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Pupils competing in the BCA Nationals for Cheerleading

Six of our pupils along with their teams from KCA competed in the BCA Nationals for cheerleading in Telford over the Easter weekend. They competed in the following divisions- mini, youth, junior and stunt where the competition was of a very high standard. All teams placed in the top 3 with a medal tally of 3x gold, 3x silver and 3x bronze. Congratulations!

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Ruby Wins the Girls Year 3/4 Cross Country race


Cross Country

Year 3/4 Team winners


Early Season 7’s Girls Winners


Fun at Sports Day


Sports Awards 2016


Click on the following link for the Sports Week programme, commencing 20th June 2016

Sports Week 2016

Volleyball Club


Children from our school volleyball club were invited to attend a training session of the Canadian Women’s Paralympic Volleyball Team at Medway Park recently.

The team are currently in the UK preparing for the forthcoming Paralympic Games in Rio which will take place during the summer. Following their training session, the team very kindly spoke to our children, gave autographs and signed their T shirts and volleyballs.

All the children in our volleyball club wish the team the very best of luck in Rio.

Quicksticks Tournament 2016 year 5/6

On Wednesday 20th April, 12 teams from local schools took part in the tournament at Gravesend rugby club; the teams were split into two leagues of six. We played five games winning four and losing one; our best performance was against Whitehill where our whole team played brilliantly and all played for each other (the final score was 9-0).

We qualified for the semi-finals by finishing second in our group which meant we had to play the winning team from the other group who were Shorne. After a really tough match we reached the final. In the final we came up against Meopham, both sides were evenly matched. At the final whistle, we could not be split and the score was 1-1. So we then went into extra time (using the golden goal rule). Unfortunately Meopham scored first to make the score 2-1.


Trip to Saint John’s Comprehensive School

Saint David’s treat for winning last terms house points score was going to the secondary school with Mr Fryer and going on rock climbing wall .

Hockey year3/4

On 20th April 2016 a few children from year 3 and 4 were selected for a quick sticks hockey tournament at Gravesend Rugby Club.

Our team included; Ruby, Fionn, Elliott, Grace, Lucy and Jamie. For most of us it was our first hockey tournament.

We played 4 games in total.

Game 1 St Johns v Westcourt

We started very well and did some lovely passing which led to Jamie scoring both goals for us. Westcourt did pull 1 goal back but we held onto the lead and finished the game as winners 2 – 1.

Game 2 Istead Rise v St Johns

We went 1-0 up after I ran down the wing and hit a long shot from the edge of the area. Istead Rise then pulled a goal back after they made a run down the right hand side and scored a lovely goal. In the 2nd of the 3 rotations Jamie scored for St Johns and Istead Rise also scored, so going into the last rotation it was 2-2. In the last of the 3 rotations Istead Rise made a break and run the length of the pitch before Fionn put in a very hard tackle to stop them scoring! They then came back at us and after a fail had a free hit just outside the area which they passed inside and it was then hit very well by the Istead Rise player. Final score 3-2 to Istead Rise, we was very unlucky in this game.

Game 3 Meopham v St Johns

St Johns did some beautiful passing throughout this game but couldn’t find the back of the net! In the 2nd rotation Elliott, Grace, Jamie and Lucy worked very well together and were so unlucky not to score. In the 3rd rotation I blocked a shot which was deflected towards the goal but was saved by Fionn, well done Fionn! The Meopham 1st goal was taken well, their 2nd was a scramble on the goal line which we think was kicked over the line and shouldn’t have counted. Their 3rd goal was from a sideline hit that was sent into the area. The final score was 3-0 to Meopham.

Game 4 St Johns v St Joseph’s Prep

This game started well with some nice passing between the team. I ran down the right hand side and hit a shot from the edge of the area that hit the post! Elliott was strong with his tackles. Grace & Lucy put through a couple of lovely balls in this game whilst Fionn saved a few shots on the line. Our goal came when I hit the ball across the goal and Jamie hit it in. St Joseph’s came back at us and scored 2 goals which meant the final score was 2-1 to them.

We didn’t get past the group stages but had a really good time and it was a lot of fun. Thank to you Mrs Cuffey for being our manager.

Overall scorers:

Ruby – 1

Jamie – 4


On Wednesday 4th May 2016 some of the year 3 children played in a Futsal football tournament at Gravesend Rugby club. We played 6 games in total on a very hot day; it was exhausting!

