School Council

We are St John’s Primary School Councillors.  We hope to make this school a better place to learn and have fun.  Our work is to make our school even better, the best school it can be.  We wanted to become School Councillors to have the opportunity to improve the safety and fairness in the school playgrounds, and to make sure there is no bullying.  We want everyone to have a friend to play with and hope to put a smile on everyone’s faces.  Our promise is to be there to listen to people’s ideas and to help them sort problems out wherever we can.

Our current School Councillors are –

Year 2:  Airon Artemjev 2A, Julian Mulgeci 2B, Mia Colfer 2C


Year 3:   Amelia smith 3a, Connor Coyle 3c, Mia McManus 3c, Erikas Kuzminskas

Year 4: Demi Adesanya 4A, 4B, Khaleel Kehinde 4C and Thomas Mcmanus 4C

Year 5: Busayo 5A, Christopher Threlfell 5B, Isabel Marks 5C


Year 6: James 6B, Liam Barden 6C,