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St John's Catholic Primary School

School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Priorities 2021/22

The staff and governors are committed to raising standards of achievement for all the pupils.

The focus for our work this year is to:

  1. To improve progress for vulnerable groups including those disadvantaged during Covid-19 lockdowns, identified through robust interrogation of data 
  1. Improve the teaching of Phonics and early reading and the outcomes for children in these areas 
  1. Improve outcomes in EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) 
  1. Develop assessment in RE against Age-related standards 
  1. Further embed the ‘Pivotal’ approach to behaviour management 
  1. Drive Curriculum improvement to ensure progression of skills across KS 1 and 2 and ensure complete coverage of the National curriculum in a meaningful and stimulating way
  2. Develop Curriculum leadership. 
  1. Raise profile of the Catholic Life of the School 
  1. Continue to strive to improve well-being of staff and children 
  1. Ensure that robust Safeguarding procedures are in place and followed by all staff.​


In addition to the priorities above, a fundamental priority for the forthcoming year is to continue to respond to the COVID 19 pandemic and the impact it has on ongoing school life. This includes the following criteria:


  • Digesting all official guidance and responding accordingly.   
  • Managing parent expectations. 
  • Managing the safety of staff and pupils by ensuring continuous Risk Assessment. 
  • Timely/efficient communications with governors. 
  • Continuously monitoring and responding to our school context. 
  • Maintaining and delivering a remote learning policy. 
  • Devising and implementing a “catch up” strategy 


It is crucial that senior leaders are strategic and prioritise the targeted areas of school improvement while also managing the interruptions caused by COVID 19 and the time pressures created by the situation. As a staff, we aim to remain positive and the senior leadership team fully intend to further drive school improvement.


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