Game 1 – St John’s v Whitehill

Line up – Stevie, Isabel, Oliver, Thomas and Sarah

We started very slowly going 0-1 down. A roll on (which is like a throw in) was then given to Whitehill who took this opportunity to pass to their player and he scored. We were 0-2 down quickly followed by another 2 goals, meaning the final score was 0-4. Oliver showed some good footballing skills and passing with Isabel before Stevie rolled the ball to Oliver from her area; Oliver ran the length of pitch had a shot but it was saved by their goal keeper.

Game 2 – St John’s v Meopham

Line up – Ruby, Elliott, Kingston, Oliver and Isabel

This was going to be a tough game as Meopham are very good at sport! We started very well and there was great tackles being done by Kingston, Elliott and Ruby. Oliver who was our goal keeper for this game also made some fantastic saves including a close range shot from Meopham. Meopham were given a corner but the raised ball hit Ruby’s arm (handball) so they were awarded a free-kick which they scored from. Later in the game Elliott and Ruby combined well with some lovely passing and Isabel was strong in defence. Although we lost 0-1 we played very well.

Game 3 – St John’s v St Botolphs

Line up – Oliver, Sarah, Thomas, Stevie and Elliott

St Botolphs went on the run straight from the kick off but our goal keeper Oliver made an excellent save to stop them scoring. It was then St John’s turn to make a run down the right hand side with Elliott having a shot that was saved by their goal keeper. St John’s were given a corner but couldn’t find the back of the net. Unfortunately St Botolphs scored near the very end of the game meaning we lost again 0-1!

Game 4 – Shorne v St John’s

Line up – Ruby, Elliott, Kingston, Isabel and Oliver

Another tough match this was going to be! Both teams started slowly. We were given a free kick after Elliott was failed. Elliott took this kick and shot it into the area where it rebounded off Ruby and Oliver before going off the pitch. Shorne then went running up the pitch and shot wide. Ruby did some great tackling in this game and also made a run down the right hand side of the pitch and hit a hard shot which was saved by the Shorne goal keeper. Elliott also made a run down the pitch in this game and put the ball into the area but nobody was there to shot. Isabel made an important tackle in defence to stop Shorne from getting close to our goal right near the end of the game. The final score was 0-0. A fantastic result for the team.

Game 5 – St John’s v Tymberwood

Line up – Kingston, Sarah, Stevie, Thomas and Elliott

Sarah was fantastic in this game; she was tackling very well and made a few clearances. Kingston was strong in goal as well making some important saves as Tymberwood were strong from the start. Stevie made some good tackles during this game and also ran the length of the pitch and passed the ball into the area but nobody was there to score for us. The breakthrough came for Tymberwood in the final seconds of the game when they were awarded a free kick which unfortunately they scored, meaning we lost 0-1.

Game 6 – St John’s v Cecil Road

Line up – Oliver, Ruby, Elliott, Kingston and Isabel (who swapped with Stevie half way through the game)

Elliott had a shot go slightly wide in the first few seconds of this game. Cecil Road were given a roll on which was intercepted by Elliott who made a lovely pass to Ruby. Ruby connected well with the ball but the Cecil Road goal keeper made a fantastic save! Cecil Road didn’t see a lot of the ball in this game. Elliott had a shot near the end of the game which was handballed in the area by a Cecil Road player so we were given a penalty which Elliott took and scored, hooray. We won this game 1-0 and the whole team including supporters were very happy at the end!!!



Ruby (captain)








Of the 6 games played we lost 4, drew 1 and won 1. I think we improved in each game and all the children enjoyed playing.

Thank you to Miss Brown for being our manager today as well as all the parents & grandparents that came to watch us.

Report by Ruby

Caoimhe Picked to Represent Kent

I have been selected to represent Kent, in the England under elevens inter-county championships. I am really pleased and I am very excited to represent Kent in athletics.

Caoimhe picked to represent Kent


Dodgeball Tournament

We played dodge ball against other schools in the local area. We played really well and we all tried our best but we didn’t win. We finished 13th in the tournament, we all had a great time.

Report by Grace

Year 6 football cup

Quarter-final match

Hartley v St. John’s

On Shrove Tuesday 9th February 2016 the St. John’s school football team travelled to Hartley School and won 1-7. The scorers were:

  • Ryan=3;
  • Louis=2;
  • Cody=1
  • Lily=1

A few minutes into the game before we scored Raymond, who is our goal keeper, made a magnificent double save to prevent our hosts from scoring. St. John’s then scored quite quickly; the corner came in from Louis and Lily scored! The team were playing brilliant football but got caught on the attack and Hartley then took that chance to score making it 1-1. Another 2 goals followed in the 1st half. We went in at half time 1-3 up. We scored a very quick goal after the break; Michael battled for the ball and laid it back to Cody who made the keeper have no chance of stopping the ball going in; 1-4. Another 3 goals followed in the remaining time we played. The full time score was 1-7 to St. John’s and we will now play Meopham in the semi-final. Semi-final match report below.




