Welcome to Reception

Welcome to the Foundation Stage, the first steps of your child’s learning journey at St Johns Catholic Primary School.

Every child deserves the best possible start in their education and through parental and teacher support they can fulfill their potential. The Reception year will lay the foundations to enable your child to become an independent and self-motivated learner throughout their whole school career.

The teacher in Reception team are Miss Cable (class R1), Mrs Murtagh, Miss Rees (Class R2), Mrs Jenkinson, Ms Howard (Class R3) and  Miss Prentice (class R4). The teaching assistants are Miss Neat (class R2), Mrs Berry (class R3), Mrs Lyons (class R4) and Mrs Shaw (Class R1). The phase leader is Mrs Lambourne.

In the Foundation Stage there are seven areas of learning:

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

These areas of learning are taught through different topics during the school year. This term our topic is “What a Wonderful World”

If yourself or a member of your family would like to come into school to share an element of our culture, eg, music, dance, clothes, language then please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Weekly Update:

07/07/2017:  Last week was another busy week, the children are working really hard and complete activities independently. We have had some super writing about characters from “The Swan Princess” where the children have used adjectives in their work. We were also continuing to practise addition using number lines and manipulatives.

This week is very exciting; on Monday we will be going to watch the Year 6 dress rehearsal of “The Sound of Music.”

On Tuesday all children will be meeting their year one teachers! Parents are also invited to come in on this day in the afternoon to look at their children’s work.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will be visiting Leeds Castle, please remember that children are required to wear their school uniform on this day, we also ask that the children are wearing sun cream, have a sun hat and a waterproof jacket. (With English weather you just never know!) Children will also need to bring a packed lunch and water bottles with them in a backpack.

30/06/2017:  Last week was a super week, well done to class R1 for a fantastic assembly! Everyone is working really hard and showing the teachers that they are ready for year one, we had lots of great independent writing this week! Well done!

Next week we are continuing our fairy tale theme by looking at the story of ‘The Swan Princess’ this is the story that we will be acting out at Leeds Castle. We will be doing some descriptive writing using adjectives.

In maths we will continue working on addition and subtraction, using number lines and hundred squares to help us.

26/06/2017:  Last week was a very exciting as it was sports week. On Tuesday we took part in our sports day. Thank you to all the mummies and daddies who came, I’m sure you will agree that the children did brilliantly and were very well behaved. Well done also to all the mums and dad who ran in the race, we were very pleased that first place came to two reception parents! Well done!

This week we will be continuing our fairy tale theme by looking as Castles. This is in preparation for our Leeds Castle trip where the children will be able to walk around the castle. We will be looking at the features of castles and using construction to build our own.

On Monday class R1 have their first ever class assembly, instead of class r1 having homework, the children have been learning their words for assembly, we wish them lots of luck!

09/06/2017:   We have all come back raring to go in our final term of reception! We have loved sharing our homework with each other, and the teachers were so impressed with the quality of the work.

Last week we learnt the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’, I’m sure lots of the children have taught you the actions at home.  We also wrote the story in our writing this week, where lots of children showed us how well they had remembered the story.

This week is puzzle week; we have lots of exciting activities planned where we will be using our skills of problem solving. We will also be preparing for sports day, which is on the 20th June, and displaying our wonderful ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ homework to the rest of the school!

12/05/2017:  This week we have enjoyed learning how to halve different shapes; this was also a good opportunity to revise our shape knowledge.

We have continued to look at different fruit and vegetables, writing sentences uses adjectives, the children were challenged to extend their sentence using the word ‘but’, eg a kiwi is brown on the outside but green on the inside.

Next week we will be looking at where different fruit and vegetables come from and where in the world this is, this will also allow us to look at distance, using vocabulary such as near and far.

Leading on from halving, in maths we will be learning how to double a given number.

08/05/2017:  Last week we enjoyed thinking about the people who help us to stay healthy, such as our mum’s and dad’s cooking us healthy dinners. The children wrote sentences about this for literacy, where they are being encouraged to write independently, using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and pre cursive handwriting. In maths we looked at money, learning the names of the different coins and which coins are worth the most and least, the children enjoyed playing shopkeepers to consolidate their learning in this area.

This week we are continuing to look at different fruits and vegetables, and how they grow. We will be cutting fruit open to look inside to see how they look inside and whether they have seeds. This will also feed into our maths, as we will be looking at halving, halving objects and also quantities.

