Year 5


The staff and pupils in Year 5 welcome you to our page, please come back for our weekly up-dates, including some of the letters that go out and photos of what we have been doing. We hope you find it useful and if you have any ideas on how it could be improved, please speak to one of the teachers.  Our Year 5 team include Mrs Nash (year group leader), Mrs Sexton (year group leader), Miss Steenhuis and Mrs Keane, supported by Mr Bond, Mrs Cuffley, Mrs Allen, Miss Brown and Mrs Walmsley.

Being Year 5 we aim to help the children to be ready for Year 6.  Our aim is to be the best we can be by working hard every day, supporting each other, and most of all, enjoying ourselves. It will be a challenging and busy year, but we want to make it the best year yet!

Key information



Maths Parents Talks 2017


PTA Powerpoint for Year Group Meetings



Every night your child will be expected to spend around 20 min. on homework, in addition to reading, spelling and times table practice.

Written Task:

Monday – Arithmetic

Tuesday – Comprehension

Wednesday – Maths related to class work (maybe an online or physical game too)

Thursday – Grammar, punctuation or spelling related to class focus.

For online Abacus games the children will need to use their log in:
Username: first 4 letters of their first name followed by first 4 letters of surname.
Password: password
School code: t7jg


Each task should take about 20min and will be expected to be brought in the next day. It will be corrected together in class, and checked by an adult once a week.  Any outstanding homework will need to be completed over the weekend.

If there is a valid reason or a circumstance arises when your child cannot complete their work within the given time please write a short note or see their teacher to explain.

Children are expected to read every day, but we will be checking an adult has signed the reading record once a week.  Spelling lists are given to children at the beginning of the week; they should bring their Clued Spelling book (small red book) home to show you so you can practice with them.  Note: children only have to learn words they can not spell.

Please read our parent information evening PowerPoint, which will be shared on here after the presentation, for more useful information.



This term the focus of our work will be the Ancient Greeks. Please see the link below for more details.

Please click here for the latest curriculum overview


Year 5 Updates

10/11/2017:  A very exciting start to the new term, especially with our animal encounters workshops on Tuesday. We’ll share photos with you soon.  We have used this event to start our writing off and we are creating a leaflet for the Kent Owl Academy.  The best ones will be sent to them to be considered for future advertising.

We have been tested on last terms spelling words and have continued to learn words we have spelt wrong in our writing this week. In GPS we have worked on improving our precise vocabulary, by replacing boring words with more specific interests ones.

In maths, we have begun to work on statistics looking at reading and drawing line graphs. We have also revised basic short divisions and have started to work with remainders.

Continuing our changing material unit in science, we separated mixtures after a supermarket fell into chaos. We used a sieve, filter, magnets and evaporation of a salt solution to separate everyday liquids and solids.

We enjoyed attending Mass this week and finished off our creation unit by completing our end of unit assessment, in religion.

20/10/2017:  We finished off our last week of term one with a celebration assembly for all the junior children. We wore our Egyptian Death Masks, like the pharaohs of ancient times, to perform a song, short play and dance. We also some of us read out bits of our extended writing too. We hope you enjoyed the masks coming home.

This wasn’t the only exciting activity this week; we also made ancient Egyptian flat bread with yeast and ate it with honey and dates. We discussed the non-reversible chemical reactions which happen when yeast is mixed with the other ingredients in bread and looked at the tools that have been used to grind flour in ancient times (also pollutants that damaged to Egyptian teeth). Photos will be shared here.

Science we worked in small groups and performed our own dissolving investigation.

Maths included arithmetic and reasoning test, which we reviewed together in addition to problem solving.

In literacy, we completed a GPS test and reviewed it in class, as well as editing and writing our final play scripts set in ancient Egypt based on the Cinderella story.

This week was Islam week, so in religion we learnt about who was Muhammad and why is the Quran important to Muslims. A reminder, it will be our class Mass the Thursday when we return, so please do attend St Mary’s Church (across from the school) if you are able, start 9.10ish.

We gave out holiday homework projects at the beginning of the week, to give children a choice to do it before the holidays; they are due back on the first Monday back. We will then revert to our usual homework schedule, of a piece every night expect over the weekend in addition to reading and revising spelling. Children will have a spelling test in the first week back on 20 words randomly chosen from those we have learn in class over term one. Children should be bringing a copy of these words fortnightly in their reading records (maybe at the back).

All children should now have navy or black tracksuit bottoms or leggings for PE, please. Please make sure the permission letters for the animal handling workshop on the first Tuesday back are returned asap, so your children is able to handle the animals that are coming. We hope everyone has a relaxing, safe and fun filled two week holiday over half term.

13/10/2017:  Cinderella has lost her slipper, no wait isn’t that a golden amulet instead.  In Literacy, we have started to write our play scripts based on this story, but set in Ancient Egypt. We have continued our focus in grammar on commas, this time for embedded clauses.  This included how they can be replaced with brackets or dashes too. While reading and improving our comprehension, we have been using an extract from Matilda.

Maths has challenged us to apply what we have learnt so far in solving word problems and to check our answers using rounding.