St. Johns v Meopham


On Friday 7th March the St. John’s football team played against Meopham, unfortunately we lost 1-2 in an exciting game with Ryan being our goal scorer.


The goal Ryan scored was from a beautiful piece of play by the team and the school team went 1-0 ahead. For most of the first half the game was end-to-end football. Meopham got what they wanted by a sneaky ball through our defence and their player was one on one with Raymond. Raymond had no chance of stopping it so Meopham made it 1-1 and that’s the way it stayed until half time. In the second half still end-to-end football but Meopham got a goal putting them 1-2 up. St. John’s had most of the possession afterwards and deserved another goal but they couldn’t get the ball in the back of the net due to the Meopham keeper who made some lovely saves and had a great game. The end result was 1-2 to Meopham who will go ahead and play Cecil Road in the Final.

Well done team, a great effort! Unfortunately Mr Fryer didn’t get to see this match but thanks to Mr McGuigan and Mr Murtagh for being there.


Reported by Louis


 Kent Basketball

On Tuesday the 4th February, the basketball team competed in the Kent Basketball Finals hosted at Medway Park.

In the group phases we were unbeaten drawing one game and winning the rest. We finished second in our group on goal difference. We made it through to the semi-finals but unfortunately we narrowly lost this game. However we still had third place to play for in the third/ fourth playoff. We won this game and finished third in the Kent championship. The team played well during the entire tournament, we all enjoyed ourselves and were very tired by the end of the tournament.

Reported by Anthea


Easter 7’s Football


On, Saturday 19th March 2016 the St John’s year 5 and 6 football team attended the Easter seven’s tournament at Riverview School.

St John’s v Shears Green won 1-0 (scorer – Louis)

A confident start for St John’s. St. John’s played a long ball through to Louis who controlled it then he laid it off to Ryan E. Ryan received the ball whilst Louis made a brilliant run to the edge of the box then Ryan drilled it in and Louis slotted the ball into the bottom corner.

St John’s v Tymberwood won 3-1 (scorers – Louis 1, Cody 1 and Finlay 1)

This game was 0-0 at half time then the whole game changed as Tymberwood shot from their kick off with Ryan K making a fine save. Ryan K kicked the ball to Cody who turned around and sent the ball to Louis who was one-on-one with their keeper. Louis took the chance well and scored. Tymberwood scored a very lucky goal which was a free kick hitting one post and going in. St. Johns second goal was played to Finlay who chipped it to Cody and Cody volleyed it in the back of the net. Finlay’s goal was a through ball from Louis and a shot that found the back of the net.

Cecil Road ‘A’ v St John’s lost 2-1 (scorer – Teddy)

Teddy’s goal was from Louis’ corner Teddy passed it into the net at the back post. This put us 0 – 1 up but unfortunately Cecil Road didn’t want to take it easy! Their two goals came from one-on-one situations with Raymond.  

Holy Trinity v St John’s won 1 -2 (scorers – Ryan E 1, Cody)                                                                                                    

Ryan K made a great save in the first half to prevent Holy Trinity from scoring. Likewise the Holy Trinity goal keeper came out one-on-one against Ryan E to stop him from scoring. The breakthrough for our first goal came just before half time when Cody laid the ball through to Ryan E who didn’t hesitate in finding the back of the net. Cody added a second goal for us just after half time. The 2nd half finished with Louis having 2 shots; one skimming the outside of the post and one going just over the top left corner. It was great play by the entire team ahead of both of these shots.

Semi-finalSt John’s v Riverview lost 0-1

Ryan K made a couple of great saves in this game and Ryan E also had a couple of shots unfortunately stopped by the Riverview keeper. This game wasn’t to be for St John’s as Riverview scored the winning goal to progress to the final against Langafel.


As a team we have played some beautiful football and have been very successful this year winning the early 7’s and representing the district at the ESFA tournament. We have also

played in 2 semi-finals (school’s cup and Easter seven’s). Unfortunately we lost them both but we tried our hardest! L

Report by Louis Earley



On Tuesday, 1st December 2015 St John’s Catholic Primary School participated in and won the basketball festival at Northfleet Technology College, 12 schools of which took part.

There were 12 schools taking part in the festival. We lost our first game to Shorne, however, for the rest of the tournament we won every game! We finished second in our group behind Shorne so; we went through to the semi-final against Meopham (who won the other group). We beat Meopham 4 -2 and final where we played Shorne once again. It was a tight game but we managed to win 3-1.

Well done to everyone involved!

