Year 4

                       Welcome to Year 4!

Year 4 Team:-

Class 4A– Mrs Wilson(Year Leader), TA- Mrs Rogerson, Mrs Veiga

Class 4B– Miss Sekhon , TA- Mr Snow, Mrs Bagley

Class 4C– Mr Maggio, TA- Miss Allen


Topics for the year:

Term 1- Road trip USA!
Term 2- Burps, Bottoms and Bile
Term 3- Misty Mountain Sierra
Term 4- Potions
Term 5- 1066
Term 6- Playlists

PE – Please ensure your child has an appropriate PE kit including for outdoors (plain navy blue tracksuit).

Please see below for your child’s PE days:
Class 4a: Thursday
Class 4b: Wednesday
Class 4c: Monday


Written homework will usually be given to your child every Monday and should be returned by Friday of the same week.  Homework will usually consist of an English and Maths task.  Occasionally topic work may be given as homework.  Regular spellings will also be send home.  Where possible your child should also read each day, reading quizzes will be up and running soon.  When possible children should also continue to practice their times tables.  Please feel free to support your child with their homework if necessary but your child should be encouraged to try to complete it themselves.  If for any reason your child is unable to complete their homework please write a note to their teacher to explain why.


Important information

Click here to see this term’s curriculum overview 

Click here to see the PowerPoint presentation from th Parents information evening. 

For online Abacus games the children will need to use their log in:

Username: first 4 letters of their first name followed by first 4 letters of surname.
Password: Year4
School code: t7jg

How to login to Times Tables Rockstars

Follow the link:

and enter the following details:
School: St John’s Catholic Primary School, Gravesend
Username: (first name, followed by first initial of surname e.g bloggsj)
password: year4
(all lowercase letters with no spaces)

Login details specific to your child can be found in their reading records


Year 4 Weekly Updates


The year 4 children have now finished our end of year assessments and will be going over any questions and topics in maths that the children found difficult.  During writing lessons the children are writing instructions of how to make a musical instrument.  They have also been busy writing song lyrics for a class song.

During science lessons the children are learning all about sound and how we hear, including how sound travels and how volume can be measured in decibels using a data logger.

On Wednesday all children will need a pack lunch for our visit to the comprehensive school.



We have had a busy week in year four with both mass and sports day.  Thank you to all those parents who were able to attend.  The children have also been busy completing their end of year assessments.  We hopeful go through the paper with the children soon so they can see what they did well and how to improve.

In class this week the children have been writing letters to ask their favourite pop star to attend our fun day next Saturday.  The children used the lap tops to research information about their chosen artist before writing them a letter.  Hopefully some might attend!   Next week the children will be writing and drawing about their instruments they made.  They will write instructions to tell someone else how to make it and how to play it.

In Maths the children have been learning about 2d shapes and their properties including if they have any angles; acute, obtuse and right angles.  They will then progress to learn about co-ordinates and how to plot them on a grid.

During sports week the children might be given the opportunity to try some different sports and activities so please ensure their PE kit is returned on Monday.



We had an engage morning to introduce the children to our new topic Playlists;

The children enjoyed using and learning about different instruments.  They explored how to change the pitch.

They learnt how the Beatles with Mr Smythe and pretended to be at a concert.

The children also explore record covers, learning how we used to listen to music.



The children had great fun trying archery and fencing on out 1066 express day.


During our maths lessons this week, the children will be learning to tell the time using both analogue and digital clocks to the nearest minute.  They will also we learning about 24 hour digital times and how to convert times between 12 and 24 hour clocks.

The children will also be writing stories about the Battle of Hastings and castle fact files.  In science we will be finishing our topic about living things by learning more about food chains and how environmental changes effects animals and their homes.

Don’t forget on Friday the 24th May, we are having a Norman day to celebrate the end of our topic.  The children can come to school dressed appropriately for that time, for example as a squire, knight, King or queen.



We had a great time visiting Rochester castle and the museum.  Thank you to all those same parents who came to help.

This week the children behaved beautifully at mass.  Thanks you to all those parents that came.  Class 4a, led a class assembly on Friday, based on the ascension  of Jesus and the fruits of the Holy Spirit which we have been learning about during our RE lessons.

In maths, this week the children will be learning about money.  They will be comparing and ordering various amounts after recognising and counting both notes and coins.

Don’t forget our trip to Rochester Castle on Friday 10th May.   This fits in with our topic of the Normans and 1066.  In class the children will be learning about the Bayeux Tapestry  as well as Motte and Bailey castles.  All children will need a pack lunch for the trip.


