Year 1

Year One



Our Year 1 team includes Mrs Davies (Class 1a), Mrs Lambourne (Class 1b) and Miss Abbey (Class 1c), supported by Miss Quinn, Mrs Hobbs, Mrs Nanra and Mrs Chantler and Miss Everett (teaching assistants).

This page will keep you updated with information and important dates.

The topic this term is  A Toy’s Story.

Being as cross-curricular as possible we are set to have loads of fun with lots of learning opportunities.


We send out homework on a Wednesday to be completed by the following Monday. There will be a Maths and English/Topic activity to be completed in the homework books. There will be a list of spellings to be learnt for a spelling test on the following Monday.

Phonics: Please practise recognising the phonemes (sounds) on the phase2, 3, 4 and 5 sound mats that have been sent out. There is also a list of these phonemes in every child’s reading records.

Reading: It is compulsory that children read every night. Parents/carers should comment in their children’s reading record.  All children will have their books changed once a week. There will be a reading focus questions given out with the homework. This is a question to ask your child before/during/after reading a book. This will help to develop their understanding of the stories they read.

How to access Abacus Maths games

Make sure you get permission from your grown ups when you go online!

Go on to:
Enter following details: (all lowercase letters and no spaces) 
Username: (child’s first name followed by first initial of last name e.g  Joe Bloggs’ username would be: joeb) 
Password: year1
School code: t7jg

Important weekly information:-

Monday– Homework returned; spelling tests: class 1C library

Tuesday– Library (class 1A,); PE with Mr Fryer (Class 1B)

Wednesday– Homework given out; Indoor P.E. (Class 1A/1C)

Thursday- Indoor P.E. (class 1B); PE with Mr Fryer (Class 1C)

Friday–      PE with Mr Fryer (Class 1A)

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—Links to websites/ apps to support learning:

Mr Thorne does phonics – YouTube videos and apps.

Year 1 Weekly Updates

08/07/2017:  Last week, Year 1 were busy composing rhyming poems about the seaside. They designed their own safety posters about keeping safe at the sea side.

This week, the children are going to visit the seaside on Wednesday 12 July. They are currently doing a topic on the seaside and looking at physical landmarks there. The children are so excited! Please look at the letters sent out about the trip in your child’s bag. The children need to wear school PE kit and suitable footwear. No open- toed sandals.  Please provide a lunch for your child. The children are currently learning about healthy eating, so please remember that water and fruit juices are a good option. No chocolate please. Ensure that your child bring  a towel to dry their feet.

30/06/2017:  Last week, Year 1 were busy identifying rhyming poetry and learning the poem “Sand” by John Foster.

This week the children will continue to use the I-Pad to record themselves talking about making a healthy salad and living a healthy lifestyle. They will be designing a poster warning others about the dangers at the sea-side.

23/06/2017:  Last week, Year 1 took part in Sports Week.  Sports Day was a success with everyone taking part. Well done all those children, parents and teachers that participated. The children enjoyed their self- defence session on Friday and learnt some cool moves. The “Invasion of the Summer Puddings” proved to be a very educational play. The children responded positively and laughed a lot!!This week the children will be using the I-Pad to record themselves talking about making a healthy salad and living a healthy lifestyle. The will be reading the thoroughly enjoyable “Commotion in the Ocean” (Giles Andreae), as part of their topic on the seaside.

19/06/2017:  Last week, Year 1 took part in Phonic Screening. The children worked hard to complete the test. Well done everyone. The results will be published and sent out with  the report.

The children will be taking part in Sports week this week.
Your child needs to come into school dressed in their coloured team T-shirt and PE kit on Tuesday morning, with their uniform in their bag to change into afterwards.
Sports week Timetable
Tuesday 20/6 –   Sports Day       9am- 10.15 (weather permitting)
Thursday 22/6 – Healthy eating theatre-“Invasion of the Summer Puddings”.Friday 23/6– Year 1 Karate/self-defence,  plus Sporting Clothes day
Please ensure that your child has the full PE kit and plimsoles that are comfortable and fit.

12/06/2017:  This week, Year 1 is taking part in Phonic Screening. It is important that the children attend school this week and complete the Phonic Screening, as it is statutory.  

The children will be taking part in Puzzle Week and will take part in maths workshops on Tuesday. Parents are invited to attend a Workshop after school on Tuesday 13th June.

I hope you enjoyed your break and had a good rest.

