Year 4

                       Welcome to Year 4!                       untitled58


Our Year 4 team includes Mrs Horsfield, Miss Sekhon and Mr Maggio supported by Mrs Harding, Mrs McCann and Mrs Esenwa.

Year Group Masses will continue on Thursdays monthly at 9.15am. The dates will be available on the website as well as Sunday Masses.


English homework will be given out every Monday and should be returned on the Friday. Spellings should be learnt ready for a spelling test on Fridays. Children should be reading daily at home and we ask parents/carers to ensure reading records are signed regularly. We are embarking upon a new reading initiative called ‘Accelerated reading’. Please find more information about this inside your child’s reading record book. We are continuing with the reading challenge in Year 4 whereby your child will get to ‘travel Europe’ as they develop their love of reading.

Maths homework will be given out every Monday and should be returned on Friday. Some weeks this might include a problem solving game being sent home to be played as a family (please write a comment in home record book).

For online Abacus games the children will need to use their log in:

Username: first 4 letters of their first name followed by first 4 letters of surname.
Password: Year4
School code: t7jg

PE – PE this term will all take place in school, please ensure your child has an appropriate PE kit including for outdoors (plain navy blue tracksuit).

Please see below for your child’s PE days:
Class 4a: Tuesday
Class 4b: Monday
Class 4c: Tuesday

Your child will visit the school library once a week where they can select a second book for home reading. See below for your child’s Library day:

Class 4a: Friday
Class 4b: Tuesday
Class 4c: Wednesday

Polite reminders

Everyday your child should bring:-

Labelled jumpers/ cardigans
A water bottle
A healthy snack for break time

A reading book and reading record
A rain coat/ warm coat (dependent upon the weather)
A smile on their face!


Click here for the latest curriculum overview

Key Information

Parent Talk September 2017

Year 4’s Reading Challenge

This year, Year 4 will be travelling from Ebbsfleet International to a destination chosen by them. After reading one book, they will move their train to the next stop in their journey. Once they have reached their destination, they will receive a prize!
Please ensure reading records are signed and the books read are recorded so your child can move along in their reading challenge journey. Once your child has read and understood their reading book, they can choose another book to read. School reading books, Library books and home books all count towards the challenge so keep reading!

Please continue to regularly check the Year 4 page as we will add upcoming events, information as well as photos.


Year 4 Weekly Updates

04/06/2018:  Welcome to term 6 of Year 4! It’s been a whirlwind of a year and we will finish our academic year with the topic ‘Playlist’. We will be listening to music, picking out different sounds and techniques. Roger McGough’s poem, ‘The Sound Collector’, will inspire us to go on a sound walk around the school. In Science we will investigate the volume of sounds and make vibrations using different equipment. Ours toes will be tapping along to all kinds of jazz music and we’ll be listening to song lyrics to get lots of ideas to write our own. We’ll create art work that represents different types of music, and we’ll look at famous, music-influenced art.
Additionally, we’ll find out how our ears work, how sound travels and learn about pitch. In D&T we’ll investigate how instruments work and enjoy making our own. We’ll share our favourite music and explore how music is used in everyday life. As a challenge we’ll create an uplifting song to perform. More information to follow…

Please note, there will be a Year 4/5 mass at St. John’s church (10.30), on Sunday 10th June.
We look forward to celebrating this final term with your children as they prepare to move to Year 5!

11/05/2018:  What a busy term we have had so far! Taking time to visit the Gurdwara temple during Sikhism week, as well as spending time at the comprehensive (for ICT) , we have continued our topic of Potions and read a lot of Shakespearean novels along the way! Over the past few weeks, we have taken a step back in time and looked at how anaesthetics came in to use across the world. We are learning about the change in state of different materials and have been creating different solids, liquids and gases (some were even edible)!

As we enter our penultimate week of term 5, we are looking forward to the upcoming Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan. We will also welcome the Parish Mission in to our school- a special time of blessing and grace. Additionally, we will be writing alternative endings for the play script ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as well as solving word problems, involving money,  in maths. 

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that children should bring a blue sunhat to school each day, along with a bottle of water. It is advisable to ensure that sun cream is applied at home.

Sikhism week- Monday 16th to Friday 20th April

During Sikhism week, year 4 will be learning about ‘The first Guru and the origins of Sikhism.

