Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Year 5 Team:-

Class 5A– Mrs Horsfield (Year Leader), TA- Mrs Allen

Class 5B– Mrs Keane, TA- Miss Barrett

Class 5C– Mrs Nash and Mrs Sexton, TA- Mrs Cuffley

Topics for the year:

Term 1- Tudors
Term 2- Peasants, Princes and Pestilence
Term 3- Pharaohs
Term 4- Stargazers
Term 5- Beast Creators
Term 6- Allotment


Please click here for the Parent Information PowerPoint


PE – Please ensure your child has an appropriate PE kit including for outdoors (plain navy blue tracksuit).

Please see below for your child’s PE days:

5A- Thursday
5B- Thursday
5C- Wednesday
Weekly homework:-
20 mins each night (Mon- Fri)
Monday – maths revision
Tuesday English comprehension
Wednesday- Maths- linked to current topic
Thursday- Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling practice
Each homework piece should be handed in the following day.


Daily reading of Accelerated reader books will also be expected.



Dates for your diaries:-

Tuesday 11th September- Year 5 trip to Hever castle

Wednesday 19th September- Year 5 parents meeting (A welcome to the Year group)- 7pm

Thursday 20th September- whole school mass



For online Abacus games the children will need to use their log in:
Username: first 4 letters of their first name followed by first 4 letters of surname.
Password: password
School code: t7jg





Year 5 Updates

We end week two on a spotty note, having been raising money for Children In Need. Thank you for your generosity, we have raised a huge amount for the charity! As we whizz in to year 3, we will begin to write a historical narrative about the plague. In Maths, we will be reading time tables (for trains and buses), extending our comprehension skills to solve problems.
Children will be completing a Bikeability course, on Monday and Tuesday (please read information carefully about what is required).
In History/ DT we will be making plague bags- filling them with sweet-smelling herbs and spices.
Religion will continue with the study of ‘The New Commandments’ and how important they are within our lives.
Thank you, once again, for your continued support.
Year 5 had a very successful introduction to the topic of Peasants, Princes and Pestilence. The children and staff spent the day being immersed in grueling facts and geographical considerations of how the plague spread from Asia to Scotland through trade and greediness of mankind. We commenced our genre of a diary entry, based upon an individual caught up in the plight of the Black Death. In religion we have begun to learn more about the Ten Commandments and their relevance to showing love and respect to God and people around us. As we consider Armistice day on Sunday, we made poppy wreaths for the school display alongside joining in Diwali celebrations too!
In the week ahead, some children from class 5A will complete their Bikeability course on Monday and Tuesday. In Science we continue to investigate materials and their properties and in maths we will begin the topic of ‘Statistics’.
Points for the week:-
  • ​​Please note that there will be a Year 5 mass on Thursday 15th November at 9.15am in St. Mary’s church- all are welcome.
  • A reminder that your child should have their PE kits in school, ready for the term ahead.
  • Deadline for ‘Shoe box’ appeal is Monday 12th November
  • Wednesday 14th November- last day for school photo orders via the school
  • Friday 16th November- Children in need
Many thanks for your continued support.
Autumn 2! 
Peasants, Princes and Pestilence
Lock your doors and pull up the drawbridge: the dreaded ‘Great Pestilence’ is here.
At the start of this term, we’ll meet a strange character and use a range of source materials to research the symptoms of the Black Death. Our geography skills and learning within Science will help us understand how the black death came to Britain and why it spread so quickly. We’ll investigate the effects of bacteria on the human body and find out about disgusting and dangerous plague ‘cures. Our personal plague diaries will record the horror of the black death and we’ll write poetry inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer. We’ll learn about different social classes, understand the reasons for the Peasants’ Revolt, take part in a mock battle and learn what it was like to be a knight.
In Art and design, we will be making plague bags as well as preparing for a royal, medieval banquet.
Religion will see the new chapter entitled ‘Commandments’. This period will take us up to Advent and the consideration of preparing for Christmas.
Additionally, this term, we will be celebrating Diwali as well as participating in an NSPCC workshop (linked to PSHE).
For the first year, Year 5 are lucky enough to have the opportunity to complete a Bikeability course (cycling proficiency). Bookings for this are now open. Please check your emails for further details as they will be running from the second week of the term and places are filling quickly.
Parents consultations- Wednesday 7th November, Thursday 8th November (please check your child’s reading record for further information).
Monday 5th November will be our ‘Memorable event day’. We ask that your child comes to school in a costume linked to ‘The Black Death’- see letter for ideas.​
Have a wonderful, safe and relaxing half-term with your children.
We look forward to seeing you again in November.

As we come to the last week of term, we are now experts in Tudor history! We are continuing to write our Historical narratives, using our recently acquired knowledge, to create a story about ‘The Prince and the Pauper’. In French, we have been learning been comparing Tudor words, in both languages, considering vocabulary linked to King Heny VIII as well as consider their word types in grammar. Spellings include words with the suffix ‘tious’ (eg. ambitious)- please check your child’s reading record for the current list.

