Year 5


Our Year 5 team include Mr Murtagh, Mr Maggio and Miss Steenhuis, supported by Mrs Harding, Mrs Esenwa and Mrs Allen.




Every night your child will be expected to spend 10-20 min focusing on reading, spellings and times tables.

Written work this year will be a written task or a project homework.

Written Task –

Monday – comprehension

Tuesday – Numeracy task

Wednesday – spelling, grammar or punctuation

Thursday –Abacus/ Numeracy game (please ensure all pieces are returned in pack as these are expensive resources)

Each task should take about 20min and will be expected to be brought in the next day. Numeracy games are kept over the weekend and returned on Monday.

For online Abacus games the children will need to use their log in:

Username: first 4 letters of their first name followed by first 4 letters of surname.

Password: password

School code: t7jg

Project work-

The children will be given a ‘big question’ to investigate over the course of a week and weekend. This will encourage children to be independent thinkers and have ownership of their learning, showing us all they know in any way they wish. As this replaces the Numeracy/literacy task it would be expected they spend a minimum of 20 min per night on the project.

If there is a valid reason or a circumstance arises when your child cannot complete their work within the given time please write a short note or see their teacher to explain.



This term the focus of our work will be the Ancient Greeks. Please see the link below for more details.

Please click here for the latest curriculum overview

Year 5 Updates

08/05/2017:  We have a quieter week this week as the children will be continuing to learn about life cycles and plants in science. All the children are really enjoying our novel, ‘There’s a boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’ , and we have produced some great diary entries based on this story.

01/05/2017:   Hope you enjoyed the bank holiday. Many of the children needed the extra day after their fun-filled but exhausting weekend at Arethusa. A huge thank you, to the all staff who gave up their weekend to take the children.

24/03/2017:  This week we are busy preparing for the Easter Passion Service this Thursday at 7pm in St. John’s Church. To help with this we will be walking to Church on Monday and Thursday mornings. Please ensure your child has a coat and suitable footwear for the walk. We will return to school before dinner time.

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to see you all at the Church on Thursday.

17/03/2017:  This week its parents’ consultations. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our classrooms to see the children’s hard work. We are continuing to prepare for our Easter Passion Service on Thursday 30th March. We will have busy week with sports this week as Year 5 children will be representing the school in Handball on Tuesday 21st, gymnastics on Friday 24th and football on Saturday 25th. Good luck to all of them!

10/03/2017:  This week it is science week and we have a number of activities and competitions planned- so keep the entries coming in! All details were given out in booklets. A big thank you to all the parents and children who came to Mass on Sunday. The children read wonderfully and were a credit to the school and their families. Finally we want to remind you that this Thursday is the Easter Disco.

IMG_7122 IMG_7127IMG_7117 IMG_7118

06/02/2017:  This week we have Mass on Sunday at St. John’s Catholic Church, 109 Parrock Street, Gravesend, DA12 1EN. Mass begins at 10:30am so we would ask children arrive at, or shortly after 10:00am.

27/02/2017:  This week it is book week and Mr. Gambell, the literacy leader, has organised some wonderful activities for the children. On Monday we have a theatre production, ‘Jump To It’, where the children will also have a questions and answer session with the actors afterwards. Tuesday is ‘Bedtime Story Day’ – all children and staff will be wearing pyjamas to promote reading at home. Year 5 children will go down to  younger children and read stories with them. Then on Friday we have author Ian MacDonald to talk to the children about his work and what it means to be an author.

Homework this week will be to memorise a story as we will be visiting Year 2 classes and re-telling a story orally with actions.

20/02/2017:  Welcome back! We hope you all had a great half-term. This term will be very busy as we prepare for the Easter liturgy. We will confirm the date and time of the service as soon as we have confirmed with Fr. Innocent. This Thursday we also have mass in St. Mary’s – all welcome. We would also like to thank all the children for their hard work in producing their science projects. Mr. Shields and Mrs. Cooneyhan were so impressed with the children’s work that they organised an afternoon where all the children in the school could come and view the work.

