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St John's Catholic Primary School

Black History Day

Last Thursday, we celebrated Black History Day and classes from Reception to Year 6 were involved in music workshops, art and design workshops and presentations on the British Empire and the Windrush generation. This was followed by a presentation led by a speaker from the Black Poppy Rose on the British Empire and World War I and II. Pupils learnt all about the importance of the Windrush generation and why they were invited to the UK in 1948, by the British Government. 

One of the workshops pupils participated in was the African Masks workshop. As Year Three learnt about the importance of Black History, they applied a repertoire of historical knowledge and understanding gained throughout the day to create their own African mask. Using materials, paint and gluing agents, they developed their technical and creative skills - and we were thrilled to see the pupils so engaged by the activity and applying what they had learnt into practice.

The evening was very informative and I absolutely loved the children’s involvement the work they had researched but what I enjoyed most was their questions I was really surprised, they had taken on board what they had learnt in class and were able to apply it in the evening. It’s really nice to see the children engaged and confident enough to answer questions. 


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