The children had a wonderful time visiting the Sikh Temple (The Gudwara)  this week.  We learnt how and where Sikh’s worship.  The children were amazed by the beautiful building and they were lucky enough to have the opportunity to taste some of the tasty vegetarian food offered there.  Thank you to all those parents who came to help.

In class, we have been looking at the children’s fantastic 1066 homework and learning about how a Norman child would live.  The children are beginning to write a diary from the view point of a Norman child.

In maths, the children are learning to compare, round and order decimal numbers.  During science lessons the children will be classifying living things using various criteria and diagrams including venn, carroll and flow charts.

Next Thursday 2nd May will be year 4 mass,  all are welcome to attend.



Next week the children will be planning to write a potion poem and completing assessments in English and Maths.   Over the next fortnight, during  our science lessons we will be observing our special guests that will be arriving on Monday, eggs that will hatch into chicks!

Please continue to read and discuss the text with your child as often as possible, then comment and sign their reading record so we can monitor progress effectively.



Our current maths topic is fractions and decimals.  The children are learning how things can be represented as both a fraction and a decimal.

In English we are writing a play script based on Romeo and Juliet but with a much happier ending.    For our History lessons the children are learning about anaesthetic including how early operations took place without it!  In our Religion lessons the children are learning about what Jesus did during Holy Week including the Last Supper and its links to mass.

Over the next two weeks the children will be completing assessments in maths and English.  These will consist of reading comprehensions, spellings as well as a grammar paper.

All parents should have received a letter about our new trip to Horton Kirby.  In addition to wearing old trainers, please provide your child with wellies, spare socks and spare/water proof trousers especially if you wish your child to step in and take part in shallow water river activities which will include hunting for mini beasts.

Next week is book week, which will start with an assembly on Monday.  On Wednesday the children can come to school in their pyjamas but don’t forget your swimming kit!  If for any reason your child can not take part in swimming please provide a letter to explain why.   Thank you.



This term our potions topic certainly started with a bang when we had special science workshops led by Fizz Pop Science! The children were very excited to watch and learn about chemical reactions.  They were delighted to make slime to take home too.  In science this term we are continuing to learn about solids, liquids and gases,  concentrating on how they change from one state to another.

In English the children are writing instructions and safety labels for their own magic Potions!  We have been reading about Alice in Wonderland to find out what happened when she drank a potion.

Our maths topic is fractions, the children are learning about to add and subtract fractions with the same denomator.  Next week we will be finding fractions of a given number before we complete our fractions assessments.

Thank you to all those parents who came to mass on Thursday.  Don’t forget parent consultations will take place on Wednesday and Thursday next week.


This week the children have been busy writing their mountain poems and learning how to count squares to find the area of a shape.  Next week the children will be planning a mountain story about a Yeti and learning about fractions in maths.

In science the children will learn about the water cycle and mountain climates.  In our Religion lessons we are leaning about the Parables Jesus told.


The children had a very exciting week watching a pantomime (Cinderella) and visiting the secondary school to use their sports hall and climbing wall.  The children enjoyed their introduction to climbing and other games encouraged by the sports leaders.  Thank you to Mr Fryer and the secondary school for organising this.

This week we are moving onto a new topic in maths – area.  The children will learn what area means and how to find the area of basic shapes by counting squares.  We will then compare the area of shapes to their perimeters.  Of course we will still be practicing our times tables!

In English the children will continue to write their mountain shape poems which will hopefully include metaphors and some smilies. They will also complete a mountain comprehension as well as continuing to read various other types of poems.

In topic the children are starting to learn about a tribe of people, the Abi tried who live in the Himalayas.  Like people in this tribe the children will try some weaving.  If you have any spare thigh wool or ribbon we could use for this lesson please send it in.  Thank you.

Don’t forget swimming continues on Wednesday.


Thank you to all the parents that attended the Year 4 Mass on Thursday, the children read, sang and behaved beautifully.

Next week we will be continuing our topic of mountains by drawing mountains and starting to write a mountain poem. The children will learn about different types of poems before writing their own poem.  Don’t forget on Wednesday afternoon we are going to the comprehensive school for a rock climbing experience (the closest we could get to climbing a real mountain) so the children need to attend school in their comfortable climbing clothes and trainers.

All children should have brought home a letter about a day trip to an outdoor adventure centre for the day – Arethusa.  The forms and deposits must be in by next Friday the 25th January.  This is our main trip for the year so hopefully everyone can attend.

In maths, we will be learning to divide larger numbers so please continue to practice time tables with your child.​  during our RE lessons we are learning more about the life of Jesus, when he was Baptised and the messages he tried to teach us.

