Year 3

Year 3


Welcome to Year 3! Our Year 3 team includes Mrs Wilson, Mrs Murray, Miss Gallagher and Miss Milne. Our teaching assistants are Mrs McCann, Mrs Rogerson and Mrs Turner.


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Well done Year 3 for all your hard work completing your castle projects.  They are fantastic!

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Our Stone Age Projects

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Year 3 Weekly Update

07/07/2017:  This week we have been busy using torches to finish our science topic on light.  Next week the children will be writing an adventure story and learning about volcanoes.  In maths we are learning to draw and interpret graphs.  As we prepare for the summer holidays can I please ask all children to make sure their reading and library books are returned by next Friday the 14th July.  All children should bring home their reports today please sign, comment and return them to your child’s teacher.  You will then receive them back when we have copied them.  All parents are welcome to the open afternoon on Tuesday from 2 -4 pm.

23/06/2017:  This week we have been busy writing adventure stories in English focusing on using speech correctly, prepositions, handwriting and spelling.  In maths we have been solving word problems using addition and subtraction. Next week we will be learning about fractions again including ordering fractions, adding fractions and finding fractions of a number.  In science we are learning how mirrors reflect light and how to keep safe in the sun.  As part of our seaside topic we are also learning where to swim safely in the sea and about pollution.  Don’t forget we are having sports day next Friday morning.

09/06/2017:  It was lovely to see all the children in their communion clothes again today.  This week on Sunday it is our Year 3 mass at half past ten at St John’s church in Gravesend.  Children to attend in school uniform please.

In literacy we are learning to write an adventure story including speech and prepositions.  In maths we are learning to draw and identity a range of lines including horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular.  In science our new topic is light, we are learning about light sources and shadows.

12/05/2017:  A huge thumbs up to those children who made their First Holy Communion last week, it was such a beautiful service.  This week in science we have been learning how sand and rocks are formed, next week we are learning how fossils are made.  Our writing topic is biographies, don’t forget your research is due in on Monday so we can start to write our own one.  In maths we have been remembering how to add and subtract using the column method to answer questions involving measures.  We always need to remember to add the correct units!  Good luck to all those children still to make their First Holy Communion.  We are still looking for adult helpers for our celebration trip on Wednesday 24th May. Please let us know if you are free to help that day.

05/05/2017:  I would like to thank all those that attended mass on Sunday.  Over the next few weeks we will be busy having our final rehearsals for the First Holy Communion masses.  In numeracy we are learning about decimals and we are working on our comprehension skills in literacy.

28/04/2017:  Well done to all the children who made their first confession and attended the recorder festival both events were very successful.  In Numeracy we have been learning how to find the fraction of a number and writing a poem about reconciliation in literacy.

21/04/2017:  What a great start to the term we have had with the St George’s Day parade.  The children in class 3a and 3b enjoyed making flags with a visiting artist.

We are very busy preparing for the Reconciliation sacrament on Tuesday 26th April.  Can I please remind all children to wear school uniform and to sit with their class at the front of the church.  Please arrive at ten to six so the service can start promptly at six.  All children are expected to wait and reflect quietly while all children go to confession. Next Thursday 28th April is year three mass at St Mary’s church and Sunday 31st April is also a year three preparation mass at St John’s church at 8.30 am.

Our topic this term is the seaside.

24/03/2017:  What a busy two weeks we have had with First Holy Communion preparation and parent consultations.  Both have been very successful and it was great to see so many families at mass last Sunday.

 Next week we are writing letters of complaint and telling the time.  The children will be learning both twelve and twenty four hour clocks, analogue and digital.  We will also we continuing to learn the life cycle of a chick as we watch our lovely birds grow!  

10/03/2017:  Our trip to Rochester castle was very successful.  It gave the children a real insight to castle life.  All the children were very well behaved on the trip and at our mass on Thursday.  Next week the children will be writing a brochure about the castle.  In maths we will be learning to add and subtract fractions as well as find the fraction of a number of objects.  Next week is ‘Science week’, we are looking forward to our visit from zoo lab, growing cress, measuring friction and using our new data loggers kindly paid for by the PTA to measure speed and light intensity.  We are also planning a science lesson outside.