Additionally, we will be visiting the Gurdwara (Sikh temple) on Friday 20th April to experience a different place of worship within our community.

(Please refer to the letter for further information)

23/03/2018:  So it’s the end of another busy term, made even more exciting by snow!

On Wednesday, we had a very successful ‘Express event’ where the children could show off all of their amazing work from across the last three terms. Thank you to all the parents and families of the children who came to celebrate their hard work.
As we head in to our Easter break, we are preparing for a new, exciting term- ‘Potions’. In this term,we will be looking at the states of matter, learning about the first anaesthetics as well as dabbling in Shakespeare’s plays to consider stories that use potions and magic to change the characters’ traits and behaviours.
We will begin the term with a Crazy Chemist memorable event, studying how common ingredients, when mixed together, create all sorts of wonderful reactions (even changing the state).
PE will return to ‘normal’ ( Class 4B on a Monday, Classes 4A and 4C on a Tuesday).
In the meantime, we would like to thank you all for your on-going support and wish you a very Happy Easter.
From the Year 4 team.

16/03/2018:  So following our much awaited trips to Arethusa (4B to follow shortly- Monday 16th April) and our Pedal-ready activities, we have been busying ourselves with learning even more about 1066. We would like to remind you that we will be holding an open-morning session (Express event),  on Wednesday 21st March- from 9am to 9.30am. We would love the opportunity to show your children’s work from the last two topics that we have studied since Christmas.

Thank you for all of your support for World book day. All of the children looked amazing and had a thoroughly enjoyable day.
As we move in to our final week of term, we will begin to consider the topic for next term- Potions (See the home-learning activities for further information.
Thank you, as always, for your continued support in your child’s learning.
The year 4 team.


01/03/2018:  As the snow continues to fall please check your emails for important information.
We have an exciting few weeks ahead of us, please consider the details below for the up-coming events:-


Class 4A- Monday 5th March
Class 4C- Monday 12th March
Class 4B- Monday 16th April

Children will be required to wear warm track suits, t-shirts and trainers for this activity. It is advisable that they also bring a waterproof coat, hat, gloves for extra comfort.
They will need a packed lunch for this day with an extra bottle of water (please do not send fizzy drinks or glass bottles).

Pedal Ready

Class 4C-  Monday 5th March
Class 4B- Tuesday 6th March
Class 4A- Wednesday 7th March

Children will be required to wear warm track suits, t-shirts and trainers for this activity. It is advisable that they also bring a waterproof coat, hat, gloves for extra comfort. They may stay in their track suits for the duration of the day.
Please note: since this activity is taking place at school, any normal lunchtime routines will remain the same.
If you have any further enquiries regarding either of these activities, please do not hesitate to speak to your class teacher.

World book day has been rescheduled for Thursday 15th March.

Take care and keep warm.

23/02/2018:   Year 4 had an enjoyable Norman day on Tuesday 20th February. We rewrote History having our very own debate to chose the rightful heir to the throne, in place of Edward the Confessor.
We wrote kennings using medieval script, as well as participated in target games and ‘King and Queen’ dodgeball.
As we continue to term we will be writing diary entries, following the life in a Norman village. In maths, we are learning about fractions and in Science continuing our study of Living things.
In RE, we are preparing for Easter, considering Holy week and the Last supper.

A reminder of up-coming dates:-

Monday 5th March- Class 4A to Arethusa
Class 4C- pedal ready
Tuesday 6th March- Class 4B- pedal ready
Wednesday 7th March- Class 4A- pedal ready
Monday 12th March- Class 4C to Arethusa
Thursday 12th April- Year 4 mass at St Mary’s
Monday 16th April- Class 4B to Arethusa

12/02/2018:  Welcome to term 4- 1066

it’s probably the most famous date in English history… we’re travelling back to 1066!

These are troubled times and there is danger afoot. A much-loved king is dead and a French Duke has staked a claim for our kingdom. Not to mention all the wannabe monarchs!

We will be discovering a changing England, shaped by shires, protected by castles and ruled by foreign knights.

We will be using the famous Bayeux Tapestry to explore the significant events of 1066. What happened when, and how did William come to be conqueror?

We will be dressing up as Normans on Tuesday 20th February, having a day full of drama, battles and writing kennings.

