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Congratulations to all the gymnasts who represented the School at the BSGA South East Floor and Vault Competition.
Boys Regional winners Floor and Vault

Mixed Floor and Vault  winners (National category)

Mixed Floor and Vault Regional 5th place

The Mixed Floor and Vault team will now progress to the national finals

District Cross Country winners Years 5 and 6

Year 5 and 6 Basketball Team

Captains report by Joel

On Thursday 7th December, 9 people from St Johns went to NTC (Northfleet Technical College) to participant in a basketball competition. Firstly, the head coach told us all the rules. Surprisingly, she told us that if you hit the rim it counts as 1 point but if you get it in the hoop its 2 points. Shortly after that, we had our first game, all of us were extremely happy, we won it 10:3.

In the second game it was a draw, the team we played were Copperfield and they were quite tough. After that, we played 3 more games (we won all of them!) and the head coach told us that we were going to the semi finals; we also had the most points…22!

In the semi finals we won 10:0, which too us into the final….Everyone was a bit anxious, so I told the team “Stay calm and try your best”. The Head coach told us it will be a 10 minute game because it was the final.

In the finals we won 9:6, everyone was ecstatic!! After the game we shook hands and they congratulated us.

Year 1 and Year 2 Cross Country Winning Team


Thanks to the Premiere League Stars campaign for the new football kit!

A massive thank you to Orpington Football Club for the kind donation of the football kit for the Boys Football team.

A huge thank you to the PTA from the girls football team for their new kit!

St. Johns CPS Boys Football 7-aside Tournament

By Josh

As our team arrived at the tournament, we started to warm up. Then, our coach (Mr Fryer) called us onto the field for our first match against Copperfield. We kicked off the game. I think that we were more defensive for the first couple of minutes, but we reached the goal. Our striker struck the ball hard on the ground, and it slipped through the keepers legs and we scored. At half time, the score was 1-0. the second half, we were unlucky as the opposing team put one gaol away; leaving the first match 1-1.

In the second match, we played Holy Trinity, and in the first half the score stayed nil – nil, but in the second half, we conceded 2 goals (and they were very unlucky goals). After that, in the third game which was against Sheers Green, in the first half we conceded 3 deflected goals. But in the second half, we made lots of saves and tackles but didn’t score any goals and so the score remained 0-3. In the fourth and final match against Tymberwood, we had many chances of scoring, and so did the opposing team but none of them went in. By full- time, the score stayed put: 0-0.

Even though we tried our best; I still think we could have done a little better, as we came 5th in the tables. But next time we will learn from our mistakes and hopefully win!!!

The Gravesham Primary Schools Early Seasons 7s

Captain’s Report by Jamie

We Started well against New Ash Green beating them 2-0. George crossed the ball in and Joel hit it on the half volley and it went in the top corner. George also then scored a banger too!

Next we played Copperfield and George’s goal was disallowed, leaving us drawing 0-0.

Next we played Whitehall. They scored first but we didn’t let them beat us so we came back with a 1-1 draw, with Taye equalising in the top corner.

The last game if the group was against King farm, they scored first.  Tobi did a great finger tip save over the bar! John equalised by nut-megging one of their players.

We were very excited when we got in the semi- finals; we played Holy Trinity. After some brilliant defending from Kieran and Jamie. George passed it across an open goal to john to score. Filip thundered the ball against the crossbar as the match finished!

That was it we were in the final! Some of the players went a bit hyper…..

In the final, everyone stayed in their position and did their job, including the squad, James H, David and Joel. We were all very excited and determined. We smashed it 2-0, playing like a good football team. George and John scored.

Then, we were in the ‘Small Schools vs Big Schools’ match; St Johns vs Shorne where we won 4-0. I think this was the best game because we made a lot of clearances and some great passes. John scored 2, George scored 1 and Filip scored 1. That was it we Won!

Now we will go on to Kent!!!



Girls Football Team Tournament By Captain Kitty

Representing the team at the Girls football team Tournament at Riverview School was:

Captain Kitty

Ruby E

Ruby C

Ruby D








Game 1: We played brilliantly and very strong but our game ending up in a draw.

Game 2: We played amazingly again but unfortunately we lost by 2-0.

Game 3: The most exciting game, the quarter final. Such a crazy game we played and got through. Switching 3 times, extra time, and then it got to sudden death penalties. We did our best but unfortunately we lost by only 1 goal. Either way we had a great day and had so much fun representing the school and a great team effort.

As a team we would like to thank Mr Early and Mr Fryer and all the supporters. Also we want to thank Teddy Durkin and Charlie Kingsland and Daniel.