We took home gold medals plus the trophy. We now have to represent Gravesham in February at the Kent basketball tournament.

Report by the basketball captain: Anthea


On Saturday, 28th November 2015 the year 6 football team attended the ESFA primary school 7 a side tournament at Sporting Thamesmead. We earned this privilege by winning the early 7’s tournament in September and were representing Grasham Primary schools.

River Primary School (representing Deal and Dover) vs St John’s won 0-2 (Louie scoring 2)

This was the first of our 3 games that saw us make a quick start, scoring first was Louis sending Ryan through 1 on 1 with the River keeper. The keeper beat Ryan to the ball which rebounded back to Louie who finished well in the top corner. We continued to push, keeping River in their own half and that’s how it stayed until half time. The second half started the same as the first and soon the second goal arrived with a well worked team goal which saw Louie receive the ball on the edge of the box; he kept his composure and slotted it past the on rushing keeper. River then started to push back counter attacking quickly; creating chances and scoring a lategoal. This was a good start for St Johns.

St John’s vs Red Hill Primary School (representing Orpington) lost 0-1

Again St John’s started well keeping Red Hill in their own half. There were a few strong tackles by Red Hill but we did not benefit from the free kicks that were given. Red Hill scored just before half time. Red Hill started as the stronger team in the second half although we did defend well and Raymond was playing well between the posts. Sadly we couldn’t get a goal in this game and lost. Well played Red Hill.

St John’s vs Boughton Monchelsea (representing Maidstone)

The last game of the group stages saw St John’s dominate, keeping Boughton Monchelsea camped in their own half. Boughton Monchelsea’s keeper was saving everything and frustrated the St John’s attack! Finally, the breakthrough we needed came with Louie hitting a shot from close range finding the back of the net! Unfortunately St John’s had not done enough to make it passed the group stages with only the group winners Red Hill progressing.

Report by the football captain: Louie



Curling is when there is a round oval shape stone and there are three wheels at the bottom. The stones are blue or red to show what team you are on. There is a mat with numbers on it. You push the stone softly onto the mat. If you get a number like 6, that means you might win, but if the other team knocks your stone off, you might not win. We tried our best but sadly we lost.

Boccia is where there are teams of different coloured balls. The colours are red and blue. Then you roll the balls and whoever is closest to the white ball wins. We worked very hard.

We also did speed stacking. It was a lot of fun. We had to stack the cups up and take them down. Sadly, we came joint last in the tournament but we really enjoyed it.

Report by team captain: Oliver



At the volleyball tournament we went to the St John’s comprehensive school. We took two teams and we played five matches in total we either drew or won all our games. It was really good fun, everyone enjoyed it. We are all really hoping that we get to do it next year. There were two St John’s teams, the blues and the yellows. There were eight schools altogether. St John’s two teams finished joint third. I’m sure we are all still so glad we had such a good experience. I’d like to thank Mr Fryer and Mr Smyth.

Reported by Glen



House Point winners treat

St Georges have won the winter term house points. As a treat, Mr Fryer organised a trip to St John’s Comprehensive School to use their sports facilities that we don’t have at the primary. At the school, years 5 and 6 were split into two groups, one group had a go on the rock climbing wall while the other group played a few games with balls. The games we played, was a game where you need to stop the ball getting through your legs using hands while the same time trying to aim it through the other people’s legs.

Later on, we played a basketball game where you need to score a hoop. But , if you miss you go the danger cone and if the person after you scores, you’re out of the whole game. The groups swapped after half an hour. The rock climbing activity area, children had to be split into groups of four and had a go at different challenge like: trying to stay on the wall for the longest time. Another challenge was you need to pass a ball to your partner on the wall without dropping it we also did the same thing with bean bags.

I really enjoyed the time at the Comprehensive school and my friends did as well, especially the rock climbing.

Report by Alex



Sports hall Athletics Festival the St John’s Tigers we are really proud of ourselves since we came third out of sixteen teams. We did very well in both field and track events with Banji getting a medal for jumping an impressive two metres in the long jump. We all did our best and thank Mr Fryer and Mr Murtagh for training us and getting us there. It was a fun day. At the end there was a staff relay and Mr Fryer’s staff team came last. Then we all did a penguin conga around the Dome for Jeff the winning mascot. Report by Teddy (St John’s Tigers captain) We had a great time at the Gravesham athletics tournament. The Eagles team managed to come first and the Tigers team came third. Caoimhe and Abbie won outstanding medals for the speed bounce. Overall we did really well and had a great time.

Report by Caoimhe (St John’s Eagles captain)

On Wednesday 27th January our school Athletic team attended the local school athletics competition. They came 1st and 3rd out of 15 teams! Congratulations to everyone involved!



