Year 1

Year One


Welcome to Year 1

Year 1 Team:-

Class 1A– Mrs. Adams (year leader), TA- Miss. Kelly

Class 1B– Miss. Rees and Mrs. Murtagh, TA- Mrs. Taylor

Class 1C– Miss. Howard and Miss. Gallagher, TA- Mrs. Nanra

Class 1D– Miss. Milne, TA- Ms. Hobbs


Class 1C will have Mrs. Lambourne from October.


Topics for the year:


Term 1- Memory Box
Term 2- Rio De Vida
Term 3- Moon Zoom!
Term 4- Splendid Skies
Term 5- Dinosaur Planet
Term 6- Enchanted Woodlands 


PE Days:

1A is Thursday, 1B is Tuesday, 1C is Friday, 1D is Monday.

Please ensure that your child have their PE kits before their PE day. Thank you.


Library Days:

1A is Monday, 1B is Wednesday, 1C and 1D are on Thursday. Please ensure that your child’s library book is returned so they can change it for a new one on a weekly basis. Thank you.



Your child will be given an A3 wallet that they can keep their reading books, spelling books and homework in. Homework will be given out on a Monday and needs to be completed and returned by Friday. Homework will consist on reading, spellings and maths (alternating between games and work to be completed).

Spellings Day is on Friday for all 4 classes.


The expectation for reading is that your child will receive two reading books and a library book. These books will be changed weekly. It is recommended that you read with your child daily and sign in their reading record book when you do. It would benefit us if you could leave a comment on how your child has read, for example- he read well and fluently with very few mistakes or read slowly and sounded out lots of words but understood the story well.

In addition, your child will also be reading at school with either the teacher or/and the TA. 

Phonics Screening:

At the end of the year, the children will need to complete a Phonics Screening. This will consist of your child being able to read 40 words, real and made up words. During the year, we will be sending extra words home and suggested games to practice some of these words at home.

Websites to use to practice phonics: Letters and Sounds website and Phonics Play website. 

On behalf of the year 1 team, we are looking forward to working closely with you in the coming year to help and support your child’s learning journey.

Any questions or queries, please ask your child’s teacher or Mrs. Adams. 

Thank you

Year 1 Team




How to access Abacus Maths games

Make sure you get permission from your grown ups when you go online!

Go on to:
Enter following details: (all lowercase letters and no spaces) 
Username: (child’s first name followed by first initial of last name e.g  Joe Bloggs’ username would be: joeb) 
Password: year1
School code: t7jg


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Year Gallery


—Links to websites/ apps to support learning:

Mr Thorne does phonics – YouTube videos and apps.

Year 1 Weekly Updates


17/11/2017:  The children have loved the beginning of our topic Rio De Vida. They have learnt songs with Mr. Smythe and we have looked at poetry based on Carnival. The children have completed a non-rhyming poem based on Carnival. They have really enjoyed acting their poems out; an exciting week.

10/11/2017:  The children have come back to school ready to learn and what an exciting term it is going to be!!
We have started our topic Rio De Vida this week. Their home projects have been FANTASTIC!! Thank you for all your hard work. Their work will be proudly displayed.
We have continued with calculations in maths. We have moved onto to Subtraction and used the part whole model to help us solve problems.
The children have worked really hard and have enjoyed their new topic. We have had a brilliant start to the term.

13/10/2017:  This week the children have made their own Memory Book. they have used the memories from school as well as from home to complete it. They have really enjoyed doing this activity.

Maths- We have started the addition and subtraction unit. The children will concentrate on addition until the end of term and do subtraction at the beginning of next term.

06/10/2017:  The children have worked very hard in their descriptive writing. They described the Memory Boxes they have brought in this term. They have done extremely well and some classes have displayed their work.

29/09/2017:  This week we have been looking in detail at all the Memory Boxes. The children have taken their items and have started to produce some amazing writing. They have been practising to use adjectives and conjunctives in their sentences. Once finished, this work will be going up on display for everyone to see and enjoy.

18/09/2017:  As part of the Memory Box topic, we looked at growing. We invited Mrs. Lambourne and Miss. Howard to share their experiences. Mrs. Lambourne brought in her twins who were 6 months old. The children asked very good questions that expanded their knowledge on babies. The children behaved so well with our visitors that the twins fell asleep!

Miss. Howard’s visit was just as interesting. The children were able to compare the babies with the 2 year old toddler. They could see the differences and were very keen to ask more questions on what she could do.

Very successful and interesting week!!