Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

The staff and pupils in Year 6 welcome you to our page. We hope you find it useful and if you have any ideas on how it could be improved, please speak to one of the teachers. Our Year 6 team includes Mr Watson, Mr Gambell, Mrs Nash, Mrs Sexton, Mr McGuigan,  Mrs Lynch, Mrs Green, Miss Barrett, Mr Bond and Mrs Bagley.

Being in Year 6 means that we need to set an outstanding example to all.  Our aim is to be the best we can be by working hard every day, supporting each other, and most of all, enjoying our last year at St. John’s. It will be a challenging and busy year, but we want to make it the best year yet!

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Year 6 Weekly Updates

12/07/2017:  A very busy week, especially with our end of year production. Three dress rehearsals, one for children from the comprehensive, than two performances to parents. But WOW, what an amazing show. We are so proud of all of them, they have really worked hard as a team on and off the stage to put on this amazing show. Remember, if you would like some photos of the show for personal use only, no sharing on social media (unless it is just your child in the photo), send in a memory stick and we will save them for you.

We have completed some work in class too, finishing our Science and Geography units. Also catching up and finishing religion too. Year 5 books will be going home this or next week, most current books must be stored unfortunately, but we will send home what we can. Please make sure your child has a spare strong plastic bag or two at school.

On Thursday some of us started to get emotional as we had our last year group Mass.

Friday we all had a ball at the beach. Photos to follow.

07/07/2017:  It has been a short week for most of the children, with transition days to their secondary schools.

We have been perfecting our production and have begun to try out costumes. Next Wednesday afternoon is the day.  We hope you can come.

The whole school enjoyed the staff and children cricket match on Wednesday, luckily we finished before it got too hot.

In Science, we explored our school grounds investigating what trees we have and taking photos with IPads.  We will use this information to create a key next week.

Please remember to buy your tickets from Year 6 only, we have lots left still, however only 2 per child per performance.  The remainder of tickets will be sold on the night at the door.  Please, do let us know ASAP if there are any problems with your child attending either performance.

30/06/2017:  The production is coming along nicely, not long to go.  We’ve finished all the large scenery and now are doing finishing touches in our prop department.  Costumes are being sewn and found, most children now have at least a part of the outfit.  The singing is going amazingly and acting too.  Tickets go on sale Monday, they are only available through Year 6, before after and school as well as in class.  Your program is your ticket.  £2.50, a maximum of two tickets per family per performance.  Note, any left over tickets will be sold on the day, it is likely we will have some for the afternoon but very unlikely for the evening performance. Wednesday 12th July at 2pm and Thursday 13th July at 7pm.  All children are needed all both performances.  Children need to arrive at 6.15pm and will be ready to leave by 8.30pm on Thursday night.

We’ve continued our classification unit of work in Science, looking more in-depth at how animals are grouped, even created our own animals for others to classify.

In Geography, we are debating the advantages and disadvantages of building a dam on the Angara River.

We delve deeper into understanding the Sacrament of Confirmation, so we understand the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Our week finished off with great fun had at our Sports Day.  We will share photos of the year group soon.

23/06/2017:  Wow, what a busy week we’ve had.  Our production rehearsals are coming along nicely.  Children are learning their songs, dances and props are being made.  Remember to keep the Wednesday 12th July at 2pm and Thursday 13th at 7pm free to come and see our performance.

Even though Sports day for the Junior’s has been moved we still did a few Sports Week activities.  On Monday we learn some first-aid, what to do in an emergency. On Wednesday, we did Sports Leader training.  We set up an obstacle course for the Infant classes to complete.  The whole school also watched a healthy eating play, a Doctor Who themed ‘Invasion of the Summer Puddings’.  Some of the year group also participated in Tennis activities in the comprehensive.

In Religion, we explored the gift and talents that God has given us and how to use them in His service.  We also had our year group Mass on Thursday morning.

Continuing our work on classification in Science, we looked at Linaear’s System and used it classify living things.

Geography has taken us to the Orinoco River in South America, we have had to pretend to live in a village on the river and write a diary of our day.


16/06/2017:  Our Y6 production is in full swing.  We have been rehearsing songs, practicing dances and acting, making scenery and props, in addition to advertising and program covers.

In addition to our production work, we been learning through Jesus’ example how to serve and be more like him, in religion.

