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Year 3


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Key information

First Holy Communion meeting – Wednesday 22nd 2:30pm November

Year 3 mass –Thursday 23rd November at 9.10am at St Mary’s church

Stone Age trip – Friday 24th November

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Year 3 Weekly Update

22/06/2018:  The children have been working extremely hard this week completing assessments and taking part in sports day which was a huge success.  Thank you to all those parents who came to watch and sent in a bottle for the fun day last Friday.  Those successful children competing in the talent show on the fun day next Saturday 30th June have now been told.  Hopefully many of you will be able to attend the fun day which starts at one pm.

The children have finished writing newspaper reports about a volcanic eruption and are now writing a narrative about a tsunami!  In science we have been learning how different types of rocks are formed and testing rocks to see if they are permeable.  During maths lessons we are measuring and comparing capacity.

Don’t forget the year 3 mass on Thursday 5th July when those children who made their First Holy Communion can wear their special clothes again and take communion.  All parents and carers are welcome to attend.  It should start at 9.15am.

13/05/2018:  Firstly I would like to congratulate all those children who have made their First Holy Communion on the past two Saturdays.  All the children behaved extremely well and sang beautifully making everyone feel very proud.  We look forward to class 3c making theirs next Saturday.  All photos will be made available to parents on a secure website.

In class we have been observing our caterpillars grow and change, hopefully we will soon have beautiful butterflies.  We have also been learning about push and pull forces in science as well as  using magnets.

In Maths the children have been learning how to measure and add the sides of a shape together to calculate the perimeter.  Soon the children will be learning to tell the time with both analogue and digital clocks to the nearest minute.  They also need to be able to tell the time using clocks with Roman numerals.  The children will be assessed in their learning of fractions.

In English the children are designing and writing about a new piece of play equipment they would like for the playground.  They will have to think carefully about which materials to use and safety issues.

Don’t forget next Friday the 17th May children can come to school dressed as a prince/princess or in red, white or blue clothes as part of our learning about the Royal Wedding.  This might be a good chance for some children to wear their communion outfits again!

13/04/2018:  Welcome to the summer term.  It was fantastic to see so many children at mass on Sunday with their families. All the children have been busy practicing the songs for the two up coming sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.  Please continue to discuss these two important sacraments with your child.  This Thursday 19th April is year three school mass which will be held over at the small church opposite our school, St. Mary’s.  Parents and Carers are welcome to attend, it usually starts about ten past nine.

In maths we have been learning about fractions, which fractions are equilivant and fractions of a number.  We are also learning to shade a given fraction of a shape and recognise how much of a shape is shaded.

In English we are writing our own version of St George and the dragon to get us fully prepared for the parade.  The children are trying hard to include speech in their work.

In Science we are learning about forces and this week we will be conducting an experiment about friction.  Looking at how different materials make a car travel slower as they create more friction than others.  The children will be predicting and making sure it is a fair test.

09/03/2018:  I would like to wish everyone’s lovely mum Happy Mothers Day.  I hope you all like your cards!   Hopefully by now everyone should have received a letter with your new day and time for your parents consultation if not or you can’t make your appointment please let your child’s teacher know.   This week the children will be completing some informal assessments to help us track your child progress.

In maths we will be learning how to measure carefully with a ruler, read, compare and order lengths in mm, cm and metres.

In literacy we will be continuing to read the novel Fantastic Mr Fox as well as reading and planning to write our own dilemma story.  Please continue to read with your child daily at home.

In science we have been learning how fossils are made and about the different types of skeletons livings things have.

23/02/2018:  On Wednesday the children enjoyed four birds of prey visiting from Eagle Heights.  The birds were amazing and the children learnt many interesting facts.  We were lucky enough to watch some of the birds fly and most children had their photo with a bird of their choice.  The children are now writing a recount about the event.  This experience fits into our topic of the term which is predator!  In science this week we have been learning about and making food chains.

In maths we are learning to draw and read bar graphs and pictograms.  Next Thursday is book day and year 3 mass.  The children can come to school dresses as their favourite book character.  A donation will be collected for a local charity.  Also don’t forget your parent consultations on Tuesday and Wednesday!

02/02/2018:  This week the children have written their diaries about a Greek solider being in the wooden Troy horse.  We have also been completing reading comprehensions.  In maths we are learning about money and various ways to make different amounts.  The children are adding to work out the price of several items in a shop.  Next week the children will be subtracting to work out change.  Please allow your child to handle and count some money.  Maybe they could help you when you go shopping!

We have started our I belong books in preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. On Wednesday the available times for parents consultations after half term will be placed on the play ground.  Please sign up to see your child’s teacher.

