Year 2

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Welcome to Year 2

Welcome to Year 2! Our Year 2 team includes Mrs Hardy, Miss Huffey and Miss Foard. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Veiga, Mrs Purbrick and Mrs Hunt.

The Curriculum

As a year group we have chosen the following topic for this term: The dark, dark night. We are reading ‘The Owl who’s afraid of the dark’ weekly to link in with our writing.

Please click for this terms curriculum overview


Reminder of important weekly information:-

Homework: This will be given out to the children on a Wednesday and be expected back into school the following Monday. This gives the children plenty of time to speak to their teacher if they are having any difficulties.  Homework will normally be a small maths activity and topic/grammar based piece.

Maths: When the children have a maths game home, please ensure that both parents and children comment in the maths record book (meerkat on the front!)

When new games are uploaded on Abacus, please ensure you go to the Active Learn website. The username will be your child’s first name and the first initial of their surname. The password will be year1.

Reading: It is compulsory that children read every night. Parents/carers should comment in their children’s reading record.  All children will have their books changed one per week (depending on which day they read with the teacher), so it is imperative that records and books are in school on that day. When the children want to change their  class library book, they can do so any day, as long as they let an adult know. As part of our reading challenge, children will move a step ahead on our reading reward chart for every reading book completed (records must be signed by an adult to reflect this).


For PE, please ensure that children have a yellow t-shirt and navy shorts as well as a pair of plimsolls that fit.  All items MUST be clearly named.



17. 10.16

This week, we will be looking at Van Gogh’s artwork, which ties in with our topic for the term. We will have lots of fun being creative and mimicking his fantastic piece ‘Starry, starry night’. In English, we will be exploring the features of diary writing and writing our own diary entries. Our focus will confine to be different sentence types in our writing, especially exclamation sentences. Joining our handwriting accurately and legibly will also remain a focus for us. In maths, we will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. Drawing and identifying lines of symmetry in these shapes will be a challenge for us!




After a lovely half term break, we are back at school and very busy! We are continuing to work on 2D and 3D shape properties, while looking at the symmetry of different shapes and patterns. Our challenge will be finding 2D shape faces within 3D shapes. In English, we are continuing to try and perfect our joins in handwriting, making them legible and accurate. We are working on our final drafts of our diary entries and making them our ‘best’ finished product. Our science theme this week is ‘The Human body’ where we will touch on different body parts and their names and functions. As Christmas gets closer, preparations are beginning for our Christmas Nativity on the 15th December. Your child will soon receive a script/ lyrics to practise at home.

Dates for your diary:

Parents’ consultation

2A  23rd November

2B  21st November

2C  28th November

We had lots of fun on our school trip to Wildwood Park on Tuesday, where we saw lots of animals, including nocturnal animals, which we’ve been learning about in class. Despite battling the cold weather, we still had fun in the outdoor play area. The  animal workshop was very interesting and we learnt lots about features of nocturnal animals.

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As Christmas is fast approaching, we are very excited! Our Christmas topic  for writing is ‘The Polar Express’, as it is a wonderful, inspiring Christmas tale about  little boy who gets to meet Santa in the North Pole. We have read the book as our class story, used it in reading sessions for comprehension work and  we are  also using it as a tool for writing adventure stories and postcards in class. Last week, we had a ‘Polar Express Day’, where we watched the movie together in our pyjamas and had treats, just like the children on the train did! Our golden tickets were just like the real ones!

This week, in maths, we are enjoying collecting data, showing it in different ways and analysing it. We have created tally charts, bar charts and pictograms to show our findings and are becoming better at asking and answering questions about our information.

In science, we are learning about the parts and functions of the human body and looking at the life cycles of different animals, such as frogs. This month, we are remembering the real reason we celebrate Christmas and revisiting the story of Jesus being born.


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What a fortnight this has been! The year 2 children have worked unbelieveably hard leading up to, and during, their nativity performance of  ‘Babushka’. Parents, peers and staff thoroughly enjoyed this lively, meaningful play performed enthusiastically by our children. We’ve been working hard,  finishing off our Polar Express postcards and learning about the life cycles of animals. Our week of fractions has been purposeful, teaching us how to write, identify, find and compare fractions of shape and number. Now, we are busy making  cards and calendars to give to our families this Christmas!


Here are some lovely photos from our Year 2 Christmas Nativity performance!




This week, we are learning to tell the time. We are recapping on half past and o’clock and also moving on to reading quarter to and quarter past. For homework, we made our own creative clocks to use at home. We can’t wait to use them!

In English, we are learning how to write instructions. As our topic this term is chocolate, we are making chocolate truffles and then writing instructions on how to make them, for others to use. We will be looking at what happens when we melt and cool the chocolate and how it changes form from solid to liquid and back to solid again.

As usual, we will be practising reading comprehensions in class to prepare us for our special work in May. As we are reading ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ as our class story, we will be using this in our class reading sessions.



This week we are been very busy in Year 2. We have been really challenging ourselves in place value- partitioning numbers in different ways, solving multi-step problems, rounding and estimating answers to the nearest ten and hundred! We received a very exciting letter from Puffin Book company asking us to design a new chocolate room for Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, so we have been exploring how best to write a descriptive text to achieve this. In Topic, we have been researching Roald Dahl using the iPads and using our notes to write a fact file.