09/01/2017:  Welcome back after our Christmas break and a happy New year to one and all.

This week is our first full week and  we have our school Mass in St Mary’s this Thursday. All parents are invitied to come along and celebrate Mass with us in the beautiful St. Mary’s Chapel.

On Monday the children will have the chance to experience wheelchair basketball in our Junior Hall as we have a specialist coach coming in.

05/12/2017:  This week is a busy week as we have our school Mass in St Mary’s this Thursday. All parents are invitied to come along and celebrate Mass with us in the beautiful St. Mary’s Chapel.

On Friday we have our Ancient Greek Day. The children will be tasting food, decorating pottery in the ancient Greek style and competing in a version of the Ancient Olympics. We ask that the children come in dressed in Ancient Greek costume.

Last Thursday we had a wonderful trip to the Houses of Parliament. We were able to observe Ministerial Questions in the House of Commons before taking part in work shop exploring the development of democracy in Britain. Two members of Adam Holloway’s office (M.P. for Gravesham)  came to speak to the children and explain the jobs a modern M.P might be expected to carry out in the name of democracy.

21/11/2017:  This week some of our Peer Mentors will be taking part in a song work shop to promote friendship month. We would also like to remember parents that next Thursday (1st December) the children will need to be in school for 8 am to go to the Houses of Parliament.

14/11/2017:  Thank you to the children and parents who attended Mass on Sunday. The children read beautifully; they did themselves, their families and the school proud.

07/11/2017:  welcome back after a long and hopefully restful 2 week break. This Sunday coming (Sunday 13th) Year 5 will be leading the readings at St. John’s 11am  Mass. It would be great to see a big turnout of children and parents from the year group.

This week’s homework will be focused on famous Ancient Greeks as we research and collect interesting facts to use in our biographical writing.

10/10/2017:  This week we will be celebrating Black History Month. Year 5 children will have the opportunity to play African drums called Jimbays. Thank you for all the effort the children put into their project homework based on the art competition organised by Gravesham Borough Council.

03/10/2017:  This week we have project homework based on the Gravesham Council art competition to celebrate the renovation works being carried out on the clock tower. The children have to create a piece of art, using any materials, either based on the current clock tower or a new clock tower for a different part  of Gravesend. As the week progresses we will be speaking more to the children about the competition and sharing ideas. for now there is a powerpoint below from Gravesham borough Council giving some of the history of the clock tower. Good luck!


26/09/2017:  This week we have our parents’ talk on Tuesday at 6pm.This talk will introduce the new areas of study and routines the children can expect in Year 5.  All parents/carers are welcome and encouraged to attend. We also have special visitors this week from the TEN:TEN Theatre company to explore the ways in which we can keep our hearts healthy.

19/09/2017:  This Thursday 12 children will from Year 5 will compete in the Highland Games Festival at Whitehill Primary. We wish them all best as they represent our school at the first games of the year. As you can see from the photos from Class 5c we have been working on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000. we hope to go on to sequencing numbers with decimals and making links between decimals and their fraction equivalent. In English we are busy  writing our non-chronological reports on Greece today.

Year Gallery

Working hard on multiplying by 10, 100 and 1,000.

image1       image5     image2


Using dice to generate numbers so that we can practise adding and subtracting mentally.

img_6616 img_6619


Year 5 participating in the ‘Healthy Heart’ workshop.  We learnt about why and in what ways we can keep our heart healthy physically,  emotionally and spiritually.

image1        image3


In English we have been utilising dictionaries and ‘word of the week’ to promote eloquent vocabulary selections that enhance our narrative endeavours!

image1   image4  image2


Using force meters or Newton meters to measure forces around the classroom.

img_6324 img_6331



The children really enjoyed playing African drums called ‘jimbay’.

image1    image5



Trip to Houses of Parliament.




Science Projects

DSC05297     DSC05347

Science is cool – like me!                                                Mr. Maggio learning about the planets

DSC05359 DSC05363

presenting our projects and learning to the school

Making St Brigid’s crosses ready for their assembly

IMG_6916 IMG_6922