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St John's Catholic Primary School

Year 6 DT

Linked to Year 6's topic of ‘Blood Heart’, pupils have been exploring how a stethoscope is used to listen to our heart-beat. They have considered their learning about the role of the heart- pumping oxygenated blood to the remotest tissues in the body and expelling unwanted carbon dioxide through the lungs.

When drawing upon their knowledge of how sound travels through air- they investigated the sound of their heart beat- being heard through a stethoscope. They learnt about the sounds made by the heart: the lower pitched sound being made by the closing of two heart valves when blood is flowing out of the heart; the higher pitched sound being made by two other valves when blood is flowing into the heart.

Finally, they created their own stethoscopes; using a funnel, plastic tubing and a balloon and listened to what they could hear.



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