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St John's Catholic Primary School

Dissecting Science

In Year 6, pupils have been studying the human circulatory system. Pupils have developed their understanding of how the lungs, heart and blood vessels work in unison to keep us alive. To complement, and develop their understanding, pupils spent time dissecting a lamb’s heart and identifying the features essential to ensure flow and unidirectional movement of blood. Throughout the experiment, pupils and staff investigated the different chambers, as well as the valves separating them. Alongside this, pupils created their own clay heart models- considering the external links to the heart; such as the aorta, pulmonary artery and pulmonary vein (to name but a few).

The children really enjoyed getting their hands dirty and taking a closer look at the life-giving vessel that we often take very much for granted.

In Year 4, pupils have been getting to grips with electricity, and have been exploring the science behind complete and incomplete circuits!


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