During science we have begun our last unit of work, ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’ looking at classification and having a go ourselves to be a taxonomist.

Geography river studies are taking us around the world this week, identifying all the major rivers in the world using our atlas.

Letters have now gone home about our end of year fun day trip to the beach.  Please make sure you return money and signed permission slip as soon as possible.

26/05/2017:  We have all enjoyed writing our thrilling cliff-hangers in Literacy, inspired by ‘The Giant’s Necklace’. In Science, we have looked at all the theorists who have been involved in evolution studies throughout history.  We have particularly focused on Charles Darwin, researching his life further to write a biography about him.

In Religion, we have completed our end of unit assessment. Our study of rivers has seen us exploring their features in Geography.

We have all enjoyed French week immensely. The hilarious assemblies and workshop were well received, as was the morning French food.  On Friday, we all came to school wearing our red, white and blue.

The Sound of Music rehearsals have begun and the main singing and acting parts have been given out.  All children will be involved in singing and contributing to the final production, wheather it is by dancing, acting, singing, back stage crew or set design and art work.  The afternoon performance will be on Wednesday 12th July and the evening performance on Thursday 13th July.

Any outstanding permission slips for our Sex Education workshop, on Thursday 8th June (first week back) must be returned before this day or we will take it that you do not give permission for your child to participate.  All children will be expected at school on that day as usual, for those not participating alternative activities will be made available.  If you require another copy of the letter please ask.

12/05/2017:  SATs week is over! Hurray!

All the year 6 children have been amazing, working really hard this testing week.  They all enjoyed their early breakfast start and will miss the fun. A massive thank you to all the staff that gave up their time to help out in the morning to serve up 90 fully cooked breakfasts, with cereal.

In addition to all the tests we have had fun too, with a full afternoon of PE games and another learning our production songs and getting ready to audience the following week. Note, PE will be every Tuesday afternoon for all of year 6 from now on.

Friday, our fun day was own clothes day, enjoyed by all. Especially the special treats.

05/05/2017:  Our last week before SATs has been a busy one revising across Maths and Literacy in our groups.  Each group has focused on areas that are suitable to them.

Religion we have explored the humanity of the apostles, as God chose a variety of people.  Children then wrote a prayer to ask God to use his strength and power to transform their weaknesses.

On Friday we all found out where we will be sitting to do our SATs on Monday 8th May, to make sure everyone feels that they know what will happen next week and help them be more settled.  We have sent out a letter reminding you of the 8am breakfast we are providing and the timetable for SATs week.  We will also attach a link on here in case the letter hasn’t made it to you.

Over the weekend and next week we aren’t setting any homework other than sleep, have fun and relax outside of school hours.

A reminder, please let us know of anything that may unsettle your child next week.  You can see the teacher on the door in the morning, call or email the school.

28/04/2017:  The Year 6 children have continued to work really hard this week and are making every effort to challenge themselves and improve their work across all areas.

In Literacy, we have unpicked some quite tricky texts – trying to get a complete understanding and answering questions as fully as possible. We have had a particular focus on inferential questions, where the children have had to look for clues in the text and back up their answers with evidence. We have also re-capped on useful spelling rules and practised for our Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling paper.

In Maths, we have looked at a wide-range of reasoning style questions, where the children have needed to apply their mathematical skills to answer questions in real-life contexts. Each class has also revised specific topics identified as areas for focus.

In Religion we have begun to look at the lives of the disciples and discuss how they were ordinary people called to do God’s work. We also reflected on our calling to be a disciple of Jesus.

In Music, Mr Smythe has continued to familiarise the children with the songs from The Sound of Music. It is lovely to see them so enthusiastic and looking forward to our end of year production.

 Please remember to encourage your child to use their CGP Revision Guides at home.

21/04/2017:  A busy time in Year 6, with lots of revision going on to fill the children’s gaps in knowledge before SATs week.  Reading is our focus in Literacy, with GPS also being covered.  However, we are having a short break from writing for the next few weeks and will come back to it soon.  Writing is not fully assessed by the teachers till June. Maths has been a mixture of Arithmetic and problem solving, with extra lessons happening too.

It has been Sikh week, school wide, so this has been our religion focus.  We have explored their traditions and customs in greater detail, building on what we have learnt in previous years.