27/01/2018:  This week the children have worked really hard to write excellent Myths about a beast in Ancient Greece.  Next week we will be learning how to write a diary entry.  We will look at several diary extracts before writing our own about the day in the life of a Greek Soldier or Slave.

In maths we are continuing to learn and practice our 3, 4 and 8 times tables. We will we learning about money, coins and giving change.

Can I please remind all parents wishing their child to make their First Holy Communion this year that you should have sent in the £7.20 for their I Belong books that we are hoping to begin work on next week.

20/01/2018:  It was great to see so many parents at mass on Thursday.  All the children behaved well and read beautifully.  We have been busy using the grid method to multiply large numbers.  Children should practise their times tables to help with this.  We have been focusing on the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.  Next week we will be moving onto money,  recognising coins, adding amounts and working out our change.  You can support your child by looking at money, counting it and working out which coins you could use to pay for items when shopping.

In Literacy we are continuing to learn about Greek Gods.  The children have enjoyed sharing their homework with their peers.  This week the children are going to write their own myth with a beast in it!

12/12/2017:  We have all been really busy writing our fact files about the Stone Age following our trip.  Please remember all parents are welcome to come and read these and see other work about our topic this Friday 15th December from eight forty until nine fifteen.  This week we have also been writing to Santa!   During our maths lessons we have been learning all the multiplication and division facts for the three and four times tables.  We will be applying what we have leant to Christmas problems.

We have of course also been learning about Advent and the Birth of Jesus.  Thank you to all theses who attended our year three mass last Sunday 10th December.  The children read beautifully and behaved well.

17/11/2017:  This week the children have written an adventure story about the Stone Age, after our school trip next Friday the children will be writing a fact file about the Stone Age.  We have been solving word problems by adding and subtracting using the column method and next week the children will be solving missing number problems in relation to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We are hoping the beans we planted will grow soon!

Friday 24th November- year 3 trip to the museum of Kent life for a Stone Age day.
All children need to wear their school uniform and bring a pack lunch, no fizzy drinks please.  Children can wear boots or trainers as it may be muddy and cold.

10/11/2017:  How fantastic it was to receive all the Stone Age Homework this week.  We were very impressed by everyone’s hard work.  A few photos will follow onto the website next week.  The children have been busy planning their adventure stories about the Stone Age and we have been adding and subtracting using the column method.  We have also started our new science topic of plants. Some children have had difficulty accessing their online maths abacus homework.  The passwords have been checked today, they are now their first names and the first letter of their surname followed by Year3.  The Y must be upper case.  Hopefully you will now be able to log on for them to complete their games.

20/10/2017:  It’s hard to believe the first half term is over already!  I would like to thank everyone that attended parent consultations and our express event last Monday, it was a huge success.  Next term we will be starting a new topic called tribal tales which is a History based topic and will include learning about the stone, iron and bronze ages.  We will be continuing to go swimming each Wednesday and homework will be given out each Monday and needs to be returned by that Friday.

13/10/2017:  All parents should have now received their appointment times for the parent consultations next week.  If not please see your child’s teacher.  Next Monday the 16th October all parents are welcome to come to a small show case of this terms work on out topic, heroes and villains  at two thirty in the junior hall. Next week we will be writing riddles and continuing with the column method in maths for addition and subtraction.

06/10/2017:  Our first year 3 mass of the year was very successful, thank you to all those parents that attended.

This week we have been writing a dialogue between a hero and a vi​llian.  In maths we have been rounding to the nearest 10 and starting to learn column addition and subtraction which we will continue with next week.  The children enjoyed their first recorder lesson which was very noisy!  In science we have been continuing with our topic about light and investigating which materials would be good to make curtains.

If any parents are available to help on our school trip on Friday 24th November to the Museum of Kent life for our stone age day please let your child’s teacher know.

This year will be very exciting with the children going swimming and having the opportunity to make their first Holy Communion.

Next Wednesday 22nd September at 5pm will be the year 3 parents talk where lots of important information will be given out.  After the meeting the information will then be available on this page on the website.

Thank you Year 3 teachers

3a – Mrs Wilson

3b – Miss Button

3c  – Miss Foard



22/09/2017:  Thank you to all those parents who attended the year three parent talk, the feedback we received was very positive.  It was also lovely to see so many parents at the whole school mass.  Soon it will be the year three mass on  Thursday at the small church opposite our school called St Mary’s, parents are welcome to attend all masses.  This week we have been learning to add ten and one hundred to a given number.  We are also learning to write numbers in words.  Next week we will be moving onto addition and subtraction.  In science we are learning how to keep safe in the sun by wearing sun glasses and hats.  The children enjoyed writing a biography about Cruella de vil, our next writing topic is dialogue.  The children will be writing a conversation between a hero and a villain!



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