Welcome to Reception

Welcome to the Foundation Stage, the first steps of your child’s learning journey at St Johns Catholic Primary School.

Every child deserves the best possible start in their education and through parental and teacher support they can fulfill their potential. The Reception year will lay the foundations to enable your child to become an independent and self-motivated learner throughout their whole school career.

The teacher in Reception team are Miss Cable, Miss Huffy, Miss Howard and Mrs McGrail.  The teaching assistants are Mrs Springhall, Mrs Berry, Mrs Lyons and Mrs Shaw. The phase leader is Mrs Lambourne.

In the Foundation Stage there are seven areas of learning:

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

These areas of learning are taught through different topics during the school year.

There are lots of great child friendly websites that can help you too, for example;

Useful websites –

Voluntary fund: We kindly ask parents to donate £1 a week to our voluntary art and craft fund. This allows us to buy extra resources to enrich the curriculum.

Show and tell: On a Friday a few children from each class will be asked to bring something in from home which they can then talk about during a show and tell session, this helps to develop their confidence and speaking and listening skills.

Junk Modelling: We have an art studio in class R3 at the moment. Please could you donate the following for the children to make models:

  •  Buttons, cotton reels, thread, yarn and fabric scraps.
  • Plastic bottles, cartons and cardboard tubes.
  • Boxes/ cereal packets (no nuts), jar lids, tissue paper, sweet wrappers, foil and bubble wrap.



Weekly Update


The children have had a great week and have all been working hard. In maths we have been learning to subtract using resources and pictorial representation. The children have enjoyed doing this and have been able to read number sentences and work out the answer.

In literacy we have been reading Handa’s surprise. The children enjoyed the story and enjoyed using their senses when looking at some of the fruits, they even tried some of the fruits that are featured, the pineapple and mango were very popular, the avocado, however, was not! The looking, smelling, touching and tasting of the fruits led to lots  of brilliant discussion and the children been doing lots of writing and using great adjectives!

We were very lucky as we had a beautiful basket of fruit sent to us by Broadditch farm so many children were able to complete beautiful observational drawings of different fruits and lots of these have been put in frames in our snack cafe for the whole year group to enjoy looking at.
In phonics we recapped the sounds g, o, c and k, the children wrote lots of words containing these graphemes such as get, log, cat, pink.

Another busy but excellent week!


I cannot believe we are nearly at the end of term 2, the weeks seem to be whizzing by! The children have had a very busy week getting into the festive spirit. We have been rehearsing for our nativity play, writing Christmas cards and even had some special video messages from Father Christmas!

We have still managed to squeeze in some phonics, where we have been recapping the sounds s, a, t and p. We have been writing words that include these sounds and some children have even been doing this independently.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend, not long until Christmas Day!


We have had a very busy week. In maths the children have enjoyed learning about one less, using resources to help them.
We have been learning all about advent and the children have enjoyed creating their own advent wreaths and making a class wreath for our displays.
In phonics we have been learning the sounds ff, ll, ss and also the tricky words I, the, go and no.
We have been rehearsing for our nativity and we are very excited for you all to come and watch us!
Thank you to all the parents who attended infant mass and well done to the children who did the offertory, we were very proud of you!


The children have enjoyed learning all about one more in maths, we have used lots of resources to help us and next week we will learn about one less.
In phonics we have learnt the phonemes r, h, b, f and l. We have read words such as rat, hat, bat, fun and leg. The children are becoming more confident to segment and blend words and even simple captions.
The children all really enjoyed taking part in the danceathon, and we were very impressed with their moves!
Next week we will be learning about advent and the way different countries prepare for Christmas.


The children have all been working so hard this week. In phonics we have continued the next set of letters in phase 2, these were ck, e, u and r. For ck the children learnt that this is a digraph, when 2 letters make 1 sound. We read words that contained wthis digraph such as sack, sock and pack, although quite tricky the children picked it up very quickly and were even able to have a go at writing words containing this digraph.
We have been working on our numbers this week, where we have been counting, ordering and recognising, next week we will introduce one more and one less.
The children are still showing great interest in nocturnal animals and have been enjoying learning different facts.
In RE the children have really enjoyed learning about the creation story and drawing pictures of things that God made.
We have also been getting into the Christmas spirit and have started learning Christmas songs for our performance, some children also have lines in their bags to learn, I was very impressed that some children already know them! Well done!




The children have been doing lots of great learning this week. We have been reading “owl babies” and researching facts about owls.
In maths we have been focusing on continuing and creating our own repeating patterns, using shapes, colours, and natural resource such as leaves.
In phonics we have learnt the phonemes g, o, c and k. We have been segmenting and blending the sounds so we can read words, such as cap, kit, on and got. We have also been reading captions! The children have been using their phonics lots in their reading and independent writing.
Next week we are going to be learning more about nocturnal animals and recapping our numbers 0-10, where we will be recognising, writing and ordering numbers.


The children have had another excellent week and are settling into school life so well. We have been focusing on getting used to the continuous provision within our own classrooms and our shared provision class, the children are now confident enough to free flow between their own classroom, the classroom next door and outside.

All classes have been enjoying PE lessons, and we were very impressed that so many children could get changed into their PE kits by themselves and pleased that most PE kits were labelled with names.

Next week we are looking forward to continuing phase 1 of phonics, where we are using our listening skills carefully to hear different sounds and use vocabulary to describe them. We will also be introducing non word books for the children to take home, this will help children to develop their language and comprehension skills.

A big thank you to all parents who have donated to the art and craft fund so far, it is a huge help to enable us to buy extra resources.