We are pleased to announce that our end of year production will be ‘The Sound of Music’, the children overall are really enjoying watching the movie so far and are going to be learning some of the songs over the coming weeks.

We may send home old practice tests we have done in class, these are not useful to us any more at school, but children will find it helpful to do their corrections as extra revision.  We do not require them to be sent back in.

During the next few week it is essential parents and careers let us know of any issues that may affect your child’s education, so please do come and see us after school or send us a note or email if you need to.

31/03/2017:  It has been a busy last week for us in Year 6. In Literacy, we have edited and produced our ‘Hot Piece’ explanation texts, trying to incorporate all the relevant features as well as our personal targets for writing. We sat a mock Reading Comprehension test on Tuesday to give the children more valuable experience of working under test conditions. We have continued to focus on a range of areas of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

In Maths, each class has taken their own focus for the week, based on the coverage that would be most beneficial for the children within each group. In Science, we looked at how we can identify how animals are adapted to suit their environment and how this adaptation may lead to evolution. We concluded our term’s unit in Religion looking at the trial of Jesus that led to His crucifixion. The children were asked to think about whether it was a just and fair trial.

On Wednesday morning, we had our SATs information talk – we were delighted with how well attended this was and how much support you are all giving to your children. Please find below the PowerPoint presentation that was shown for your reference. 

So we are at the end of another term – it’s hard to believe! The Year 6 pupils have all worked extremely hard and we wish them, along with their families, a restful Easter break.

24/03/2017:  This week we have begun to explore explanatory text, in Literacy.  In our reading we have looked at poetry to enhance our understanding of it and completed more practice test papers too.  We continue to revise GPS and spelling based on each group’s gaps, from the last assessment.

In Numeracy, we have continued to revise work based on each group’s gaps.

Science, has helped us to understand why we look the way we do, looking at inheritance.

Leading up to Easter, our focus is still on Lent, and we have looked at Jesus’s resurrection.  We have also completed some art work as a special surprise.

Please note, our SATs information session on Wednesday 29th March, 8am has been moved to the Infant Hall.  Please, enter the school through the main office.  This talk will be useful information for you and your child about SATs week beginning 8th May, please make every effort to attend.

17/03/2017:  We have finished writing our Biographies this week in Literacy.  In addition, we have reviewed spelling rules and GPS based on group gaps, as well as reading comprehension.  In Maths, more gaps have been filled, which vary for each group. 

In Science, we have gone off topic a little this week for ‘Science Week’.  On Thursday, each class participated in an animal handling workshop, with classification being the focus.  Children had the opportunity to hold or stroke a variety of animals, please look at the photos we have shared.  In addition to this, we have researched and written a non-chorological report on an animal of their choosing.  The Key Stage 2 Science award went to Charlotte Watson, for her creative science information box, well done. 

The children were asked last week to start bringing in photos of their family (mum, dad, grandma and grandpa ideally), for our science lesson next week.  Can you please assist them in this, photos can me colour copies (we can do this if needed) or scans sent to us on email or on a memory stick.  The photos will only be used within our classrooms and your own child’s science book.  We need these so children can look at features they have inherited from relatives.  Having a discussion on the personalities of these relatives would also be useful to your child. 

Religion has been focusing on Lent, looking at the events of the day that Jesus died for us on the cross, exploring understanding and feelings of this event. 

Please note, our Mass on the 23rd March has been cancelled. 

Also note, letters have gone out informing you of our SATs parent & child talk on Wednesday 29th March, at 8am in the Junior Hall.  Entry will be through the Year 4 & 5 playground.  It is very important that you and your child attend, as part of their preparations for SATs week starting 8th May.

IMG_0171 IMG_0173 IMG_0175 IMG_0178 IMG_0180

10/03/2017:  We have begun to write Biographies, after choosing someone who inspires us.  Our test revision is going well.  In reading, we have looked at scientific non-fiction text.  Most classes have now finished or are finishing reading ‘War Horse’, as a class novel and will be beginning a new class novel soon. Maths has continued to focus on different areas that each class needs to revise.

We have truly started a new unit of work in Science, looking at how living things have changed over time and how fossils can show us this.  Next week will be Science week in the school, we will be doing an animal handling workshop on Thursday.  All children have been asked to bring in photos (ideally colour copies, they can be emailed too) of their family.  We particularly need photos of parent, grandparent and great grandparents so we can look at features we have inherited, in the following week for Science.