Banji gets the record jump!

Harveer reaches for the stars!

IMG_4128Caoimhe sets the speed bounce record!

IMG_4142Taking advice from princess Elsa, Sofia decides to ‘let it go’!

IMG_4194 IMG_4324

The winning teams of the Eagles and Tigers

The teams have time for a boogy!!!

Joshua Meets Duncan Goodhew MBE

Dear Mr Fryer,

On 24th October I got a swimming award from Southern Water.  I got presented it by Duncan Goodhew MBE the Olympic Gold Medalist.  At 2.00 we arrived at the presentation.  At 2.30 it started.  At 2.35 we met Duncan Goodhew himself.  We got to see his medal.  At 2.40 we got the award and had a photo.  At 4.00 we got to go swimming.  At 5.00 we went home.  I had a great day.

By Joshua

Well done Joshua!


Winners of the Early 7’s Tournament


On Saturday 26th September, St John’s won the ‘Large Schools’ Early 7’s Tournament for the 10th time at Riverview School.

We were winners of our group and played against Cecil Road, Tymberwood and Hartley.  In the quarter finals we beat Holy trinity 2-0 followed by us winning against Riverview 2-0 in the semi-final.  Hartley were our opponents in the final which we won 1-0, this was an improvement on our 2-2 draw against them in the group stages.

As ‘Large School’ winners we then played the ‘Small School’ winners who were Shorne.  It was a very tight game and ended 0-0 at full time.  Golden goal extra time was played and Cody scored the winner for us.

This has now got us a trip to Dover to represent the district at school football.

The squad members were:  Louis, Raymond, Harveer, Daniel, Cody, Michael, Ryan, Lily, Teddy, Reggie and Finn.

Goal scorers for the tournament were:

Ryan:  6 goals,   Cody:  4 goals,   Louis: 4 goals,   Lily:  1 goal

Well done everyone, it was a great day

Report by Louis – Class 20

Rugby World Cup excitement at St. John’s

image image image image

image image


End of Year Cricket Match

Our Winners!

IMG_0205 IMG_0228

IMG_0256  IMG_0323


And caught out                                                         Runners Up

End of Year Football including Children vs Teachers

IMG_1557 IMG_1556 IMG_1548 IMG_1539

IMG_1569 IMG_1576

IMG_1604 IMG_1617 IMG_1641 IMG_1705

IMG_1790 IMG_1906

IMG_1846 IMG_1849 IMG_1907 IMG_2056

IMG_2063 IMG_2344

IMG_2410 IMG_2411


Freestyle Slalom

Congratulations to Alice Lean, Year 4, who was victorious in freestyle slalom and speed slalom competitions at the Eastbourne Extreme event.  In June this year at Hyde Park, Alice won speed slalom and came second in freestyle slalom.  She now has funding support to compete at European and International level.  We wish her every success, well done Alice!

Battle (758) (Medium) Battle (3832) (Medium)

18-07-2015 SEBA UK team(2) Battle (3720) (Medium)


Pride Award 2015

IMG_0977    IMG_0988


Sports Day Fun

DSCN7746  DSCN7761

DSCN7770  DSCN7779

IMG_0557  IMG_0568

IMG_0543  IMG_0560

DSCN7806  DSCN7831

IMG_0804 IMG_0706

DSCN7840  DSCN7852 DSCN7858 DSCN7862

IMG_0874 IMG_0627

Swimming Gala

On 1st July 2015 St Johns Catholic Primary school’s swimming team participated in a swimming gala.  Every individual swam at a magnificent speed.  Four students from St Johns got through to the final of their 25m swim.  Both the girls and boys team got through to the final on their relay.  Over all, I think the swimming team did St Johns proud.

By the Team Captain

In the Borough and School Swimming Gala, St Johns’ A took home the bronze medal.  In the 25 m individual finals I came fifth and Harveer came sixth.  St Johns’ A was disqualified in the relay because a swimmer touched the rope and someone stood up in the race.  For the 25m individual, Heat 2 event 12, I came fourth which meant that I nearly took home a third medal.

By Anthony M

DSCF1770  DSCF1767

DSCF1772  DSCF1771


 Our Netball Team at the High Five Tournament

IMG_0131 IMG_0144 IMG_0114 IMG_0110 IMG_0109 IMG_0111


Cross Country

cross country 1                  cross country 4

DSCF1746 - Copy

I had a lovely time at the Cross Country Tournament and the school did really well.  The Year 1 and 2 team won overall and I tied the winning time in the 1500 metres.  It was a great event.

By Caoimhe, Year 5