This week in science we performed an experiment to assess how many fizzy air is in different drinks! Please ask your child about it for more details!


Our first week of swimming was very successful.  The children were placed into groups according to their swimming abilities.  It was great to see that lots of children can now swim and the progress they have made since we went last year.

This week we have learnt were various mountains are located in the world and the eight different points on a compass.  The children have started to write their mountain fact files.  Some of the mountain homework the children produced was amazing!

In maths we are continuing to learn all our times tables and are moving on to various written methods for multiplying larger numbers.  Don’t forget to encourage your child to use the times tables rock star game as often as possible, all children should have their log in located in their reading record books.

Thursday 17th January will be year 4 mass at St Mary’s church opposite the school.  Everyone is welcome to attend, it usually starts by quarter past nine.


Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a great Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus.  This term our topic is Misty Mountain where the children will be learning all about mountains, how they are formed, where they are in the world and their main features.

Over the next two weeks the children will be writing a report about mountains.  In maths we are continuing to learn out times tables so hopefully the children will know multiplication and division facts up to 12 times 12.

Our science topic for the term is states of matter where the children will learn about solids, liquids and gases.

Every Wednesday the children will be going swimming.  Please ensure your child has everything they will need including their towels!  Girls need to wear a swimming costume, no bikinis please.  Children may wear a swimming cap.  It is vital all uniform and swimming items are clearly labelled including shoes please to help ensure no items are misplaced.

Class 4b carol singing at Bluewater!
The children had a fantastic time singing carols in front of their parents and a Christmas shoppers. They definitely helped to get us in the Christmas spirit! It was greatly supported by parents, staff and governors so thank you to everyone who came and joined in with us. We look forward to see you all at the Year 4 Christmas Carol concert on Monday!



Hopefully all the children will have brought home and started their daily advent acts of kindness, please encourage your child complete their daily act and complete their chart which should be brought into class each day during Advent so we can discuss it and monitor progress.  This week the children will be learning more about Advent and the Christmas story.  We are planning to walk to the church to rehearse for our carol concert on Monday the 10th and 17th December in the morning.  Please inform your child’s teacher if you are able to accompany us to help ensure everyone’s safety.

In maths, we will be finishing our topic on perimeter.  The children will be completing assessments in maths, reading as well as spelling, punctuation and grammar.  In writing, the children are creating a narrative about how a piece of food would travel through the digestive system which we have been learning about during our science lessons.


All the children demonstrated excellent behavior at Mass on Thursday, it was nice to see so many parents their too.  The children were very lucky to be visited by one of our school governors this week to talk about his job role as a dentist.  Mr Lynch told the children many interesting facts about teeth and the importance of looking after them, including avoiding too much sugar!  The children then wrote a toothy fact file!

Next week we will be staring to learn about the digestive system and starting our next maths topic of perimeter.  During our RE lessons the children will be focusing on Trusting God including how both Zechariah and Mary had to trust in God when the angel Gabriel visited them.

Can all parents please ensure all children have a plain dark colored tracksuit for our PE lessons which often take place outside.


Thank you to all the children and their families that attended the light parade on Friday after school, everyone had a great time walking through the town center and seeing all the Christmas lights being switched on ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  This Thursday 22nd November it is our turn for mass starting at 9.15 in St Mary’s church opposite the school, everyone is welcome.

In our lessons this week the children will be continuing to learn about teeth and how to look after them.  They will then be writing an information leaflet about teeth and what they have learnt.  In maths the children will be continuing to learn and practice both division and times tables facts.  We will also be continuing our topic of addition and subtraction where the children will be using the column method to solve word problems.



This week the children have been busy making poppies and learning about the First World War.  We have also learnt how Sikhs celebrate Diwali and the story of the cloak relating to Diwali which is also referred to as Prisoner Release Day.  Class  4a then led an assembly about Diwali.

All the children have made some 3D art this week.  Class 4a and 4c took part in workshops to make lanterns led by a local artist and class 4b made Diva lamps with clay.  The lanterns will be sent home next Friday ready for the parade in town.  Please can I remind everyone who want to take part to meet in the community square outside Woodville Halls with their lanterns by four fifteen pm.  All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Next week the children will be learning about their teeth and how to look after them!


We have been learning about the festival of Diwali and how it is celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs around the world. We have created our own diva lamps out of clay!



Term one finished with a fantastic express event show casing our learning about the USA.  The children really enjoyed reading, singing, dancing and signing the state names in makaton.  We had very positive feedback from the many parents and carers who attended.  We also made American milkshakes, iced biscuits and made delicious New York cheese cakes!