03/03/2017:  We have been working on finishing our newspaper articles this week, and continuing to fill in our gaps for in grammar and spelling.  In reading, we have looked at a non-fiction text this week as well as test practice.  This has been in addition to the Book Week activities that were planned for the school. Maths has now become differentiated for the 6 groups, therefore each class is being taught to their needs.

In Science, we finished our research and discussion on drug and alcohol by designing a health warning posters for others.  This will conclude our unit on Health.  Religion has helped us to reflect how we all respond differently to Jesus’s miracles.  We have also attended Ash Wednesday assembly and received our ashes; therefore we have begun to work on our Lenten promises in this season of Lent. 


Week ending 24th February

We have had many changes this week in Year 6, the children have now been split into six classes for literacy and maths to make sure we can focus on what children need to learn to be ready for the SATs.

 In Literacy, we are writing newspaper articles.  We are using our gap analysis to find focus areas for our grammar work and revising our spelling rules too. In Maths, we have revised 3D shapes and their properties including nets and are exploring how to find volume. Science will have us concluding the unit of work on health, by looking at substances that are not healthy.

Week ending 10th February

It has been a very hectic assessment week for us all, the children have done really well.  As a reward we will be having Thursday as a fun educational day, including our Superhero Day.  In the morning on Thursday we will visit the comprehensive school to watch their annual drama production.  After some class catch up including the class novel we will spend the afternoon doing art activities in class.  Please, remember Friday is an INSET day, children will not be attending school.  We will be sending homework to be completed during the half term holidays and reading is to continue too.

Week ending 3rd February

We finished writing our adventure stories this week, focusing on describing setting and using speech to create atmosphere and to move the action on.  Our grammar focus has been Non- Standard English, this is has helped us to change to a less formal tone in our stories so we can meet exceeding expectations in writing.  In reading we have looked at an extract by Roald Dahl.  Clued spelling is now our main spelling focus, as we have now covered the required curriculum.

It is very important that children are bringing their red Clued Spelling books home, so parents are aware of their spelling words, this should happen once a week.  Some children may receive additional handwriting or spelling homework to help them meet expected standard in writing.  Homework from now on will be set activities in the literacy and maths revision booklets, due on Friday each week.  Reading should be done in addition to this.

In Maths, we have been working on finding the area and perimeter of complex shapes, including triangles, parallelograms and other regular 2D shapes.  We continue to do our times table challenge weekly, Going for Gold.  In arithmetic, we are now doing test revision.

Science has been very exciting this week, we have dissected lambs’ hearts and tried to identify the parts of the heart.  See photos above.

We have furthered our understanding of the Offertory, Consecration and the Holy Communion in Religion.

Next week is our Spring Assessment Week, we will be running the assessments as close to real SATs as possible, to help children become more comfortable with the arrangements.  It would really help if all children were in attendance through out the short week.

Week ending 20th January

We are using a video extract to inspire our adventure story writing. In addition to this, we looked at inverted commas to punctuate speech and have begun to revise for our GPS test. In Maths, we have begun to learn how to use ratio and proportion as well as practicing arithmetic tests.

Science, we explored what our blood is made up of by creating a model of it using sweets (photo to be added above). We explored the Last Supper in Religion.

Week ending 6th January

A short week, which saw us trying to get back into normal routine after a lovely Christmas break.  In Maths, we have worked on using algebra and division.  We begun to work on discussion text, looking at how to present a balanced yet persuasive argument as well as clarifying how to write in the passive voice.  Science is the beginning of a new unit of work, exploring how our bodies function.  This terms’ focus in Religion is Jesus as the Bread of Life.

If your child has been given a slot in the out of school time PIXL, they will begin this Thursday.  A light breakfast top up of toast, will be provided for the before school groups.

Week ending 16th December

The children have worked very hard this week.  They have completed a Diary Entry in Literacy, while looking at -cial, -tail and -cal spelling patterns.  We have now done the next writing assessment, therefore we will soon be telling children how they are going so they can see their progress, please as them or us after Christmas if you would like to know.

In maths, we have been solving real life word problems to do with time and money, which we will finish on Monday next week. Science has been an opportunity to make and relate their learning to the real world, as children have been making periscopes.