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06/02/2017:  This week the children have been extremely busy taking part in book week activities and completing assessment tasks in Maths and English including writing a myth.  Thank you to all the parents that have supported their children with reading at home and those who came into school on Tuesday afternoon to read with their children; it was a big success.  

Next week on Wednesday 8th March is our trip to Rochester castle.  All children will need to wear their school uniform and bring a packed lunch.  Then on Thursday 9th March it is year three’s mass, all parents are welcome.

You should have all received a letter about a First Holy Communion meeting on Monday 13th March for the children and their parents,  if not please see your child’s teacher.

21/01/2017:  Hopefully you should have all received a letter about our next school trip to Rochester castle on the 8th March,  if not please ask for a copy.  This week the children will be writing poems about a castle and starting to complete their I Belong books ready for their First Holy Communion in May.  In numeracy this week we will be measuring and comparing various lengths, heights and weights.  We are also starting our new topic in Science which is forces and magnets.  On Thursday 2nd February is our next year three mass, hope to see you there!

08/01/2017:  Happy New Year!  It was great to see so many parents and children at mass today.  All the children read well and behaved well.  I would like to welcome Miss Kavanagh back to year 3.  Our topic this term is Castles.  We are starting by looking at Motte and Bailey castles.   In numeracy we will be learning about fractions, colouring a given fraction of a shape and ordering fractions.  We are also looking at play scripts and writing one this week.

18/12/2016:  I would like to remind everyone that the children are having their Christmas dinner tomorrow and they can wear their own Christmas clothes/jumper.

We have been learning to tell the time using analogue clocks with Roman numerals and writing letters to Santa!  This week the children will continue to learn to name shapes and describe their properties.  We will also be learning how Christmas is celebrated in Australia.

25/11/2016:  We all had a great time on our school trip on Monday despite the weather!  The children were very well behaved and particularly enjoyed meeting a cave man!  I would like to thank all the parents that helped us with the trip.

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Next week in class we will be writing news paper reports and continuing to learn to multiple and divide.  We will also be learning about muscles in Science and the mystery of the incarnation in Religion.

Parent meetings for class 3a and 3b have been very successful and continue with 3c on Wednesday.

12/11/2016:  We were very impressed with all the hard work that went into the Stone Age projects.

This week the children should all have been given literacy homework in their books and a maths game.  Can I please remind you that all homework including games should be returned on Monday.  Next week the children will be writing adventure stories in literacy.  In numeracy the children will be learning to times and divide.  Thursday 17th November will be year three mass at St. Mary’s church opposite our school, everyone is welcome to attend it would be great to see you there!

Monday October 17th Holy Communion Meeting 7pm

16/10/2016:  Its hard to believe we only have one more week before half term!  This week we will be learning to subtract using the column method and learning about a Synogugue as part of Judaism week.

10/09/2016:  We have had an exciting and busy start to the year.  The first week of swimming was a huge success with the children looking forward to going again next week!

Can I please remind all parents to provide their child with a named water bottle each day.

Homework will usually be given out on a Wednesday and should be returned on a Monday.  Please read with your child regularly.  When they have finished reading their book please sign and comment in their record book.

Last week we started reading our class novel Stig of the Dump and introduced our topic The Stone Age.

24/9/2016:  Next week will be our first year three Mass.  We would like to invite all parents to attend on Thursday 29th September at St Mary’s Church which is just opposite the school.  Mass usually starts at 9.15am.  I would also like to remind all parents of the Year 3 parents talk at six pm which is also on Thursday 29th September.  This is I great opportunity for you to meet the year three teachers, find out about the year three curriculum and ask any questions you may have.

01/10/2016:  First I would like to thank all the parents that attended the parents talk on Thursday,  I received very positive feed back.  The slides will be available on this page soon.  It was lovely to see so many parents at the year 3 mass this week.

Next week we will be closely observing the beans we planted in the hope they will grow soon!  We will also be reading and writing poems.  In maths we will be adding and subtracting single numbers to three digit numbers using our mental strategies.


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