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St John's Catholic Primary School

St John’s takes on Egypt at Kent Life

Following their STEM Hook Day focused on the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, Year 5 pupils visited Kent Life on Wednesday for an Egyptian themed trip.

Pupils had the chance to take part in a variety of activities – some chose to try  on traditional Egyptian dress, with wonderful creative costumers, others participated in many workshops, including: how to make a rope, how to dress as an Egyptian, entertainment for Pharaohs, medicine in the Egyptian times, learning more about the afterlife and the Pyramids of Giza.

Before the trip came to an end, pupils also had the opportunity to visit the animal corner, where they saw goats, sheep, rabbits, hamsters, chickens and many more, with some pupils braving the animals on their laps!

During their free session, they visited the park and “The Kent Owl Academy” where they were all fascinated with the skunks and the owls! It was a fantastic day filled with exciting and new learning opportunities – we look forward to catching up with them and finding out more about what they learnt.



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