In Religion, we will be celebrating the Harvest Mass (Sunday 14th October- 10.15am at St. John’s Church). We will continue to study about God’s helpers across history and consider how we can follow their example to care for God’s world.

Accelerated reading, across the year group, is now running very successfully and your children are enjoying the library with its vast amount of books to chose from. Please ensure that you read/ question your child about their current book and sign/ comment in their reading record books accordingly.

As we enter week 6 of term 1, the children have become extremely knowledgeable about the Tudors. Whilst reading the book ‘Treason’ , for ‘Love of Reading’, the children have been on a journey learning about how the lives of rich Tudors and poor Tudors differed significantly. When considering an extract from ‘ The Prince and the Pauper’, the children will begin to plan and write a narrative to describe an adventure had by characters from these two contrasting worlds.
In Science, we will continue to investigate how materials behave differently in solution (some dissolving), as well as how we can separate one from another.
In Religion, we continue with God’s creation and learn about some of God’s great helpers. We will reflect on their examples and consider what we can learn from them.
In maths, we will continue to develop understanding of formal addition/ subtraction (including exchanging-regrouping and renaming) as well and using the inverse and rounding to check the accuracy of our answers.As a year group, we will be looking towards Term 2 for our new topic- Peasants, Prices and Pestilence. Home-learning activities will be on their way home w/c 15/10/18.The children are all looking extremely smart, wearing their winter uniform with pride. School photographs will be on Tuesday 16th October.Thank you, as always for your support. Thank you too, for your gifts and kind words given on the Teachers’ appreciation day.


Looking forward to week 5, already, and we’ve got lots in store for your children this week!
A reminder that Winter uniform must be worn from Monday (1st October) please.
In maths- we are moving on to addition and subtraction (using the column method). Please refer to the calculation policy for further information, if required.
In English- we are busily writing our persuasive letters to King Henry VIII- begging that Anne Boleyn’s life might be spared at the very last minute!
In Science- we will investigate how materials behave differently when mixed with water (both cold and warm).
In Religion- we will discuss The Fall (the story of Adam and Eve), considering human sin and how beliefs of The Fall shape our lives.
In PSHE- we will look at the rules set in place by King Henry VIII (Eltham Ordinance) and write our own Monarchy rules considering how we would like to treat people.

Thank you for all of your continued support with your children’s homework and home reading. Please ensure that you add a note to your child’s books if they haven’t been able to complete tasks set.


Thank you all the parents who came to the Year 5 meeting on Wednesday and all those who joined us for the whole school mass.

There will be a Year  5 mass at St. Mary’s church, Denton on Thursday 27th September at 9.15 am. All are welcome.

This week, we have been writing our non-chronological reports about the Tudors. As we learn more about these challenging times in English history, we will research more about King Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn. The children will begin to prepare a persuasive letter from Anne to the Royal Court, in an attempt for her to be pardoned from her accusation of Treason against the King.

In maths, having been practicing place value and rounding, we will now move on to negative numbers as well as Roman Numerals.

In History, we will complement the research of Anne Boleyn’s impending doom and retrace her final journey to the Tower of London.

Science will extend our understanding of how materials behave when being introduced to different sources, looking at electrical conductivity and insulation.

Religion will continue our theme of ‘The Creation’ establishing how we can be guardians of God’s wonderful world.

Please continue your support with your child’s reading and homework activities- your comments and feedback, in both the reading records and homework books, are very much appreciated.

Year 5 had an enjoyable day at Hever castle, learning more about Tudors and Anne Boleyn’s home in Kent. This week we have compared maps of Tudor London and modern day London as well as write non-chronological reports about crime and punishment under the reign of King Henry VIII.
Next week we will look further at King Henry’s life, marriages and heirs to the throne. In maths, we will move on to rounding numbers to 100000 as well as continue to read numbers accurately and recognise their place values.
We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening at 7pm, for the parents talks.
Additionally, you are all invited to the whole school mass on Thursday morning (weather permitting).
Thank you for your support over the last two weeks, your children have settled in marvelously and are making us proud in Year 5. Have a great weekend!
The Year 5 team.
07/09/2018  We would like to wish you all a very warm welcome back to school. Life in year 5 has changed a little with our library now in our shared area. We have the theme of ‘The Secret Garden’, a place where adventures will unfold with your children as they continue on their reading journeys. We recognise that the school is undergoing a huge transformation at the moment and thank you for your tolerance and support in keeping the children safe.
This term we will be travelling back in time to the Tudor era. As we visit Hever castle we will begin to consider life across three centuries, recognising the impact of King Henry’s reign over England.
The first week has seen an introduction to this topic as well as a revision of place value in maths, considering what we know about materials and their properties in Science as well as preparing to write a non-chronological report in English. Please speak to your class teacher if you would like to more about our exciting year ahead!

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who supported our Children in Need fun raising this week! So far we have raised £1433.73!!!!

Congratulations to the Year 5/6 Handball team for winning their recent tournament!!