Extra Curricular Activities


“I have come that you may have life, and have it to the FULL

(John 10:10)

At St. John’s we aim to live by our mission statement – we try offer as wide a range of clubs as possible and keep costs to a minimum. As you will see, we always offer at least two after school clubs a day and we are almost at capacity for after school opportunities. We are trying to expand the extra-curricular opportunities we offer by putting some additional clubs on in the morning and at lunchtime.

Click on the link below or go to School Club Timetable to view our timetable for more details of what is on offer, when, and for which year groups.

Please be aware that any club taking place in the playground or field will be stopping in early December and starting again late January/early February. Please see timetable for start dates.


NB – Beside each Year Group you will find it is either ‘open’ or ‘selected’.

Selected = for different reasons (eg. safety, pupil to staff ratio etc.) the numbers attending the club must be limited. The person running the club chooses who attends. Children will have been informed of this.

Open= any child in the year group (s) concerned can turn up without seeking permission from person running the club beforehand.

Nursery Parent Tour - Tuesday 8th May 9.30am Please contact the office to book a place. This is a tour for new parents only.