There will also be an express event on Wednesday 21st March, whereby you will be invited to come and celebrate your child’s learning from the term.

Dates for your diaries:-

Tuesday 20th February- Norman dressing up day

Thursday 22nd February- Year 4 mass (St. Mary’s church)

Swimming dates for term 4:-

Wednesday 21st February

Wednesday 28th February

Wednesday 7th March

Wednesday 14th March


Class 4A- Monday 5th March

Class 4C- Monday 12th March

Class 4B- Term 5 – Monday 16th April

Thursday 1st March- World Book Day

Pedal power:-

Class 4C- Monday 5th March

Class 4B- Tuesday 6th March

Class 4C- Wednesday 7th March

Wednesday 21st March- Express event- 8.45- 9.30 am

02/02/2018:  As part of our topic, ‘Misty Mountain Sierra’, we were lucky enough to visit the comprehensive school to complete a wall-climbing activity.
The children traversed along the wall, completing some challenging skills such as holding on with one arm and one leg, passing a ball to their team mate, as well as passing each other on the wall.
We had a great time getting a ‘real-life’ experience of how it might really feel to be a mountain climber.
As we enter in to our last week for this term, may we take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.

Look out for more information about term 4- 1066!!



Year 4 memorable event- Wall climbing at St. John’s Comprehensive school.


25/01/2018:  What a busy week we have had in year 4, making mountains out of clay, watching a pantomime, writing calligrams and learning all about the water cycle… to name but a few activities!

As we enter in to the penultimate week of the term, we begin our Monday morning with our memorable event. We will be visiting St. John’s secondary school to use their climbing wall, traversing and considering how it may feel to be a mountain climber. A reminder please that the children should wear a tracksuit and trainers to school (they can wear this for the duration of the school day). An extra bottle of water would also be a very good idea for our thirsty climbers!

We will continue with our swimming lessons as well as begin to plan a narrative text for an adventure on a mountain (meeting the infamous Yeti!)

In maths, we will be considering scaling and correspondence word problems, before we move on to calculating the area of a rectilinear shape.

In Geography we will look at Ordnance survey maps and contour lines, in History we will study the Adi tribe (and their weavings) and in RE we will continue to learn about Jesus, as  a teacher.

Please consider the second payment for Arethusa that will be due no later than 9th February, before the half-term break.

Just to confirm the dates for your diaries:-

Class 4A– Monday 5th March

Class 4C– Monday 12th March

Class 4B- Monday 16th April

More information will follow in your child’s reading record books​.

Many thanks for your continued support in your child’s learning.

Year 4

With this space for details about the exciting topic for term 4!

08/01/2018:  As we enter a new term, we have been researching mountains around the world. Currently, we are planning our non-chronological reports to consider wondrous new facts about the mountain ranges in our world and universe. We will begin making our chosen mountain types, using clay, as well as studying how the water cycle is linked to weather and mountains too.
In  maths, we have been looking at factor pairs, leading in to a formal written method for multiplication. Please ensure that you are practicing all times tables (up to 12 x 12) regularly with your child.

We have now begun our weekly swimming lessons. These will continue across term 3 and 4.
In addition, we will be heading to Arethusa after the February half term- please ensure that your permission slips have been returned to your child’s teacher (no later than Friday 19th January).
Many thanks!

Misty mountain Sierra

Mighty mountains rise above the morning mists, imposing and eternal.

During this term, we will be going up in the world, looking at mountains and hills and noticing how the weather changes.

We’ll use a range of maps, information books and websites to write a non-chronological report about hills in the United Kingdom. We’ll find out where the highest mountains are, learn how to use a compass and make 3-D mountain models.

Inspired by the magnificent mountains of the world, we’ll complete graphs showing heights, look at satellite images and create wonderful weavings.

Using our literacy skills, we’ll write mountain-shaped poems, create an adventure story about the Yeti and compose a song about the water cycle.

15/12/2017:  As term 2 comes to an exciting end, Year 4 have been busy learning all about the digestive system. They have been exploring the journey of food, from mouth to toilet, recognising how our bodies work cleverly to ensure that all goodness is absorbed and used to help us grow.

Our DT lesson  involved using a blender to ‘crush’ food, like our teeth, before adding vinegar (stomach acid) and food colouring (bile from the liver). As a finishing touch, we then squeezed the food through tights (large intestine), removing all of the water to see what was left.