Next term we will start our science based topic, Burps, Bottoms and Bile by learning about teeth and healthy eating.  The children will write an information leaflet about how to look after their teeth and hopefully we will have a visit from a local dentist.

In maths the children will be adding and subtracting up to two four digit numbers using both mental and the column methods.  We will continue to learn and practice our times tables and handwriting.

Don’t forget parent consultations the first week back.


This week the children have been busy learning songs ready for our celebration day on Thursday.  We look forward to seeing you at 2.15pm.  Next week we will be making our Native American Indian headdress ready to wear on Thursday.

In maths we will be finishing our end of topic assessments on place value before we start our next topic of addition and subtraction.  The children will be practicing informal methods of adding thousands, hundreds, tens and ones to four digit numbers before moving onto the column method of addition and subtraction.

In grammar we will be learning how to use inverted commas (speech marks).


Thank you to theses those parents that came to our first year group mass on Thursday, all the children made us proud with their excellent behaviour. Next Sunday is the harvest festival mass at 10.30am at St John’s church in the town centre, again everyone is welcome. Please let your child’s teacher know if you can definitely attend and your child would like to read. Many parents have kindly already donated tins of food for this occasion please continue to bring tins of food into school which will then be donated to local charities after mass.

All parents should have received a letter about our celebration of learning for our current topic of the USA , it will take place on Thursday 18th October at 2.15pm in the junior hall. Parents and Carers are welcome.

In lessons this week the children will be learning about negative numbers and practising their times tables. They will be completing informal end of topic assessments on place value. The children will be completing their emails to book hotels and attractions in New York as well as spelling and grammar lessons. In science we are making circuits with switches and reflecting why we need switches. In all RE lessons we have some prayer and reflection time where children can write a prayer in the class prayer book if they wish. This week we will be reading the Bible story David and Goliath, you could support your child by finding this story in the Bible and reading it together.


Our first year 4 mass this year will be this Thursday 4th October at St Mary’s church opposite the school. Everyone is welcome, mass usually starts by quarter past nine.

Over the next two weeks the children will be learning about Internet safety and how to spot a scam email! The children will be completing safe online searches to gather information about tourist attractions in New York City, America. They will then write pretend emails to book tickets and reserve hotel rooms in New York. They will be studying maps of New York and planning how to travel from one tourist attraction to another using directional language.

In maths we are continuing to learn about numbers in the thousands. The children we be rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. They will also be finding one thousand more and less than a given number. As always we are continuing to learn times tables. There are some good songs and videos on the BBC super movers website to aid learning of times tables whilst being active!

In science we will continue with our topic of electricity which includes how it is made, stored and transported. Did you know that Dungeness Power station offers free tours which would fit in with what we are learning? It might be a good place to visit during half term but you must book in advance.


Thank you to all those parents that attended the parent talk and the whole school mass last week, both events were very successful.

This week we will be continuing our topic of the USA by learning about famous landmarks.  The children will be sorting them into natural and man made before finding them on their maps.

In maths we are continuing our topic of place value, ordering and recognising numbers into the thousands!

During our science lessons the children will be testing materials to see if they are conductors of electricity by building circuits to light a bulb.

We are finishing our diary entries about our class novel The Indian in the cupboard.  We will we also be reading and discussing the Bible stories of Joseph and Abraham.


The children have now settled into the routines in their classrooms.  Last week in maths the children have been writing and reading larger numbers into the thousands.  They also learnt how to read and write Roman Numerals to 100.  This week we will continue with out topic of place value by learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.  You can help your child at home by looking at Roman numerals and practising counting in multiples of 6,7,8,9, 25 and 100.

Last week during our English lessons the children wrote a postcard improving the one they wrote during the summer.  Over the next two weeks they will be writing a diary entry based on a character description and the first chapter of our class novel The Indian in the Cupboard.

In science the children have been learning how electricity can be made with both renewable and non-renewable sources as well as its dangers! This week the children will start to learn how to make circuits.

In RE the children are learning about different parts of the children and how to look up Bible references.  Please practice this with your child at home.

In our topic lesson we could the USA on a world map and learnt about its flag.

Don’t forget the year 4 talk for parents at five pm on Tuesday 18th September, Hope to see you there! It’s also our whole school mass on Thursday morning 20th September, everyone is welcome.

Thanks to your support the  children have settled extremely well into year 4, they are continuing to learn the rules and routines for the year ahead.  This week we are introducing the children to their topic of Road trip USA with a hunt for state names before locating them on a map.  The children are enjoying sharing their post cards and book reviews.  In maths we are practicing our times tables.  Our library area this year has a jungle theme, the children will be completing animal art work for this area.