SEN & Disability

Special Educational Needs and Disability at St John’s Catholic Primary School (SEND)

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As outlined in the 2014 Code of Practice, we at St John’s, share the vision for children with SEND- ‘that they will achieve well in their early years and at school so that they make a good transition to adulthood to leave contented and fulfilled lives.’  (E.Thompson (2014), Code of Practice 2014, pg3)

As a school, we recognise our role in providing the most suitable support and setting high aspirations for our pupils. Therefore, when progress is less than expected we ensure that Quality First Teaching (QFT) is our first response with a clear focus on the area of weakness.  When children are identified with SEND; their progress will be monitored, supported and outcomes will be reviewed throughout the academic year.  We continue to uphold our duty to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to our classroom environment and our approach to teaching and learning so that all children may fulfil their potential.

Staff members (both teaching and support staff) undergo regular training (CPD) to ensure they are fully equipped to understand and meet the needs of the pupils in our care. Individual training packages are also offered to specific members of staff, tailored to the needs of their assigned pupils. Thus we ensure we are doing our upmost so all children are accessing the curriculum and receiving an education appropriate to their needs.

A range of interventions are arranged and reviewed regularly to measure impact and this is monitored through our whole school programme, ‘Pupil Asset’. Interventions are delivered by highly trained members of staff and also supported by external agencies including SALT, STLS and EP.

We collaborate with the Local Authority and with reference to the Local Offer, seek additional funding (HNF) where necessary. This enables us to offer children with complex needs the most suitable provision.

Most importantly, we have a responsibility to inform and update parents on their children’s progress and the level of support they are receiving. We value our parents and pupils input and recognise that their involvement is an imperative aspect of the planning and reviewing process. For this reason, parents with children on the SEND register, meet with class teacher and/or SENCo a minimum of 3 times a year and will be contacted if there are any changes to the provision their child is receiving.  Parents are provided with a ‘Personalised Learning Plan’ individual to their child and this is reviewed and discussed at each meeting and where possible, the views of the child are included.

The school’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is Aisling Gallagher.  If you would like an appointment please contact via the school office on 01474 534546.

If you have a child with SEN and/or disabilities please access Kent’s Local Offer by following the link below.  Here you will find details of services available in Kent, for example, arrangements for identifying and assessing children, how disagreements are resolved and sources of support, advice and information.

SEND Local Offer:

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Meet our school dog!

My name is Winnie and I am the St John’s Primary School, school dog. I love being the school dog and come to school with Miss Gallagher each morning. I am a cockapoo which means I am a friendly dog who enjoys being with people and children, this makes me perfect for my job as a school dog.

Each morning I go to sensory circuits and welcome lots of children as they come to school. You may also see me walking through the corridor, usually with one of my toys in my mouth. Sometimes I work with Mrs Peters, Mrs Winbolt and Mrs Atkinson to help children with their learning too. It makes me really happy when children come and visit me; just look how my tail wags when I see you!

I enjoy seeing your smiling faces so when children are sad they come to me and I help to cheer them up. Some children like to stroke me as I am very soft and I love cuddles!

At break time and home time I wait patiently at the gate of Miss Gallagher’s room for the children to come past. I love when you say hello to me or sometimes Miss Gallagher even lets you give me a treat.

When you have non-uniform days, or dress up days, I like to get involved too! Already this year, I have worn pyjamas, a Christmas jumper and a special sparkly dress for the school disco…I like to dress up!

When I go home at night I am very tired but I always think to myself, I am so lucky to be the St John’s school dog!



Local Support Groups and Training for Parents:

SMILE Centre

Ifield School,

Cedar Avenue,


DA12 5JT

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Early Help and Preventative Services

‘EHPS aims to target early help services for the most vulnerable children, young people and families with complex needs who require additional and intensive support, with a focus on delivering better outcomes. The service will also make a significant difference in reducing demand for statutory Specialist Children’s Services (SCS) and to help step-down SCS cases where it is safe to do so.’


Parents Consortium

The Parents Consortium is a charity providing services to disabled children, young people and their families living in the Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley areas of Kent.


Useful Websites




National Autistic Society

Autism Speaks (Information links)

Child Autism

Autism and Asperger’s


Dyslexia and Dyscalculia

British Dyslexia Association

Dyslexia Action

The Dyslexia Association




Speech and Language


Kent NHS S&L

Talking Point

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