Eco Warriors

Eco – Warriors

Our school Eco teams meets twice a week on a Monday and Friday lunch time.  Our main aim is to help the environment and educate others to help the environment too.  We have provided each class with a recycling bin fir paper and card.  Every Friday we empty all the bins in the entire school!  We also encourage others to always use both sides paper and turn off lights when not in use.  Our Eco warriors are a team of two children from each junior class.  Please help us to look after our planet by recycling and reducing plastic use.

Everyone in our school follows our Eco – code:

  • Eco warriors want to achieve
  • Children protecting our future
  • Our club includes litter picking and light monitoring
  • We educate our school community so they learn about the environment
  • A greener school
  • Rubbish going in the proper bin
  • Respect our school by not littering
  • It is careless to leave the lights on when they don’t need to be on
  • Our aim is to be a more environmentally friendly school
  • Recycle properly for the future of our planet
  • Switch off and listen