Welcome to Nursery

We aim to provide a safe and happy environment for all children, offering opportunities to meet the needs of each individual child.

Your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and understanding through the seven areas of Learning and Development as outlined in the EYFS framework.

Children should mostly develop the three prime areas first.

These are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Developmen
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language.

These prime areas are those most essential for your child’s healthy development and future learning. As children grow, the prime areas will help them to develop skills in four specific areas.

These are:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

Staff in the Nursery are:

Mrs McGrail – Class Teacher
Miss Wright – Nursery Nurse
Mrs Dilworth and Mrs Davies – Nursery Nurses
Mrs Reynolds, Mrs Grochowina and Mrs Kaur – Teaching Assistants.

Your child will have a Key Worker who will follow your child’s unique needs and interests.


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Year Gallery

Fun at Sports Day

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Nursery Updates

30/06/2017:  This week we have continued with our phonics groups. The children have made pictures/shapes using natural resources from the garden.

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16/06/2017:  This week we have been looking at the fruit from the story “Handa’s Surprise”. The children were able to try Pineapple, banana, passion fruit, mango and orange.
We have continued practising for our Sports Day.
The children have also been printing fruit patterns on hats and have been busy making cards for Father’s Day.


09/06/2017:  This week the children have continued with their phonics groups.  The children have walked around the Primary School visiting Reception, the Infant Hall, Library and the Chapel.

image1     image2    image3

05/05/2017:  This week the new children are continuing to settle in well.
We continued with our phonics groups, including using the Interactive white board and sound games.
The children enjoyed having PE with Mr Fryer.
This week we were very lucky to have some caterpillars in Nursery and to watch their progress.

08 May

21/04/2017:  Welcome back.  Hope you all had an enjoyable peaceful Easter.
This week we welcomed our new children into the Nursery, they are beginning to settle in well.
We also welcomed Miss Winbolt to the Nursery who will now have Green Am and Pm.

The children learnt about Sikhism with a visit from Mrs Kaur.  We also enjoyed talking about what we did over Easter.

Sikh Week

31/03/2017:  This week in Nursery we have talked about Easter.  The children had fun making Easter cards where they practiced writing their names.  We also made chocolate Easter nests.

They had lots of fun going round the Nursery garden looking for Easter Eggs that the Easter Bunny had hidden.

Friday is our last day and we finish at 2pm and back to Nursery on Tues 18th April.

Have a lovely Easter.

24/03/2017:  This week we’ve continued looking at our phonics.  We continued looking at, reading and acting out “Jack and the Beanstalk”.

We were very excited to go to the main school and watch the eggs, and then revisit them when the chicks had hatched.

Also the children talked about and made things for Mother’s Day.

17/03/2017:  This week the Nursery started off with learning about some animals. We went to see The Wriggly Road show, the children enjoyed meeting some of the animals the ‘Zoolab’ brought with them, a giant African land snail, a hissing cockroach, tarantula a baby corn snake and a millipede.
The children were very brave and a go at either holding or stroking the animals.
We have looked at tall and short things and continued preparing for Easter.

10/03/2017:  This week in Nursery we have continued looking at our Phonics recapping on the sounds S, A, T, I, P and N.
The children have been looking at Spring and have painted some lovely Spring flowers for our Spring display.
They have looked at heavy and light by comparing different items.
We have recapped on Lent and starting to prepare for Easter.

Nursery 10 march

03/03/2017:  We have had another busy week in Nursery. The children enjoyed making and tasting pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.
We have been learning about Lent and telling our Lenten promises to put on our special Lenten tree.
The children have also acted out “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”, in small group time.

24/02/2017:  We have had a busy week in Nursery. The children have been looking at their phonics.  They have played a Phonics game on the interactive white board and gone on a listening walk in the Nursery garden. We have been learning about animals and their babies. The children have also enjoyed listening to ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and using the puppets to the story in our Small World area.

20/01/2017:  This week the new children are continuing to settle in. We have enjoyed doing letter and sounds activities including identifying the ‘s’ sound in words and recognising letters, playing an animal  sound bingo game and recognising the sounds of musical instruments.

We have been out in the garden using the strider bikes (balance bikes) and have been looking at  winter.imageimage

13/01/2017:  This week we welcomed 12 new children into Nursery, they are beginning to settle in well.

The children have been learning and using the different areas of the Nursery.  They have been making shape pictures using sponges and drawing pictures of themselves.

We have also listened to ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and have been learning and practicing our Phonics.

06/01/2017:  Welcome back and a Happy New Year.  This week the children talked about what they did over the Christmas break.

We settled back into the routine and got ready to welcome our new children into Red and Yellow groups  and listened to the story of  The Stick Man.


09/12/2016:  This week in Nursery we have continued to prepare for Christmas.  The children have been busy making Christmas cards and decorations.

They have enjoyed using the Nativity dressing up clothes and playing in our stable. We are looking forward to the children’s Christmas performance.  A reminder to parents this will be on Tuesday 20th December at 10am for the morning children and 2.00pm for the afternoon children.




02/12/2016:  This week the children have been getting ready for Christmas.  They have been read “The Christmas Story” and looked at Advent.

The children have been busy practicing our songs for our Christmas performance.


21/11/2016:  This week we are learning to make bird feeders in preparation for winter. We will talk about and practice making our own patterns and finish decorating our Diva lamps.

Also we will practising our songs for our Christmas performance.


14/11/2016:  This week we have been learning about Diwali. The children have made Diwali cards, Diva lamps using clay, and tasting different Indian foods.

image  imageimage

15/09/2016 – This week we have been learning about all our new environment and routine.