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Year 3

Please click the document below to see what your child will be learning this term - 

Spring 1 Medium Term Plan

Welcome to our homework page.  All weekly homework will be set via this page in year 3.  There will be no homework books or sheets given in school so please check this page at least once a week.

Week beginning Monday 23rd January


This week they will be completing a reading comprehension, focusing on understanding all the vocabulary and inferring information to answer questions. Please remember to ask your child questions when reading at home to ensure understanding of the text and vocabulary.

The children will be writing a thank you letter to Mr Berry to thank him for teaching us about rocks and telling him what they learnt.

During Maths, Year 3 will be learning about length and perimeter.

The children will be learning how fossils are made in Science.

In Religion the children will be learning the Prodigal Son Bible story and reflecting on how God wants us to be reconciled.

This term the children will be using 'Scratch' during their computing lessons.  This is a free online website that your child can also use at home if they wish to practice.  


Please ensure your child is reading regularly at home.  Please sign your child's reading record book at least once a week so your child can quiz on their reading books and receive new books.   

Spelling - www.spellingshed.co.uk - 

This week's focus words are those with ey and ai, please complete the activities. For extra practice, your child could neatly write out the words into sentences and check their meaning in a dictionary. 

Maths - ttrockstars.com

Please continue to explore the site and have a go at some of the games available. The children have started to access the site in school and are enjoying the games.

Please read the letters sent home containing your child's record of progress on this web site, giving details of their home learning so far.  Another report will be sent home later in the year so you can monitor your child's progress.


This week please complete the activity multiplying 2 digit numbers by a1 digit number.



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