After evaluating previous investigations and graphing the results we began to plan our own dissolving investigations, which we will complete in small groups next week.

During Topic work we have been looking the importance of the Nile River to Ancient Egyptians, exploring seasonality and beginning to look at how bread is made.  This is to get us ready to make Ancient Egyptian flat bread next week!  Let’s hope it rises.

This week we finished up our religion unit on creation by exploring how St Francis looked after God’s creation and researching how charities do the same.

We will be having visitor in for Year 5 on the first Tuesday back.  They will be bringing a variety of animals and birds for the children to see to introduce the new topic of ‘Beast Creator’.  This will be instead of our planned trip to Hall Palace.

With next week being assessment week we will be giving everyone their holiday projects to start on instead of the usual homework that is set.

29/09/2017:  We transported ourselves to Ancient Egypt in our imaginations this week, when we began to explore and write our own adventure story set back in Egyptian times. We have continued to learn spellings with suffixes and prefixes and learn their meanings as well. Continuing our use of commas we have edited text, in addition to our own, making sure it is punctuated correctly overall. To better understand our class novel we have used a chapter out of it to study in reading for the next two weeks. Our class library sessions have also now begun. 5B and 5C go to library on Tuesday and class 5A on Friday. Children are encouraged to pick a book in their reading band to borrow, but this is not essential. They have plenty of time to enjoy reading during this hour and will also be reading to an adult (similar to the old Guided Reading in groups, but on their own). Can I please remind parents that children will not be allowed to borrow a new book if they haven’t returned the previous book; there are some outstanding books from the previous academic year. Lost books needs to be replaced or £5 or the cost of the book needs to be paid to their class teacher or office, for them to be allowed to borrow again. Please, see the class teacher to discuss this if needed.

In Maths, we have continued our revising and improving number basics with ordering, negative numbers and counting in multiples of 10. We have also continued to revise the times tables, children should already know to 12 x 12.

We solved a scientific problem for a football club this week, by experimenting which metal is the best conductor of electricity. We’ll hopefully post some photos of this soon on here.

In our topic work we researched information to create a tourist leaflet about Egypt. We also began to make out pharaoh masks in art.

We are continuing our study of creation in religion, this week trying to convince a de-creator to change their ways by writing them a letter. We also researched scientific creators, to better understand the qualities of a creator.

In addition to our basketball and regular PE sessions, this Wednesday we had a go at Boccia, similar to curling.

Please make sure any outstanding medical forms are handed back, even if there aren’t any changes. We have started collecting dry in date unopened packaged food for our Harvest Mass next Sunday, please send it in with your child. Thank you.

15/09/2017:  We got back to our normal routine and timetable this week.  We are all working very hard to get use to the very full timetable and enjoying being in routine.

We have started our first topic for this year, Pharaohs, which will see us learning about Ancient Egypt even further than last year.  The mummy hiding in the cupboard, who had to have his heart weighed, scared us all.  We are using this to write and research a Non-chronological report over the next few weeks.  Spelling has been -ar and -are words.  Grammar – relative clauses.  In reading, we have begun our class novels and have been reading and working with a biographical text based after WWII.

In Maths, we revised and expanded our understanding of place value, which we will continue for a few weeks.  We also used our knowledge of place value to help us understand Roman Numerals.  In arithmetic, we have revised our seven times tables too.

Science, has started with us exploring the properties of everyday materials, we tested for their transparency, permeability, hardness, magnetism and flexibility.

Religion has begun with writing a poem or prayer to celebrate God’s creations all around us and the making of the class candle and prayer book, which we blessed in assembly.

We hope the children have enjoyed this week.


  • Please try to send all dinner money on a Monday.
  • We still have many medical and contact forms outstanding, we need all returned even if there are no real changes, please.
  • Our parent information talk is coming up this Thursday 22nd 6-6.30pm.
  • The weather has started to turn already, please send in navy track suit bottoms for PE and a coat every day.

22/09/2017:  We have worked hard this week to finish our non-chronological reports on Ancient Egypt, while continuing our focus on relative clauses as embedded clauses in grammar.  In spelling we have looked at the meanings and origins of suffixes and prefixes and have finished our study of a biographical text in reading.

Geography and history has had us use atlases to find Egypt in the world and to map its interior.

In science, we tried to solve the teacher’s problem of cold coffee, by investigating which material is best used to insulate their drinks.  Even though the best material was polystyrene we discussed that the environmental impact didn’t make it a good recommendation.  The experiment gave some of us a change at practicing reading scales on a thermometer too.

Now that we have revised and extended our knowledge of reading and writing numbers, including Roman numerals, this week we focussed more on rounding numbers, eight times tables, addition and problem solving.  We hope the children enjoyed having a game for homework, please do let us know if there are any issues with your child accessing Active Learn online.

It was lovely to celebrate school Mass all together and on Friday afternoon we also put on a year group assembly about forgiveness for the Juniors.

Thank you very much to those of you who attended our year group information evening on Thursday, we hope you found it informative.  For those of you who could not attend we will be posting the presentations on here shortly, please do have a look.