Eco Warriors

Eco – Warriors

Eco club meet every Wednesday at lunchtime to help keep the school environmentally friendly. With the help of Mrs Wilson and Miss Mulholland, the Eco Warriors empty out all of the recycling bins, and have discuss what materials can be recycled and how we know. The Eco Warriors help others around the school by suggesting ways they can be eco-friendly, such as reusing paper. We have started looking at how humans can positively or negatively impact the environment.

Everyone in our school follows our Eco – code:

  • Eco warriors want to achieve
  • Children protecting our future
  • Our club includes litter picking and light monitoring
  • We educate our school community so they learn about the environment
  • A greener school
  • Rubbish going in the proper bin
  • Respect our school by not littering
  • It is careless to leave the lights on when they don’t need to be on
  • Our aim is to be a more environmentally friendly school
  • Recycle properly for the future of our planet
  • Switch off and listen

Special Visitors

Follow the link below to see our special assembly visitors

Mrs Wilson said, “I can not say how proud I am of all the children in our school especially the Eco team from this year and last year who helped with the challenge.  As a Catholic school we will be donating some of the money to charity as well as buying some more litter pickers and play ground equipment such as balls.”

Our current Eco- Warriors are-

Class 10 Michael N
Class 11 Albert P
Class 12 Tia U
Class 13 Josh P
Class 14 Mela B
Class 15 Jessica L
Class 16 Victor K
Class 17 Ryan K
Class 18 Ellen B
Class 19 Tominyi O
Class 20 Charley Ki
Class 21 Fahim K

We made our own bird food cakes to make sure the birds that visit our school have enough to eat during Winter.




There will be no football club after school on Wednesday 18th September.

Whole School Mass will take place this Thursday on the Year4/5 playground at 9.15am. Everyone is welcome!