Mrs Davies

Mrs Adams

Miss Abbey

22/05/2017:  This week, Year 1 is joining in with the rest of the school to celebrate French Week.

The children will be finding information about France and researching famous landmarks, in Paris, on the computer.  They will be learning about French colours, numbers and phrases eg “Bonjour” and “Au revoir.”

The children will be eating French food and taking part in French workshops on Wednesday.

On Friday, the children can dress up in blue, red and white -colours of the French flag.

The Year 1 teachers would like to thank you for supporting your child this term. Have a restful holiday.

Mrs Davies

Mrs Adams

Miss Abbey

08/05/2017:  Year 1 have planted  broad beans and are continuing to keeping a diary, recording the growth of their bean in the classroom, as part of their topic -“Down at the bottom of the garden”.

The children have been exploring riddles. They will find information about mini-beasts and write their own riddle. 

The children will be doing a lot of outdoor learning this week, discovering mini-beasts and sorting deciduous and evergreen leaves.

Please remember the children in Year 6 who are doing their SATS this week.

24/04/2017:  Year 1 have planted  broad beans and are keeping a diary, recording the growth of their bean in the classroom, as part of their topic -“Down at the bottom of the garden”. They are also planting their own seeds/ plants at home and watching their own plant germinating.

The children have been writing an Acrostic  poem about Spring. They have worked hard to include all they know about spring. They have made a spring wheel/collage with leaves, twigs etc which they have collected on their “spring walk.” Next week the children will be learning about mini-beasts and writing riddles about them. 

On Tuesday, throughout the term, the children will be taught gymnastics by a trained coach.  They have thoroughly enjoyed these gymnastics sessions so far.

Infant Mass will not be on Thursday 4 May, as timetabled.

24/03/2017:  There was great excitement and hands on learning, when Year 1 had a visit from the Road Safety Magician last Tuesday. The children learnt all about road safety through magic and song. 

This week, the children will be learning about the events of Holy Week and the importance of Easter. They will be busy, during the week, making Easter cards and crafts.

Have a restful and enjoyable Easter break.

17/03/2017:  There was great excitement and hands on learning, when Year 1 had a visit from Zoo Lab last week. They had great fun handling, or observing, a millipede, giant African land snail, Chilean cockroach, a corn snake and a tarantula (safe in its tank!!).

This week, we will be getting ready for parents meetings and making Mother’s Day’s cards and gifts.

There will be a Road Safety Magic showing coming into the school on Tuesday, which the children will enjoy.

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10/03/2017:  During Science Week, the children will find out information on mini-beasts, learn songs and stories about mini-beasts and make their own mini- beasts. They will share their learning with Year 4.

Monday 13/3/17— Children will be listening and learning about St. Patrick’s Day in our special Assembly, which involves learning about the story of St. Patrick, watching traditional Irish dancing and listening to Irish music.

Tuesday 14/3/17 – Year 1 will participate in mini-beast workshop, where they will have hands-on experience along with learning information about the mini-beasts, very informative and exciting.

06/12/2016 Only one week to go until our Christmas Carols Concert and we have all been working really hard to learn the words, and actions, to all of the songs. Please keep practising at home too. For the concert, please can you bring in a Christmassy hat or head band for the children to wear whilst performing.  In class we have also been very busy starting to write our very our Christmas adventure stories based on the classic story The Snowman and in Maths we have been learning all about fractions and capacity! With lots to do as the countdown to Christmas is well on its way, we hope you still continue to do lots of reading at home and remember to get your contact books signed.

20/11/2016 Another week closer to Christmas! In maths this week we will be practising our addition and subtraction skills. We will practice adding a one digit to a two digit number and subtracting a one digit number from a two digit number. Please continue to read with your child on a daily basis and continue asking them questions about what they have read.


14/11/2016 This week we are learning how to read and write numbers to 100 and continue /o practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We are also continuing to learn how to write a fact file about Guy Fawkes. Please remember that Wednesday is ‘Spotty Wednesday’ in aid of Children in Need. Children may come dressed in something spotty.

10/10/2016 In maths this week we are learning our number bonds for ten and 20 e.g. 2+8 = 10, 12 + 8= 20. English we are learning to write instructions. Next week we will write our own instructions of how to make a healthy sandwich.


22/09/2016 – This week we are learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. We are also learning about our five senses and next week we will be writing a poem about them using lots of lovely adjectives.

15/09/2016 – This week we are learning about numbers to 100. We have also been learning about adjectives and how to use them to improve our writing.