful introduction to the topic of Peasants, Princes and Pestilence. The children and staff spent the day being immersed in grueling facts and geographical considerations of how the plague spread from Asia to Scotland through trade and greediness of mankind. We commenced our genre of a diary entry, based upon an individual caught up in the plight of the Black Death. In religion we have begun to learn more about the Ten Commandments and their relevance to showing love and respect to God and people around us. As we consider Armistice day on Sunday, we made poppy wreaths for the school display alongside joining in Diwali celebrations too!
In the week ahead, some children from class 5A will complete their Bikeability course on Monday and Tuesday. In Science we continue to investigate materials and their properties and in maths we will begin the topic of ‘Statistics’.
Points for the week:-
  • ​​Please note that there will be a Year 5 mass on Thursday 15th November at 9.15am in St. Mary’s church- all are welcome.
  • A reminder that your child should have their PE kits in school, ready for the term ahead.
  • Deadline for ‘Shoe box’ appeal is Monday 12th November
  • Wednesday 14th November- last day for school photo orders via the school
  • Friday 16th November- Children in need
Many thanks for your continued support.
Autumn 2! 
Peasants, Princes and Pestilence
Lock your doors and pull up the drawbridge: the dreaded ‘Great Pestilence’ is here.
At the start of this term, we’ll meet a strange character and use a range of source materials to research the symptoms of the Black Death. Our geography skills and learning within Science will help us understand how the black death came to Britain and why it spread so quickly. We’ll investigate the effects of bacteria on the human body and find out about disgusting and dangerous plague ‘cures. Our personal plague diaries will record the horror of the black death and we’ll write poetry inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer. We’ll learn about different social classes, understand the reasons for the Peasants’ Revolt, take part in a mock battle and learn what it was like to be a knight.
In Art and design, we will be making plague bags as well as preparing for a royal, medieval banquet.
Religion will see the new chapter entitled ‘Commandments’. This period will take us up to Advent and the consideration of preparing for Christmas.
Additionally, this term, we will be celebrating Diwali as well as participating in an NSPCC workshop (linked to PSHE).
For the first year, Year 5 are lucky enough to have the opportunity to complete a Bikeability course (cycling proficiency). Bookings for this are now open. Please check your emails for further details as they will be running from the second week of the term and places are filling quickly.
Parents consultations- Wednesday 7th November, Thursday 8th November (please check your child’s reading record for further information).
Monday 5th November will be our ‘Memorable event day’. We ask that your child comes to school in a costume linked to ‘The Black Death’- see letter for ideas.​
Have a wonderful, safe and relaxing half-term with your children.
We look forward to seeing you again in November.

As we come to the last week of term, we are now experts in Tudor history! We are continuing to write our Historical narratives, using our recently acquired knowledge, to create a story about ‘The Prince and the Pauper’. In French, we have been learning been comparing Tudor words, in both languages, considering vocabulary linked to King Heny VIII as well as consider their word types in grammar. Spellings include words with the suffix ‘tious’ (eg. ambitious)- please check your child’s reading record for the current list.

In Religion, we will be celebrating the Harvest Mass (Sunday 14th October- 10.15am at St. John’s Church). We will continue to study about God’s helpers across history and consider how we can follow their example to care for God’s world.

Accelerated reading, across the year group, is now running very successfully and your children are enjoying the library with its vast amount of books to chose from. Please ensure that you read/ question your child about their current book and sign/ comment in their reading record books accordingly.