There will be no homework other than reading over the festive season.  We wish you all a Merry Christmas full of family and laughs, from the Year 6 team.

Week ending 9th December

In maths, we have been converting measurements and using these skills to solve problems.  We are now finishing our animal Non-fiction reports, making sure we use apostrophise correctly and can identify different clauses. Science experimentation has taught us about shadows and reflections.

Week ending 25th November

A long week for all in Year 6, three days of assessments than back to class work.  They should all be very proud of their efforts and behaviour during this time.  We will be discussion these assessments and children’s progress next week at our parent appointments.  Children have been informed of their results and progress and have helped us to set their targets for the next term, which will be shared with you.  In case, you needed reminding Mr Watson’s appointment day is Monday, Mr Gambell is on Tuesday and Mrs Nash with Mrs Sexton in the afternoon are on Wednesday next week.

In the remaining time out of assessments we have continued and completed our Ghost stories and looked at hyphens in Literacy.  In maths, we have explored negative numbers in context and tested our mental maths skills too.  Science has been looking at how we see and we explored how rainbows are formed.  Religion has been an exploration of how God calls all of us to speak out about justice.

Week ending 18th November

In maths, we have continued our work with fractions, calculating with fractions using the four operations.  Literacy has been very scary, as we are beginning to write our Ghost Stories, while looking at speech punctuation and embedded clauses.  We have continued practicing words we find challenging through Clued Spelling, which should be going home at least once a week.  In addition to this we have looked at suffixes (-able, -ible and ibly).  With assessment week next week, we have also worked through a reading and maths reasoning test paper, with the teacher modelling how to work out the answers.  Science has seen us begin a new unit of work on Light and Shadow.  So far we have looked at how light travels in a straight line, see photo above.  On Wednesday Pudsey made an appearance and Thursday we watched a play about the history of pantomimes.

Week ending 21st October

Our religion focus this week has been Judaism, we will share what we have done with each other and a visitor in Friday’s assembly.  In Science, we are finishing off our unit of work on electricity by completing our own experiment.  Maths has been about fractions, moving on to percentages and decimal equivalent too.  Our week started with a production of the ‘Railway Children’, which we have used in our literacy work this week. In addition, to getting more into reading and understanding ‘War Horse’, our class novel.  We have also worked on looking at different verb tenses and prefixes.

Week ending 14th October

We have been celebrating Black History Month in school,this week – this Friday we have an African Dance workshop. In Science, we have been planning our own electricity experiment. Maths has been rounding to estimate using the four operations. In Literacy, we have been finishing our letters of complaint and looking at how we can use modal verbs.

Week ending 30th September

This week we have begun looking at and writing letters of complaint in Literacy.  We have also worked on distinguishing, understanding and spelling homophones and homonyms.  In Maths, we have been advancing our knowledge of 2D shapes and angles, particularly working out missing angles. History has emerged us in trench war fare, during WW1.  Science we have explored the effects of more bulbs or batteries on a simple circuit, through doing it ourselves.

Next week two-thirds of the children will be going off to Ashford for a week.  We will share up-dates and photos with you here as they come in.

The other third of the Year 6, will be working in teams on a baking business challenge during the week.  Children will be competing in teams for make the most profit by baking, decorating, advertising and selling their biscuits and cupcakes on Friday 7th 2.30-3.30pm in the Infant Hall.  This coincides with the PTA meet and greet, that starts at 2.30pm.  There will be prized for the team with the best biscuit, cupcake, most profit and best team work, at the end of this week.  Please, send in children with an apron (or old shirt) to protect their uniform and any airtight containers, that will help us store our baking for the sale.  They will need this from Wednesday onwards.  Mrs Nash and Mrs Sexton will be working with Mrs Lynch and Mrs Green through out this week with the children.  Children are expected in full uniform all week and PE will be on Wednesday afternoon.

Week ending 23rd September

We hope those of you who attended out parent information evening on Tuesday evening, found it useful.  If you couldn’t attend the PowerPoint is on the link below.  It maybe useful as it explains homework, reading, the new Maths scheme, assessments without levels, SATs and many other Year 6 related bits.  We will also send home the hand-out of the assessment framework for writing and maths, next week.