24/04/2017:  This week we are continuing our healthy living topic by trying different fruit and vegetables. We will be discussing different adjectives to describe them and then using this in our writing. The children are being encouraged to write independently, using their phonics knowledge to help them. In maths we will be learning to read and make o’clock times, moving onto half past.

IMG_9349   IMG_9350   IMG_9343  IMG_9351

17/04/2017:  I hope everyone has had a peaceful and relaxing Easter break, and that they children are all ready for a new term.

The topic that we will be focusing on is “Healthy Living” where the children will be learning about how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

We will be introducing the topic by finding out what we already know about healthy foods. In writing the children will be writing shopping lists, where we will really be encouraging independent writing and for children to use their phonics to help them.

In math we are introducing time by using everyday language related to time, and thinking about different events that happen at different times of the day, week and year.

27/03/2017:  We have had a great week continuing to work on our independent writing, where we are really becoming more confident to use our phonics knowledge to help us. We are all trying to remember our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops when writing sentences.

We have enjoyed learning about positional language this week, which will also be part of homework.

Next week is our final week of term, and is a very busy and exciting one! We cannot wait for the parents to come on Thursday, each class is working on their performance, and we are looking forward to trying all the delicious food, seeing the different clothes and celebrating our wonderful and diverse world.

Don’t forget that on this day the children do not need to wear school uniform, but we ask children to come into school wearing either traditional dress or colour of their countries flag.

Friday is our last day of term, which is also another non-school uniform day, in aid of crisis charity and AXCIS education group.  We finish at 2 o’clock on this day.

17/03/2017:  What an exciting week we had last week, we met and held many different creatures, including a snake, millipede, giant African land snail and tarantula! We were very brave!

This week we will be writing fact files for different countries, learning about the languages spoken, food eaten and clothes worn.

In maths we are looking at positional language, which is always great fun!

10/03/2017:  We have another exciting week ahead. It is science week and we will be having a visit from “wriggly road show.” We will be learning and looking at lots of different mini beasts, going on mini beast hunts and looking at their habitats.

We are continuing with our cultural topic, where we will be looking at flags from different countries and creating our own, we will also be writing about different countries and how it differs from where we live.

In maths we are consolidating our number recognition and ordering our numbers to 20. We are continuing to add and subtract single digit numbers using manipulatives to help us do our working out.

Thursday is infant mass; all parents are welcome to attend.

06/03/2017:  This week we are learning lots about different countries. Musa’s mummy came to talk to reception all about Pakistan, we learnt about the food, clothes, music and dancing. We sharing pictures and souvenirs of places we have visited, both in this country and abroad, we are writing all about this for literacy.

we are continuing with our number recognition and ordering to 20, and also adding and subtracting single digit numbers.


Important information

Uniform: all children must be in their correct uniform, children are allowed to wear summer uniform until October, after this all children must be in winter uniform. Please ensure that ALL uniform is clearly named, including ties. All children must have a St John’s book bag which can be purchased from the school office.

PE kits and bags must also be named.

Children are allowed to wear a pair of plain stud earrings but no other jewellery must be worn.

Children must have a named water bottle with them everyday and a named rain mac in their book bags.


Reading/phonics: We have now learnt all our phase 2 sounds s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss.

Please continue to revise these sounds at home and segmenting and blending words with these sounds in. Also continue to help your children learn to read the high frequency words that they have in their bags.

We learn the phoneme (sound) and how to write the grapheme (written letter)

When reading words using these graphemes, eg “sat” we encourage children to segment (sound each phoneme out) and blend (blend all the sounds together)

There are lots of great child friendly websites that can help you too, for example; (also has apps and is on youtube)


Homework: Wednesday: Homework must be handed in.

Friday: Homework will be given out.

All children should read daily with parents at home.

Children will be given reading books on a weekly basis.

All children now have a sharing book in their bags, please encourage your children to write in these.


Voluntary fund: We kindly ask parents to donate £1 a week to our voluntary art and craft fund, this allows us to buy extra resources to enrich the curriculum, please put in an envelope and give to class teacher/TA.


Show and tell: On a Friday a few children from each class will be asked to bring something in from home which they can then talk about during a show and tell session, this helps to develop their confidence and speaking and listening skills.




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