Peer Mentors


The Peer mentoring program at St John’s matches the older pupils (year 5’s and 6’s) with the other students in school, from reception to year 6. Through this special relationship, peer mentors provide advice and support and serve as role models for younger people and peers. Mentoring programs provide positive influences for younger people who may need a little extra attention or who simply feel lonely and may benefit from the support, attention, and kindness of a peer mentor.

Our current Peer mediators are –

Year 5

5A –

Charlie Holmans

Lucy Cuffley

Diana Pusakova

Madeleine Crossland

Jessica Lopes

Gina Dhinsa

5B –

Habbishan Suyathasan

Nathan Thani

Jonathan Wylie

5C –

Saoirse Wortham

Neil Barry

Wonuola Daini

Devan Helaith

Olachi Nwoke

Katie Murray

Jessica Sutherland

Niamh Stickland

Year 6

6A –

Connor Ball

Tayla Conlon

Milan Dhesi

Harsant Hunjan

Petru Pattavina

Francesco Faro

Elon Premroy

Damien Finney

Mimi Hodges


6B –

Freya Springhall

Sean Myers

Aloise Hepburn

Patrick Barron

Ryan Keenan

Fope Sogbetun


Song Writing Charity

On Thursday 24th November Nathan from The Song Writing Charity came into school.  He  worked with our Peer Mentors on creating an anti-bullying song that will be used throughout the school.  The children came up with the lyrics themselves in small groups.  After practising a few times, they recorded their song and edited it.

Below is a link to hear the song that they created.  We think it is amazing and we are very proud of  how creative and thoughtful the children were.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.