The Ashford trip is around the corner, only over a week away.  We hope you received the note about out parent information morning on Tuesday 27th at 8am in the hall.  We sent the children home today with a packing list and medical form.  Please, fill these out ASAP and return to us. Please, inform us of problems that may effect your child outside of school also (maybe during the night that you may not have before) in addition to the usual, like sleep walking.  I have attached this list for you below, in case it has been lost.


This week in class we have been finishing off our newspaper articles, looking at pronouns and reading a newspaper article in Literacy.  In Maths, we have developed our understanding of Prime numbers, factors and multiples.  Our History workshop on Monday was a hit, see a few photos above, more will be added later in the week. In Science we started making our own electrical circuits and looked at how to use symbol diagrams.

Week ending 16th September

The first few weeks have been very busy with assessments and getting used to being in Year 6.  So sorry for only updating you now.

We have so far in Literacy: started writing newspaper articles, learnt tricky plurals, semi-colons and colons, as well as started our new reading comprehension scheme (SPIQe).  In Numeracy, we reviewed reading and writing number to show our place value understanding up to 10 million.  We have also finished a week of using BODMAS (Brackets of Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction) to work out three or more step calculations.

History, we have looked at the key events of WW1, including how it started. In Science, we have designed our electronic scarecrows and learnt how electricity is made. In Religion we are exploring the Kingdom of God this term.  We had our first class mass last week; thank you for those of you who could attend.  We have also managed to squeeze in some French too.

A revised homework system will begin next week. We expect it should take about 30 minutes a day.  Reading daily and learning their clued spelling is additional to what is sent home. Homework will be given out Monday to Thursday, not on the weekend (at the moment). Two nights will be maths work related to what we are doing in class and two nights arithmetic. In literacy two nights will be comprehension, one spelling and one on grammar.  All homework will be due the next day.  Where possible it should be completed in their homework books.

On Monday, children will have a history workshop to help them bring their learning to life.  We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 21st September for our parent talk at 6pm.

20/09/2016 – Please find below the link for our Year 6 Information Evening PowerPoint



Year Gallery

Visiting Author during Book Week

IMG_0142 IMG_0143 IMG_0145

Heart Dissection

IMG_0107 IMG_0109 IMG_0113 IMG_0114 IMG_0116 IMG_0117 IMG_0118 IMG_0120 IMG_0122 IMG_0123 IMG_0124 IMG_0125 IMG_0126 IMG_0127 IMG_0128 IMG_0129 IMG_0130DSC04811DSC04812DSC04824DSC04825DSC04826DSC04838DSC04839DSC04840DSC04841DSC04842DSC04858DSC04861DSC04863DSC04901DSC04905

Our Model of Blood


Maths – Ratio and Proportion

IMG_0089 IMG_0090 IMG_0094 IMG_0100 IMG_0101

Science – Light

Proving light travels in a straight line.

img_0085 img_0086

Cake Business Week

A big well done to all the Year 6 cake business children, they raised £218 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. It was so successful we sold out by 3.05pm on Friday. Unfortunately, this meant that other children could not buy from us after school. Thank you to all who supported us.


We have so far organised our selves into teams, given our selves a name, found recipes, bought what we needed online and decided how much to sell our baked good for. On Wednesday, we made our biscuits, decorating them the next morning. Then on Thursday, we made our cupcakes which will be decorated on Friday morning.



img_0020 img_0021img_0022 img_0023 img_0030 img_0034   img_0045

Year 6  Residential – Ashford October 2016


img_2859 img_2861 img_2865 img_2866-1 img_2866 img_2867 img_2870 img_2874

img_2876 img_2878 img_2882-2  img_2886 img_2889 img_2891   img_2898 img_2899 img_2900-1img_2905

 img_2904  img_2906-1  img_2909 img_2910 img_2911 img_2914




img_2836 img_2825 img_2817 img_2814 img_2813 img_2753 img_2754 img_2777 img_2790 img_2802 img_2811 img_2748


img_2654 img_2656 img_2661img_2679 img_2635 img_2551  img_2661img_2604 img_2607 img_2620img_2669 img_2687 img_2690           photo6 photo4 photo3 photo2 photo1   img_2604   img_2654 img_2656 img_2661   img_2690


img_2533 img_2532 img_2536 img_2535 img_2522 img_2524 img_2694 img_2695

WWI Workshop – 19th September 2016

006        002     007