This week, we are recapping on measures in maths. We will be choosing the most suitable units of measurement to measure weight, length, height and volume. We will be using different equipment to practise measuring and reading scales of different kinds will be a challenge for us. We will begin to draft our descriptive pieces about our chocolate rooms, editing and responding to feedback as  we go along to improve our work! This week, we will become historians when we investigate how things were different in the past by writing questionnaires for our parents / grandparents/ adults to fill out. Sharing the information we found out will be fun!


It’s been a busy week for Year 2 so far! We have been getting ready and practising for our upcoming ‘Special Work’ in May. Although it’s very challenging, we’re being resilient, determined and using our growth mindsets!

In maths, we are practising using the inverse operations and learning about The Commutative Law. These are very important end of year targets for us to achieve.

In case you didn’t know, the real Willy Wonka has gone missing and has been spotted in several places around the school, so we’re busy preparing ‘Missing’ posters try and locate him!

Following our letter from The Puffin Book company, we designed another room for Wonka’s factory and they were so impressed with us they sent us special Wonka pencils! We are very proud of ourselves.

We are looking forward to painting this week, mixing our own colours to create Aztec patterns on masks.


Welcome back everyone!

This week in Year 2, we will be revising the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes. Practising how to answer assessment style questions about shapes will prepare us for our ‘Special Work’.

 If you are interested in doing some of this at home, there are plenty of practice materials available for maths and reading on

We cannot stress enough the importance of your support at home for the upcoming assessments, as they really are of challenging standard and require our support, both at home and school. Our children have really been working hard this year and we must keep this up to ensure they achieve their full potential.

In Topic, children will be learning about chocolate production (from cocoa tree to store) and then writing a non fiction text to show off their knowledge. This will be an interesting and beneficial experience for them.

Please have a look at our class photos below taken on the last day of term when we designed Aztec masks- what a great way to celebrate the beginning of the holidays!


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27.02.17:   We are very excited about book week in Year 2! We cannot wait to read with our parents on pj day, watch performances and meet a famous author! This week, we will be reading a short story, performing it with actions and ‘buddying up’ with 5A to perform it.
We will be making amounts and finding change when exploring money throughout the week and preparing  final drafts of our fact files about chocolate production! 

IMG_0271 IMG_0272

This is Ayodeji and Daniel who were rewarded Star Writers this week and they are feeling super proud of themselves! Well done boys.

06.03.17:  This week, we will be writing our own versions of the Stinky cheese man story, which we acted out for Year 5 last week. During maths, we will be solving multiplication and division problems, as well as revising our doubles and halves facts. We will be creating our own 2D Aztec art by stamping, rolling and pressing using different colours.

Please note parents evenings are on the 21st and 22nd of March. Letters have been sent home regarding time slots.


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13.03.2017:  Science week has finally arrived! Year 2’s topic is ‘Mini beasts’ and we’ve planned a mini beast hunt with a focus on learning about the life cycle of ladybirds. We cannot wait to present our work to Year 5 again and teach them about ladybirds too!

It’s time to recap on measuring this week, with a focus on being able to pick the correct units of measurement for different objects. We will be practising reading different scales in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.

We are having lots of fun creating our own characters to write a story about. By the end of this week, we will be finished our final drafts, having made several improvements along the way.


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18/04/2017:  Welcome back, we hope you enjoyed the Easter break. All the children have returned, fully refreshed and ready to learn! We are challenging ourselves this week to look at more complex fractions and are beginning our new theme of Alice in Wonderland. Mrs Kaur is going to visit our classes this week to teach us about The Golden Temple and we are very much looking forward to it!

2A’s parents’ evening will be rearranged (for those that were cancelled) as soon as possible and dates will be confirmed. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

24/04/2017:  This week, we are busy bees as per usual, getting ready for our special work, finishing our parent consultations and celebrating St George’s day! In English, we are writing descriptive pieces about Wonderland, with a focus on using apostrophes for possession as an end of year target. Our maths topic is number, with  focus on mental strategies for addition and subtraction. Our homework is based on SATs style questions to help us prepare ourselves for the next few weeks. Mr Smyth is preparing us well for the month of May already, by practising hymns about Mary (as May is the month of Mary!). Let’s not forget about designing our own Wonderland this week for geography, by plotting geographical features on maps and creating pastel artwork for display!

12/06/2017:  The year 2 children have been showing off their ‘Alice in Wonderland’ half term homework projects, which we have now proudly displayed in our classrooms. This week, we have been debating whether fidget spinners in school are really a good idea and the children came up with some very convincing arguments for and against having them in the playground. They plan to write to Mr Shields about this next week. We all thoroughly enjoyed the Dogs Trust assembly on Friday and picked up some interesting dog handling tips.

19/06/2017:  This week is puzzle week. We are looking forward to our maths workshop on Tuesday and we will also be writing some puzzling riddles in literacy. Mr Gambell has set a reading competition challenge, in which children have to design a poster about their favourite book character: the winning year 2 entry will receive a book of their choice from the book fair. We have also started practicing for sports day, so please make sure all children have their PE kits in school.

23/06/2017:  We hope you all enjoyed cheering your children on during sports day this week- we thoroughly enjoyed it (despite the heat!)

This week, we have been revising the life cycle of plants and the children have brought some broad beans home to grow ( we also planted and kept some in school to observe as a class!) Please keep the paper towel moist and place the cup in sunlight: we are hoping the beans grow and that the children can share their reports of their growth in class.


Additional Help

Please use the following ICT/online games to help your child with phonics and maths:

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