Look out for our photos of class 4C’s trip to Sainsbury’s- Carol singing.

Just a few reminders:-

We are busily preparing for the Year 4 carol service at St. John’s Church, Gravesend, on Tuesday 19th December.

We would like to invite all families to attend this and we are looking forward to sharing this wonderful evening with you. Please ensure that your child is at the church by 6.45pm.

We will be walking to the church, for rehearsals, on both Monday and Tuesday morning (please provide your child with a packed lunch for Tuesday).

10/11/2017:  We were lucky to be part of Gravesend’s Light Switch On Parade this year and look how beautiful our lanterns were once they were lit up! It definitely got us in the Christmas spirit!



A visit from local dentists:

To start off our new topic ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’, we had a visit from two local dentists. We have learnt a lot about how to keep our teeth healthy. We also had the opportunity to ask questions and watch demonstrations on how to clean our teeth correctly.

We have been given these bags full of goodies to help us clean our teeth correctly. They include a toothbrush, sticker and disclosing tablet to use with an adult. The tablet will indicate any plaque to clean.

This week we have also been looking at how much sugar is in our drinks and have investigated the effect of sugary drinks on our teeth. This eggshell experiment will show us how some drinks may cause our teeth to decay.

Making lanterns for Gravesend’s Light Switch On Parade:


The parade will be Next Friday 17th November starting at 4pm from Community Square where we will meet up as a school and light up the beautiful lanterns the children have created! Children are to walk with their grown ups. We hope to see you all there!

20/10/2017:  On Tuesday, Year 4 celebrated their Express event for the topic ‘Road Trip USA’. The event was exceptionally well attended by parents and family, who got the opportunity to hear the Native American welcome song they had been learning with Mr Smyth. We had a New York café open with goodies straight from America! We are really looking forward to next terms topic ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’ where we commence our term with a visit from the dentist. As we begin to read ‘Demon Dentists’, written by David Walliams, we will be researching about how to look after our teeth as well as follow food on it’s journey throughout our bodies.



13/10/2017:  As we enter in to the last week before half term, we will complete our topic of Road Trip USA. The children will be creating acrostic poems about American states as well as creating an inventory for Mr Smyth’s imminent trip to New York City.

We will continue to add and subtract 4 digit numbers, using ‘APE’ to answer, prove and explain our answers when solving problems. Our focus for times tables will be looking at patterns between the 3, 6 and 9’s.

We warmly welcome you to join us on Tuesday 17th October (at 10.20am) for our Cornerstones Express Event. Also, may we remind you of the up-coming parents’ meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support this term. We are very much looking forward to embracing our second topic in November- Burps, Bottoms and Bile.

06/10/2017:  This week, in year 4, we have continued to work with place value in maths. The children have been counting up in 100’s and 1000’s as well as rounding up and down to the nearest 100.

In English, we are busily preparing to write our diary entry for Omri (a character from our book of the term- The Indian in the cupboard).

Science has been fascinating this week. Having looked at Times Square, in New York City, we were able to create simple circuits and light our bulbs. As we continue through the term we will look at the reasons why we use switches within a circuit, as well as send the modern-day version of smoke signals (using morse code) with our lightbulbs.

Over the coming weeks we will study the American Indian tribe of the Iroquois in detail and sketch longhouses as well as design and make dreamcatchers.

Please remember the Harvest mass on Sunday 8th October. Any gifts for the mass will be gratefully received throughout the week.

Please continue to comment and sign in your child’s reading record​ book, they are really enjoying the reading challenge and ‘travelling’ across Europe.

12/09/2017: Welcome to Year 4! The children have settled in brilliantly. This week we have been learning about our new topic ‘Road Trip USA’, which the children have been very excited about. We have, so far, looked at 14 American states that are linked closely to Native Americans and their tribes. We will continue to link this knowledge later in the term as we create dream-catchers and Iroquis long houses.

In Maths, children have learnt all about place value and used this knowledge to create numbers using Roman numerals.

In English, children have been busy writing postcards and emails, beginning to consider and compare ways to communicate with others effectively.

We look forward to meeting you at the Parents’ meeting on Wednesday 20th September at 6pm.




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