As we enter week 6 of term 1, the children have become extremely knowledgeable about the Tudors. Whilst reading the book ‘Treason’ , for ‘Love of Reading’, the children have been on a journey learning about how the lives of rich Tudors and poor Tudors differed significantly. When considering an extract from ‘ The Prince and the Pauper’, the children will begin to plan and write a narrative to describe an adventure had by characters from these two contrasting worlds.
In Science, we will continue to investigate how materials behave differently in solution (some dissolving), as well as how we can separate one from another.
In Religion, we continue with God’s creation and learn about some of God’s great helpers. We will reflect on their examples and consider what we can learn from them.
In maths, we will continue to develop understanding of formal addition/ subtraction (including exchanging-regrouping and renaming) as well and using the inverse and rounding to check the accuracy of our answers.As a year group, we will be looking towards Term 2 for our new topic- Peasants, Prices and Pestilence. Home-learning activities will be on their way home w/c 15/10/18.The children are all looking extremely smart, wearing their winter uniform with pride. School photographs will be on Tuesday 16th October.Thank you, as always for your support. Thank you too, for your gifts and kind words given on the Teachers’ appreciation day.

Looking forward to week 5, already, and we’ve got lots in store for your children this week!
A reminder that Winter uniform must be worn from Monday (1st October) please.
In maths- we are moving on to addition and subtraction (using the column method). Please refer to the calculation policy for further information, if required.
In English- we are busily writing our persuasive letters to King Henry VIII- begging that Anne Boleyn’s life might be spared at the very last minute!
In Science- we will investigate how materials behave differently when mixed with water (both cold and warm).
In Religion- we will discuss The Fall (the story of Adam and Eve), considering human sin and how beliefs of The Fall shape our lives.
In PSHE- we will look at the rules set in place by King Henry VIII (Eltham Ordinance) and write our own Monarchy rules considering how we would like to treat people.

Thank you for all of your continued support with your children’s homework and home reading. Please ensure that you add a note to your child’s books if they haven’t been able to complete tasks set.


Thank you all the parents who came to the Year 5 meeting on Wednesday and all those who joined us for the whole school mass.

There will be a Year  5 mass at St. Mary’s church, Denton on Thursday 27th September at 9.15 am. All are welcome.

This week, we have been writing our non-chronological reports about the Tudors. As we learn more about these challenging times in English history, we will research more about King Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn. The children will begin to prepare a persuasive letter from Anne to the Royal Court, in an attempt for her to be pardoned from her accusation of Treason against the King.

In maths, having been practicing place value and rounding, we will now move on to negative numbers as well as Roman Numerals.

In History, we will complement the research of Anne Boleyn’s impending doom and retrace her final journey to the Tower of London.

Science will extend our understanding of how materials behave when being introduced to different sources, looking at electrical conductivity and insulation.

Religion will continue our theme of ‘The Creation’ establishing how we can be guardians of God’s wonderful world.

Please continue your support with your child’s reading and homework activities- your comments and feedback, in both the reading records and homework books, are very much appreciated.

Year 5 had an enjoyable day at Hever castle, learning more about Tudors and Anne Boleyn’s home in Kent. This week we have compared maps of Tudor London and modern day London as well as write non-chronological reports about crime and punishment under the reign of King Henry VIII.
Next week we will look further at King Henry’s life, marriages and heirs to the throne. In maths, we will move on to rounding numbers to 100000 as well as continue to read numbers accurately and recognise their place values.
We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening at 7pm, for the parents talks.
Additionally, you are all invited to the whole school mass on Thursday morning (weather permitting).
Thank you for your support over the last two weeks, your children have settled in marvelously and are making us proud in Year 5. Have a great weekend!
The Year 5 team.
07/09/2018  We would like to wish you all a very warm welcome back to school. Life in year 5 has changed a little with our library now in our shared area. We have the theme of ‘The Secret Garden’, a place where adventures will unfold with your children as they continue on their reading journeys. We recognise that the school is undergoing a huge transformation at the moment and thank you for your tolerance and support in keeping the children safe.
This term we will be travelling back in time to the Tudor era. As we visit Hever castle we will begin to consider life across three centuries, recognising the impact of King Henry’s reign over England.
The first week has seen an introduction to this topic as well as a revision of place value in maths, considering what we know about materials and their properties in Science as well as preparing to write a non-chronological report in English. Please speak to your class teacher if you would like to more about our exciting year ahead!