Year 3

Year 3


Welcome to Year 3!


Year 3 Team:-

Class 3A– Mrs Davies (Year Leader), TA- Mrs Turner

Class 3B– Miss Foard , TA- Miss Kelly

Class 3C– Miss Gallagher and Miss Shields, TA- Miss Quinn

Topics for the year:

Term 1- Heroes and Villians
Term 2- Tribal Tales
Term 3- Gods and Mortals
Term 4- Predators
Term 5- Mighty Metals
Term 6- Tremors


PE – Please ensure your child has an appropriate PE kit including for outdoors (plain navy blue tracksuit).

Please see below for your child’s PE days:
All children are currently undertaking swimming lesson every Wednesday. Children will need their swimming kit please.

Important information

Click here to see this term’s curriculum overview

Click here to see the presentation from the Parent Information Evening

Dinner and swimming money should be paid online.

Check the school website for updates and information (links).

Parentmail: Please ensure the office have your current email address and mobile phone number for text messages.

Please label your child’s uniform including PE kit and coat.

Abacus Details

To login:

Username: Your child’s first name followed by the first letter of their surname.

Password: Year3

School code: t7jg

Year 3 Weekly Update



Last Thursday, the children took part in exciting, historical workshops on the Stone Age period at Kent Life. They were met by Claude, our tribesman, who was very comical but extremely knowledgeable. The children learnt about stone age weaponary and got a chance to be a cave artist. It was an enjoyable opportunity for history to come alive for them.
Next week, the children will be writing their Stone age adventure narrative. We are continuing with subtraction of HTO’s and multiplication and division. This term,the children will also be reading and writing about Mary, the Mother of Jesus.



Last week, we introduced  the children to our new topic “Tribal Tales.” They have been working hard during half term, finding information about  the “Stone Age.” The children enjoyed showing their class their models, posters, stone-age weapons,pictures and even power-points!
This Thursday , the children will be visiting Kent Life. They will take part in exciting workshops and join in the spirit of the day by dressing up in stone age costumes(optional.) Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to help support the children on our trip.
The children are reading “Stig of the Dump” by Clive King. They will be drafting an adventure narrative of their own. We are continuing with subtraction of HTO’s and multiplication and division. This term,the children will also be reading and writing about Mary, the Mother of Jesus.


Last week was our final week in Term 1. The children celebrated the end of their topic on “Heroes and Villains by holding an Express event on Tuesday. They have been working hard writing their dialogues, riddles, biographies  and shared these with parents. The children enjoyed singing and rapping to the songs they had been learning .
 Next term , the children will be exploring the Stone Age. We have an exciting visit to Kent Life on 15 November.The children will continue their swimming lessons next term. Enjoy half term with your family.




Our Maths focus last week was adding one digit, two digit and three digit numbers to hundreds, tens and ones
Year 3 have been designing and making glasses, in science, to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays.
They are also continuing to create their Dalmation sock puppets, to encourage the children to speak in dialogue.
This week, the children will be reading and writing riddles about Superheroes.


Our Maths focus last week was revising adding 1 more, 10 more and 100 more, ordering and comparing numbers (HT1s) and place value. This week, the children will be adding and subtracting one digit  numbers to three digit numbers.

Year 3 are exploring light and have been busy investigating how mirrors reflect light.

This week, the children will be writing their own dialogue and editing them for their final Hot Piece.

Polite Reminder: Please remind your child to remove their  jewellery before they go swimming.

This week, your child should  be coming into school wearing their winter uniform.


Our Maths focus last week was adding 1 more, 10 more and 100 more and finding out 1 less, 10 less and 100 less. The children will be counting in 4’s and 8’s and revising place value this week.

Year 3 are exploring light and have been busy investigating the best material to reflect light in our science sessions.

Our whole School mass was a success and the children read beautifully and it did not rain!

This week, the children will be exploring dialogue in Literature. Year 3 are now starting their “Accelerated Reader” quiz on the I Pads and scoring well.

Polite Reminder: Please remind your child to hand their homework in on Friday. Please sign your child’s Reading Record when they read with you.


Our topic focus last week was to introduce ” Villains and Heroes.” The children talked about who their heroes and villains were.  We read about the athlete Usain Bolt and  introduced the children to the character of the  villain Cruella De Vil. We are continuing to write a biography on Cruella  this week. The children are working hard to include adjectives , punctuation and join their writing.
Our Maths focus last week was Place Value. The children were writing numbers using hundreds, tens and units diennes and were comparing and ordering numbers.
Year 3 had an art day and created  sea creatures to add to our new library area within the year group. They look fabulous! Also, the children attended their first swimming lesson at Cygnets. The children behaved beautifully and the session  was a success.
This week, there is a talk for parents on Wednesday 19 September at 5pm. It will provide the Year 3 staff with an opportunity to meet you and also gives you a chance to become familiar with our Year 3 curriculum. 

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who supported our Children in Need fun raising this week! So far we have raised £1433.73!!!!

Congratulations to the Year 5/6 Handball team for winning their recent tournament!!